9.10 Patchnotes

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Source: Rita Sobral


– Domination and Steel Hunt are now using player vehicles
– Many issues fixed in Domination and Steel Hunt mode


– Added Japanese HT branch: I-Go/Chi-Ro, Type 91, Type 95, O-I Experimental, O-I, O-Ni, O-Ho, Type 4 Heavy, Type 5 Heavy
– Added Soviet tier 10 MT T-22sr, American tier 10 MT M48A2 (CW vehicle), Czechoslovak tier 6 Skoda T40, German tier 8 VK 100.01(P)
– Added Czech crews, insignia, icons etc.
– 20 tanks reworked to HD
– M46 Patton model reworked
– Fixed bugged collision models of following tanks: M6A2E1, T32, T110E3, T110E4, Caernarvon.
– Buffed aim-time and stabilization of the Maus gun

Maps and Objects

– Removed “Pearl River” and “Hidden Village” from random battles
– Fixed tier spreads for certain maps
– Reworked the Redshire map


– Many fixes applied to team battles
– Many fixes applied to dynamic platoons
– Map loading window reworked
– Added tooltips to the windows in the hangar
– Fixed some crashes and freezes of the client
– Optimized performance of some special effects
– Reworked the effects of shells hitting the ground
– Fixed some issues of the new shadow system
– Changed the default setting of some graphic settings
– Added multiple optimizations to the game client
– Fixed the appearance of “square” artefacts on some AMD GPU’s and drivers
– Fixed the special shell impact effects
– Fixed the team finder function in team battles
– Fixed the twitching of leaves on some graphic settings

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