9.14 Physics, First encounter. WoT

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Source: Ik

Just a quick look at the new physics engine 🙂 so far i think it great!

also the annotation is mostly there to cover up that guy`s name, to be fair it lookt like a DC 🙂 so no hate.


  1. …and *where* have you been all this time??

  2. The work will not be done until you can lift a Maus by driving a Hetzer
    under it.

  3. Dan Hoard (DanThePiMan)

    Welcome back, Ik… lol

  4. welcome back :)

  5. Welcome back Ik

  6. 🙁 poor ik

    Made my day though ;)

  7. Poor Ik. lol

  8. made my day :D

  9. Welcome back ^^ pretty mich sums up my wot experience … Didnt play in
    ages either, and whenever i am about to come back, wot reminds me why i

  10. Dave “DodgyMerchant” Thompson

    Snort laugh.
    If this wasn’t staged, it was a beautiful thing to watch.
    I love the new sounds and seeing the number of meatheads who have tipped or
    totally overturned.

  11. Artorias “The” Abyss Walker


  12. Last night my Maus got flipped by an Is-8, I’m not kidding.

  13. omg lol

  14. is this the ” IK IS BACK BITCHEZZZ” sign?

  15. Get qb to see this

  16. Welcome back to WoT ikzor , we hope you’ll have a great time with our new
    improvements in the game.
    Sincerely yours WG.
    HELL NO, BRO!!!

  17. 196 likes 0 dislikes, nice

  18. This is what I like to see! :D

  19. I laughed so much!!! Epic

  20. critical case of “FU MM”

  21. OMG he lives.

  22. lol


  24. Il when they say Roll Out in the beginning they done mean it like that :P

  25. that was a love tap he was trying to give you a hug

  26. Well, at least he turned you back on the tracks

  27. nice to see you back IK

  28. Tank rollover simulator 9.14

  29. Casual Nerf Dragon (Nerf mods and paint-jobs)

    poor ik :<

  30. Hanz Gooblemienhoffen

    lol..yeah new updates bring new things…sounds, physics. hd models…



    Not included in this patch

    ..still the same.


  31. I can already see myself getting flipped on the roof by teammate because I
    was “blocking his line of fire”or something and loosing the game because of

  32. are u coming back?

  33. 100000/10 would watch agian

  34. I hope this’ll be the return of Ik

  35. lmao -the King isback and rolls into the game again :))

  36. LMAO!! We miss you Ik!!

  37. Top 4ce (Heiko Brunken)

    This is hilarious, you need to make more vids!

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