9.17.1 changes.

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Source: TheFochYou

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Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
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  1. time to finish jap heavy grind haha

  2. WoT’s retardation drives me to play other games with increasing frequency. Recently found Empyrion, thanks Serb, really enjoying not having to deal with your shit decisions.

  3. Make the Type HT’s and the Maus impenetrable and give them both better guns (Maus with dpm and gun habdling and Type with the stupid derp) also making impossible to perma track and do dmg to the maus + getting the E5 rekt, in my opinion E5 should be like the entire line, turret can’t get penned and the hull should be shit and gg you have a more balanced tank than it ever was, WG totally knows about balancing a game

  4. Are the light tank changes still happening? I wanna know when I can sell my ELC…

  5. want an honest opinion watch foch
    want a wg opinion watch QB.
    2 super unicums cant have 2 totally different opinions. oh wait one first premium ammo when he cant pen the other find another way 2 pen

  6. If they nerfed the Grille 15, they need to nerf Skorpion G as well. It makes the exactly same problems as Grille 15, being able to quickly get to a position and take half HP of lower tier tank. Not mentioning that Skorpion G has fully traverseable turret.

  7. 5 arty lovers disliked this video

  8. A lot of the smaller buffs and nerfes were really needed, but the Maus/Type buffs… Fucking hell.
    Well, still worse than 252U B O I S

  9. Yay for T28,T28 P and T95 buffs

  10. One more time a patch for ppl hoje pay to play ty wg.

  11. Thanks for the honest opinion as always!

  12. WG produces absurdly badly balanced premiums and pushes customers more and more to premium ammo?
    What a complete shock.

  13. Centurions getting a buff? How about *they get the fucking guns with the right stats they fucking historically had* ? Oh but no we can’t have that now can’t we? Why the T-54 has to remain the Sovietski tonk it was….oh wait. Historically they were shit. How do we fucking know this? Why history, of course. The 1973 Yom Kippur War when the IDF in their Sho’t Kal tanks which were basically Centurion III’s with the 105mm L7 main gun, held off the Syrians and Egyptians armed with T-54’s and T-54/55’s swarmed the Golan Heights position for 3 days before giving up on the 4th and leaving. The IDF tankers were able to score kills out to 3 km while the Syrians and Egyptians need to close to 900 m or closer to get a shot because the 100mm gun on the T-54 was IRL shit with shit optics.

  14. Instead of buffing armor on these tanks, they should be balancing premium ammo…but they wouldn’t do that because money!


  16. They mentioned that the platoon spawns won’t take precedence over tank type (so on maps like Westfield, even if they’re in a platoon, mediums and heavies will still spawn apart).

  17. I give a shit about the T-38-85M 🙁
    Now I don’t have to try to pierce tier 8s with 128mm of penetration.

  18. The problem with superheavies is +-2 matchmaking. If you buff them enough to make them competitive in tier 10, you can’t do shit to them with lower tier vehicles. If you don’t, they get shit on frontally by mediums and that is quite plainly retarded and renders them useless as they were before the patch (and yes, they were useless, otherwise people would have actually played them). I’m not saying the buffs were perfect or even good (looking at you, type 5 gun) but let’s be real they were absolute trash fat unusable pieces of shit before.

  19. So once again WG completely ignore the biggest issues (disregarding arty because we all know the game would be better off if it was removed, but that isn’t going to happen).

    Gold ammo with ridiculously high pen should be nerfed (no heavy or medium needs fucking 330+ HEAT), instead of buffing super heavies to the point that you have no choice but to fire gold ammo at them.

    Balance the maps or better yet work on some new maps that aren’t total dog shit. Pilsen and Paris I’m looking at you.

    Fix the MM weight of vehicles. This affects all tiers, but Tier 8 especially is becoming unplayable at times. When one team gets a Patriot, two IS-3’s and an IS-6 and the other team gets a Lowe, FCM, T-34-3 and Jpanther II, the latter team might is at such a huge disadvantage, regardless of player skill.

    Also the Maus buffs are stupid. Now players will no longer need to even bother angling their turret, never mind their hull. But I guess that makes all the noobs happy because instead of having to learn how to do something, they can just press W. Rather like all the asschimps that are excited about the Obj 252. I rarely fire gold but these turds are getting the full 2 key treatment from me whenever I see one. Fuck fair play and bothering with weakspots/flanking when that shit is on the battlefield.

  20. True Mr.Foch pay to win game is better and better with every pech….i dont fell anything mising ecept to quit this shit game…

  21. I was hoping for a more salty video about the changes. 🙁

  22. Bit disappointed with the E5 nerf. I’m worried that instead of balancing it, it will make it super underpowered due to being overall mediocre compared to everything else.

  23. Hey, I give a shit about T-34-85M. The gun on that was abysmally bad, a buff was long overdue.

  24. Is the general accuracy nerf still a thing in the update?

  25. Everytime WG says they are doing premium rebalance they actually mean premium buffing

  26. I think the fucks didnt buff the upper plate to 250…dammit…

  27. Oh Foch I’m tired to hear you cry everytime, E5 didn’t need a nerf, at least not the way they did it and Maus yes it needed this buff, as for Type4/5 I agree, especially this retarded HE slot machine gun its ridiculous because it negates the point of having armor and how well you used and angle it.

  28. Anyone know how I can re-enable advanced tank stats ingame? I think they removed that option.

  29. Wouldn’t a simple nerf to premium rounds and maybe a slight buff to some tanks’ AP rounds solve most problems? Instead of making tanks require premium rounds to penetrate….

  30. Well spoken Foch!
    WG has taken its powercreep to a whole new level.
    Well, the money has to keep rolling in, hasn’t it? LOL
    One thing: you say that the German 88’s got their APCR penn buffed. That only applies to the short barrell 88, the L56 and that’s no luxury for that gun.

  31. When is it going live? I didn’t catch that in the video

  32. World of Pay-to-win!

  33. what happened to the new premium tanks? they are nowhere to be found

  34. Patch day brings out all the retards and puts them on my team. Also means I got to use vanilla gun sounds when/if my mod gets updated. v.v

  35. Meanwhile I’m just sitting here drinking the tears of all those who are upset that a German tank has a greater chance of fighting back now.

  36. And THE CUNTS FORGOT TO ADD 50 MM TO UPPER PLATE OF THE MAUS…Go fuck urselves wg…They made the turret AP IMMUNE , but the upper plate is still cheese for HEat round…fuck off gaygaming twats…

  37. Yup, after playing a session after this patch I can say that tier 10 is unplayable unless you are in a Maus or Type 5. Everybody else can go fuck themselves.
    At least retarded tomatoes got what they wanted.

  38. Now Foch with Maus you going too far.

    Before buff you cry that tier 8 can shit on Maus turret front. So WG buff it, and now you cry tier 10 can’t pen it. So what> ? 113 have 290 turret front, E5 turret front cant be pen, IS 7, IS 4. So Maus should have weak turret cos reason ?

    Like before this buff, every kid just go full gold on Maus not matter what, so what the difference ? Gun use to be shit, now it’s very good, still not like FV 215 but close. They will nerf Maus and you will once again, talk how WG is retarded.

  39. Xbox still has to pay gold for premium rounds, might be a good time to switch to xbox.

  40. My Emil 2 is slower but not metioned in the patch notes. Feels bad man. ( Yes i tested it ).

  41. I am so happy that panther II got buffed

  42. You know as well as I do that on Westville and similar they are going to put platoons in whichever position is more useless.

  43. R.I.P AC Mle 48

  44. You are completely right on everything. The japanese heavies are now broken and now the maus is gonna make everyone suck it’s dick

  45. The T-34-85M is now ridiculous, it has the same gun as the Rudy but 15% extra dpm, almost 2200 at tier 6 and better armor.

  46. an e100 buff AND a e5 nerf, what a time to be alive

  47. Seems like everything gets buffed, which leads to stronger tanks in average, which in the end made all the buffs useless. They introduce stronger T10s, then buff other so they can compete and continue by buffing lower tiers next. I dont know, the whole buff/nerf strategy of WG seems to be so fucking retarded and especially the new age of super armored tanks are directly leading to shot gold or fuck you philosophy, already starting at Tier 8 now. I mean the Liberté actually requires Gold shells from Tier 10`s, to actully be penned with every shot. Now we get the Tier8 Obj260/IS-7 version. I didnt play Tier 8 for quiet a while, but I guess it must be a fucking nightmare these days, to play a pershing without APCR spam. Not even talking about fucking Tier6 tanks, meeting shit like Liberté or Patriot etc….
    Its either me, recognizing more, since I became a better player, how retarded WG actually is, or WG is becoming worse than before.

  48. Are you fucking kidding me, E5 nerf was not needed. Now that tank is garbage. No good in hull down nor in open field. the New Sweedish tanks have over 55 % (5 and 6 places) win rate. 113 also has 55% (9th place) win rate and E5 is with its 51% (44th place) is OP ? Are you people fucking high ! Type 5 did 1000 dmg to Grill and 1200 to BC. Ever shot is guaranteed dmg even on Maus and that tank is balanced ? Just shot at the ground below the lower plate, and you are guaranteed up to 600 dmg. E5 is no longer a heavy tank. And if you want a mobile tank play a fricken med, I hear T62A is nice. At least it can hull down and fuck you your E5 drivers in the arss !

  49. Great criticism!!! Keep it up.
    A respectable player who knows what they’re talking about AND isn’t bending over for Wargaming.

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