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Source: SirCircon

Today we take out the new kid on the block: -120-1G FT !
tier 8 Premium Tank!
Upload your replays here: http://circon.wot-.com/ !


  1. This thing is fucking ridiculous. Ridiculous mobility, an alright gun with stupid DPM, -6° of depression on a tank that makes the ELC look like a blimp hangar and camo that echoes the E25 of old, and of course, don’t forget the armour, which makes the kinda-alright SU-122-44’s armour look like fucking trash.
    It’s better than or equal in many regards than the tier 9 SU-122-54 and I think it’s another symptom of WG’s greed.

  2. and now next 20 games is gonna be 30% cause wg unleashes shit rng and super ultra idiot teams on your ass

  3. Thats just a bit better than my 37% win rate in my Leopard 1. After 100+ games. gack!

  4. Top 10 most powerful characters in anime

  5. op … I mean the player XD

  6. I now want to see the game they were raging about at the beginning of the video.

  7. Got my name mentioned on Youtube! Does this make me a winner?

  8. Seemsgood

  9. We can do better!!! LUL.

  10. The alpha is balanced tho

  11. Why do you get the enemy teams that are afraid to push the hill? When I try that shit they come up regardless 😀

  12. I own the M41 90 GF and it is actually OP. Not so much in a tier X battle, but at tier VIII, I don’t even feel that I had a good game if we won 15-5 and I ended up top on damage and XP, but with “only” 3000 damage and three kills.

  13. Deciding between this and SU 122 44

  14. on NA server, watched this video and had to pause it to play the su12244
    won the game no worries

  15. Who knew Russian’s would keep turning out imbalanced games

  16. I have a 74% winratio with about 20 battles and 80%crew xD

  17. Two things:
    1. To ace this tank is gonna be so hard till you 3rd mark it.
    2. WG is gonna nerf it just cuz of you.

  18. 11:11 that centurion guy in the chat tho lmao

  19. Fuck Wargaming and fuck competitive premiums.

  20. Like for the, “what is up dudes” part. Had me giggling real good.

  21. Sebastiaan De Vries

    jezus wat een vette crew heb je erin man, in 20 potjes 6e skill?!

  22. I need 6 k dmg for Td mission and you did 5.993, glad it didnt happen to me pf

  23. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Ppl in Chat saying that Players with 50k dont learn.. i had a guy with 107k Games with 900 wn8… like wtf

  24. This guys makes every tank look OP…

  25. GF Bulldog would be royally crap as a tier 9. It’s not even that good as a tier 8 light, WZ is better, all the other lights are faster, smaller and have better camo. It has the same sort of pen, alpha etc. The only thing it really has is slightly better DPM and gun handling, even then it’s not much. It was a crap tier 8 light before now it’s an ok one.

  26. 8:00 Stronk Physics comrade

  27. you have a big forehead though

  28. I can beat that. 23 Battles solo. 100% with Bishop.
    Nickname: _Fikus10 _

    But doesnt matter, nice aces Circon! 😀

  29. how you got that much basic xp… i did a game with the su-122-44 vs tier 9, did 4.5k dmg and 7kills got 1300xp………..

  30. more cheaters

  31. dead game war thunder is better

  32. Put some weeeeeeee efect to that t49

  33. The other 10% is when Arty focuses you first.

  34. The WG devteams asses must bleed after pulling all those Chinese TDs out of them.

  35. I want to see the game before this one :8

  36. I was reading the stream chat, and someone asked- downloaded the game any tips? And someone else replied- uninstall. I just died laughing!!! ?

  37. 90% and made it look easy.

  38. So if we all play chinese TDs, we’ll all win 90% of our games? We can finally all be above average!

  39. the haredest tank to get a win but its a good tank is lucs or the t5 lepord wit the auto and wit full HE immposible!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the lucs is a very good light tank tho and lep

  40. I will never buy crazy shit op tanks again because after a month of selling and people crying about it they fuck you with mm and teams! My liberte has 60% tier10 matches. 60 fucking percent!

  41. Fn this and Fn that F F F F F F F FF do you really need to be so vulgar?

  42. Jeez, with an *average* experience per battle of 1590, how can he not have gun marks on that tank ?
    Just what do you need to do to get some lovely stars on that gun ?

  43. not OP at all

  44. That 90% doesn’t mean anything maybe tomorrow you lose 10 games in a row with very bad RNG.
    Many times I start the game and I get 5 lose streak and I just close the game and come back next day.

  45. So they give the Chinese TDs which they never had but screw the Japanese who actually had TDs

  46. LMAO – I see this title…..I say play on the SEA server for a week bro…..you will be down to 47% with retarded teams in no time!

  47. Pritti gud ya

  48. Those poor German heavies. Hey shoot my cupola !
    Thanks! /grarage

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