9.14 The return to WoT?

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Source: Ik

I return from the last failure! to once again challenge the physics engine!

Had some lagg during the match so unfortunately the video might be a bit choppy :-(, see the little red dot at top corner screen


  1. very funny!!

  2. Also, IK for your ‘reunion’ with QB, you should defiantly, 100% for sure be
    very, very drunk, like at the charity stream, but more drunk

  3. Stop kemping, S3RB will slap you! Come on you nub, you’ve played more than
    10K games, you know what happens when you cemp…you have to Kemp behind
    the castle!

  4. LOL omg IK :P

  5. ??

  6. hi ik do you have any plans to join QBs livestreams again?

  7. Alexander Schlecker

    new physics dont mean that youre allowed to kemp bish

  8. the more things change, the more they stay the same!

  9. Ik play with QB again all the arty will shoot QB and u will be safe! Please
    we miss you!

  10. staph hall kempin u grin stet pedder

  11. IK, you tease. An amusing little video and I look forward to more content
    from you again. Take care and best of wishes with your studies.


  13. mojimax multigamer

    Are u going to play wot with QB again ikzor? and …..haters gonna h8

  14. adding eye candy features instead of fixing the core problem of the game :)

  15. whats the point of this stupid video?

  16. Ik i have missed you :D

  17. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    hilarious as always

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