9.18 light tank first impressions

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System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. light tanks just get fucked by arty every game. still getting 1 shotted and getting hit a lot more often

  2. yes you can get full tier games at any tier

  3. TheMightyBoxTank

    Accuracy and clip size needs a buff definetly

  4. T49 with the 90mm has better DPM(marginal, but still) than the Sheridan equipped with the 105mm…

    View range changes are plain bullshit. While I agree with Foch that 420-430m is too much and it generally counters bushes a bit too much, it’s still not OK to have a T10 light with 390 as long as there are meds with 420-410.

    Shortly Put:
    —–TIER X—– —–TIER IX—— ——TIER VIII——
    Sheridan — 420m T49 — 410m HWK12 — 410m
    Rhm. Pzw. — 420m Ru 251 — 410m M41Bulldog — 400m
    WZ-132-1 — 400m T54 ltwt — 390m LTTB —- 380m
    AMX 13 105 — 390m WZ 132A — 390m WZ-132 —- 380m
    T100 LT —- 390m AMX 13 90 —- 380m Batchat 12t — 380m

    Why does the HWK have more viewrange at tier VIII than a tier X lt???!!
    This is just not normal.I don’t see what else balances them….T49 is the best tier IX light in terms of gun handling and DPM…why does it have the best view range as well?!
    I believe that view range disparity should not exceed 10m tier for tier between the same class..
    So…make tier Xs 420-410m, tier IXs 400-390 and tier VIIIs 390-380, tier VIIs 370 and less.
    Also, nerf view ranges on meds. If the lights are meant to be pure scouts…make them slightly so.
    Tier X meds should not exceed 400m, period.

  5. light tank view range… when TD’s outdoor you, there’s no reason to play light tanks. agree accuracy nerf is just bollocks,might as well play fast medium

  6. @4:30min-Newsflash-game IS being annoying as fuck for everyone except the light tanks!What joy it is to play every fucking game where there are 3 top tier lights and 2-3 arties! Even better-where there are 5 lights in total,now that`s FUN! NO ONE dares to blink,let alone move! God forbid you`re in a heavy-you`re dead,no use playing,just go garage and try again until MM eventually puts you in a game where there is only one top tier light-who ends up with 6 kills and gazillion of damage,because-it`s balanced….Yea,sure…What a joke of a patch…

  7. Lights should at least have SAME view range as mediums, anything else is ridiculous.

    Then yes, accuracy on top and if they don’t get more view range.

    That would make lights mediums that trade pen and DPM for mobility and better camo. A fair compromise.

  8. george spiliopoulos

    the 152mm gun on t49 is super fuckin annoying…any moron can yolo and do 700-1k dmg to enemy scouts for the exchange of 300 dmg at most…after 9.18 it has an awesome 90mm gun,which i prefer,with the best dpm and pen values at its class.remove that fuckin noob op gun wg,u can do it

  9. So Foch, when you are going to play artillery????

  10. Well Im having full tier games all the time from tier 5 to 10. Almost never get 3-7-5. And after like 100 games, playing almost all in a toon, I never’ve been chosen by mm as one of top 3 tanks. Gg wg!

  11. Totally agree with your comment re the accuracy, it is so frustrating … my IS3 is more accurate than my light tanks in tier 9.

  12. I do agree with this video as a light tank player. But some lower tier light tanks are unbalanced as FUCK. The chaffee for example is in any way worse now than the leopard.. The chaffee also has the same viewrange as the ELC(??????) which is a fucking sneaky low profile tank.. All these little things add up to the t110e5/maus effect that when your for example in a leopard and the other is in the chaffee, the chaffee can go fuck itself because its fucking worse

  13. ur opinion is just about u and what u like( coz, hey i dont play LT so fu all and ur LT), instead of what is good 4 wg populations, why is your opinion pure bullshit

  14. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    I agree about the nerf to accuracy but I’m not sure what would be a reasonable trade instead. The obvious answer is pen (a LT should have less pen than a MT) but wouldn’t that be more frustrating? I don’t know. I’m a long way from unlocking upper tier LTs so I can’t really say.

  15. Yep – the accuracy now sucks on all lights. Whats even more amazing is that the accuracy decreases the higher you go up in tier. Yes, you can still have great games but now you have to work even harder AND also rely on RNG for help – not fun. Playing my accurate meds until the fix the lights.

  16. Why bother with a t10 light when t8 lights are much superior tier for tier, and in some aspects even when directly compared to t10 lights?

  17. They turned LTs into semi-effective brawlers and I don’t like it. 380 view range on a fucking tier 9 light tank is just plain stupid when there are tier 8 heavies with 400…
    New 1390 is fun and all but tiers 6-8 are pretty much shit, boring clones right now. All the diversity that LTs at tiers 6-7 offered is gone.
    Pre 9.18 light tanks were my go-to class for pub games. Right now most of my LTs get covered with dust in the garage.

  18. Load the Skill rounds

    I definitely feel the changes to lights are not as horrible as I thought they would be. I will back you up on the accuracy though I don’t know why WG feels that you should hit one out of four shots. I’m getting tired of replacing broken keyboards.

  19. For me the biggest problem with tier X light tanks is that 90% of them dont care about spotting, they just sit back and snipe. Give them accurracy and it will be even worse. What they need in my opinion is more exp for spotting because when I was playing lights because I wanted to get bat chat I realized that is so much easier to do 2k dmg and be top than do 3k spotting and be in the middle in after battle results.

  20. Also didnt touch on the fact they lost a TON of ammo.

  21. key point.. foch won’t be playing them – tier 10 lights.. his own words. not as fun or competitive as mediums.

  22. tier 7 and tier 9 lights are ok. tier 8 and tier 10 aren’t good

  23. Accuracy improvement is needed. View range? Yeah slightly but not too much. 10 meters perhaps.

  24. i have had multiple all tier 5 games.

  25. SirFoch, I have gotten full tier 8 games a couple of times. Same with 5 through 7.

  26. OPINION of arty nerf..

  27. premium light tanks are beast now

  28. I got all tier 7 game

  29. I personally found QB’s bitching in his LT video hilarious

  30. Fernando Herrera

    I follow 5 wot YouTube channels. 2 of them are against 9.18 because they think lights are UP. 1 think tier 10 lights shouldn’t even be in the game. And now the last 2 think the changes are overall great. Pretty interesting mix. Personally as an outsider looking in with no experience playing the new lights on PC I think the tier 9 lights look a bit more enjoyable than the tier 10.

  31. The main thing light drivers are looking for is a reason to play light tanks instead of medium tanks. Currently, there is no such reason.
    Why play a light when mediums are better scouts than the lights are – and can fight better in a straight up punching match?
    The reason the view range need pissed everyone off is because WG rationalized it by saying – “oh we wanted to make sure lights were using optics or binos for view range and not fitting vents, rammers and stabs”
    Yeah, except a lot of tier 10 MEDUIMS still have that massive view range and can fit all three of those good mods. Makes the view range excuse on lights look a bit like a pile of dog shit.
    Now, if WG were to nerf everyone else’s view range at tier 10 to make lights actually relevant… Then we might be talking.

  32. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    In the middle of a long and ranty post, I decided to just fuck this. And sorry Foch, if you have an abysmal tank whose only real purpose is spotting other tanks, then it probably should be able to spot tanks. And view range cap is an unimportant, nearly meaningless number that I don’t understand why it keeps getting thrown around all the time. We may have gotten better MM, but bar buffed speed, all our other characteristics got completely shit on, to such extent that light tanks are worse than before the patch and unfun to play.

  33. Since they (partially, anyway) reversed the ammo count nerfs on the tier 10 LTs, my only real problem is the Chinese, French, and Russian LTs having lower base view range than the MTs. It makes no sense and makes MTs superior at peek-a-spotting (which is generally more common than sitting in a bush and spotting without getting spotted yourself). I’m already playing the American lights in 9.18 and plan to eventually get the Germans, since both of their LTs retained good base view range after the nerf, and I’d be happy to give the French and Chinese ones a try as well (don’t really care about Russian tanks) if only they’d reverse the view range nerfs on those tanks.

    I do also agree with people that the loss of the autoloaders on SPIC and 59-16 was kind of sad as well (along with the autocannon on the MT-25), but I’m not going to throw my toys out of the pram over it.

  34. i dont know what they thought with the ru they nefed mobility and dpm while moving it up a tier it makes no fucking sense

  35. Nathaniel Crichton

    I’ve had a couple of full T8 games. It’s interesting when that happens and it only happens during prime hours. And I think the thing people are angry about is that while lights are supposed to be the scouts medium tanks still do it just as well if not better and have better armor and better guns. So lights are still in that weird area of not really having a role. If WG wanted us to play as scouts they should have left the spotting range intact while doing what they did with the gun accuracy, but they did both and now mediums still have greater view range then lights and have similar speeds to us and have better armor and guns. There is literally nothing a light tank can do that a medium can’t do well enough or better. So we still ask the question “why do light tanks exist in WoT?”

  36. There’s full tier 6, 7, 8 and 9 games. Just like full tier 10 games. Haven’t played below tier 6 in this patch.

  37. Hilman Sudirman

    The LT VR nerf is such a bullshit now. In ASIA LT changes make the LT players much selfish by camping at the back and refuse to spot because most of them thought Heavies and Mediums are the one should spot now…..That’s really not nice. And I wonder why All my tier IX LT become ineffective to spot anymore because it’s VR with simple 100% and 2nd skill on train can’t reach 445M VR with optics and vents.

  38. Oh yes you can get the full t8 matches. In like 12 games in a tier 8 tank, I had about 8 tier 10 games, 2 tier 9/8 games, and 2 full tier 8 games. There is something seriously wrong with tier 8s right now.

  39. I agree with foch 120%,lights were always shit and need to stay that way,last thing this game needs is more bobs dying in first 2 minutes in their light tanks,and if making them shittier prevents this,I am 100% up for it.

  40. Yo foch, max spotting range is 445m, not 450m.

  41. great review/ idea, foch. pity there are tanks with 420 base, for reasons you mentioned, but not so many of them. war gaming will never please everyone, it’s just better if they please someone, I suppose

  42. WG killed AMX ELC bis and WZ-131. U cann’t see the enemy and u cann’t shoot the enemy!

  43. yes there are full tier 6,7,8,9 and 10 games because i played them… for other tiers i don’t know but i bet they are there.
    About the accuracy i agree, it’s horible and should never be balanced like that.
    About the view range i simply hate the fact that many tier 8 heavy tanks have better view range than some tier 10 LT’s which is simply idiotic and should never be balanced like that.

    I don’t want them to give me 430 view range but at least give me 400 meters on the freaking tier 10 scouts.
    All tier 10 mediums have 400m + view range while some tier 10 SCOUTS got only 390m.

    400m view range should be the minimum on tier 10 LT’s and 420m the maximum.

    If they buffed russian and french view ranges and buffed the accuracy of all tier 10 LT’s, except for germans, then everything would be fine and balanced (well for the most part when it comes to LT’s)

  44. Denzell Rodriguez

    Tier 10 Lights are a bit too mediocre in my opinion. The Amx 105 is probably the better of the bunch but the DPM is so poor on the rest of light tanks it’s incredulous.

  45. I was playing my Lorraine 40t yesterday, and I DID end up in a tier 8 only match once, so it definitely CAN happen!

  46. 2:10 Well the DPM, Alpha, Penetration, and even VIEW RANGES – are all FAR WORSE than on tier 10 MEDIUMS! I mean other than the Panzerwagen and XM551 which have the exact same View Range as the FAR BETTER M48A1 Patton!

    So, yeah WG fucked light tanks into being POINTLESS! Does NOT mean that you cannot have good games in them, you just would have BETTER games with an equivalent medium!

    Compare the BatChat25t to the AMX 13-105, literally the ONLY thing better on the AMX is the speed, and not by enough to matter IMO, meanwhile the BatChat25t has better DPM than all but the Sheridan (and even then, IIRC, it needs a Rammer at least to exceed BatChat DPM) – and does 1950 damage in a clip with NEARLY THE SAME CAMO!

  47. View ranges are the LEAST of the issues for Light tanks, but it IS AN ISSUE! When every tank at tier 10 has AT LEAST 400 meter view range, giving lights less than that is fucking stupid. I mean the ONLY thing I like about Light Tanks is crushing them with my E-100, or BatChat25t, or E-50M, hell even in my Lorraine 40t I have been killing a LOT of shitty little lights in the relatively few games I have played since the patch!

  48. Butcher_ Bird_44

    I agree Foch, after quite a few days of you going on about this on live stream, and testing it out with the T49, I agree, the things are like little mediums with way better camo, which sets apart their class enough to be distinct, while fixing the screwed MM and giving them an extra tank, in each tier, which is perfect.
    I see how you think they like being the underdog, and that makes sense too, because who in their right mind would want to be a tier 8 in a tier 10 game constantly.
    But you won’t get people to admit that, people are going to want the best of everything in their 1 tank and to be balanced around that. Because its all about them!
    This didn’t screw up mediums, and it didn’t screw up lights, it really helped, and so much was gained, especially in the lower tiers, and things like the T49 are just so much better.
    It will take a while to get any tier 10 ones, but it seems like people are doing quite well and there is less sealcubbing in lights atm, so its all win win.

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