9.14 impressions/121 goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Sir Foch please be the one wise youtuber and admit this sound “upgrade” has
    done little to improve the game.
    The new sounds are weak.

  2. The new physics do fuck up some things: I ran into one of the tank traps on
    the beach on Overlord at ~40km/h in my Cromwell B and… blew up. 736
    damage done to self. WTF?! Also, it’s much easier to get stuck on buildings

    The penetration sounds are sooo bad, as well. There’s no way to tell apart
    whether you’ve been penned or not, other than checking your health bar all
    the time.

  3. not played tanks since last summer but between this patch and them offering
    the Rudy again for sale i could not resist any longer

  4. The fact that sound engine now runs on a separate CPU core is most
    important. It can add significant amount of FPS especially with AMD CPUs.

  5. They should add handbrake for turreted TDs like T25/2 to buff them and add
    the +1/-1 matchmaking for tier 3 tanks

  6. Any one knows what is the mode that Foch is using ?

  7. Cant believe they didnt fix the M103 model yet. This tank is one giant
    weakspot. 40mm side armor. Turret penned by centurion 1 frontally in
    mantle. Giant worthless fucking turret making you number 1 arty target.

  8. Foch, you seem so tired and bored of this game. Are you doing these series
    only to please the subscribers? Or are you actually finding ANY fun in this
    shitty game?

  9. On the IS6 they buffed the turet a bit, but in lower plate is easy to pen
    now, and other thing as well. I think its not a big buf on IS6. I kill a
    IS6 with Tiger I easy! So, not rly OP at all ;)

  10. I love this patch. All the sounds that are movement related are fantastic
    and i’ve actually wore headphones instead of plugging them into a laptop
    for once just because it feels immersive.
    The gun sounds honestly aren’t that bad either.

    The physics is AWESOME. I haven’t found a single thing i’ve gotten stuck on
    and you can actually charge up mountains. Seriously, a 50B was at like a 70
    degree angle nearing the mountaintop of stuff you normally couldn’t get a
    quarter way up.

    SO many new strats on most of the maps. It’s great catching people off

  11. Drifting with elc around tanks is so hilarious due to new physics. Elc can
    move so unpredictably using handbrake turns that you can dodge fire from
    tanks you cannot circle even if they are light tanks!

  12. You show us a 10k+ game you had and then show us a 5k game… ;~;

  13. The new sound sounds muffled in general. Sure, you get used to it, but I
    dont think it really was a change for the better.

    The new physics – either they dont matter or they suck, for instance for my
    trusty old M3 Stuart which is one of the most fun tanks in the game who now
    has a tendency to tip/roll over at tight turns on any terrain that isnt
    perfectly flat. Also I dont like the tencency of all my tanks to overshoot
    the turn when stopping at the end of a high speed curve. Tracked vehicles
    just dont do that in real life and I cant think of any reason at all for
    them to do it in a game. But again, we will get used to it and we will
    forget how things were before.

  14. Meshari al mazyad

    foch did u have the problem for the space button not working for using any
    of the consumable?

  15. Foch would you mind posting your mod config? (xvm and settings) preferably
    in some plug&play way :)

  16. Agree, the simple things are not done first…. machine gun fire, tank
    sorting, by tier, x2, prem tanks, auto equip moving… I spend huge amount
    of time looking for my three pairs of camo/binocks before I can start
    battle….so silly when mod been there for ages, same with carousal/more
    than one tank high to scroll through. a clock, lock gold and free xp, (I
    only use a few mods, auto equip, aim assist because ingame autoaim just
    does not work 9/10 times, and the circles on map…tho would like actual
    reload times, actual view range…these are so simple and shit…last thing
    I want is HD tanks to slow the game speed for all but the best PCs.
    Lastly….omg, fuck you’re good at tanking, and thats why I hate playing
    tier ten tanks/players. fuck, so awesome watching/learning from you, thanks

  17. 9.14, what is this??? oh don’t worry i’m on the Asian server. :P

  18. i hate prem ammunition i will avoid firing it if i possibly can but the e5
    hull down which used to be something that was managable is now basically an
    is7 level (with stronger front armour on the hull its more maneuverable too
    with better gun dep amazibg fun handling faster rof etc). during the grind
    for the fv4202 i was playing the cent ax a lot and even with 268 pen i
    think 1 in 15 shots at that cupola actually pen its gotten to the point
    where i switch to prem without thinking about it when i see 1 because they
    pissed me off so much it also means that an e100 practically cant kill 1
    with ap any more its stupid

  19. the IS-6 sucked lol
    it was getting penned everywhere and the SP has a better gun in every way
    except alpha and turret(as a comparison)

  20. The best feature in this patch is Wargaming showing they can roll out a
    patch with some major changes without screwing anything up (if you don’t
    count the unnecessary IS-6 buff).

  21. gotta love it when you flip your tank and it magically wants to turn up
    right. #GTA_Physics

  22. #WheresMy440

  23. I just don’t understand that they didn’t fix the e5. That should have been
    fixed a long time ago. Thats what i hate about wargaming. It takes so much
    time before they actually change something. The physics took far too long

  24. The IS-6 was also made non-pref o need verification before i ask for a

  25. Foch have you noticed that they have completely broken the ramming
    mechanics? I have seen a BC ramming an E5 frontally ad doing 250dmg.
    Another example? Comet ramming the O-Ni and doing 200 dmg…

  26. Physics? You mean fake russki dev physics. Because WoT ‘physics’ makes the
    ghost of Archimedes cry.

  27. Go full screen in the video then type “awesome” with your keyboard. Then
    get out of full screen and look at your play bar.

  28. Keep spoiling us Foch!

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