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Source: PhlyDaily

Video edited by – WEBE show him some love!
ES_ Tango – Arthur Benson
ES_Mischievous Operations – Alfie-Jay Winters


  1. Play with chinese tanks tier 5

  2. love the edetings 🙂

  3. Wtf 18:24
    Tom sailor with a bomb behind the door on the ship

  4. BTW “ah piss” guy is australian

  5. phly can i get some golden eagles?

  6. I like the tf2 lines strewn around in here.

  7. Мариан Михайлов

    The sound effects make it ten times more enjoyable.

  8. “Ladies and Gentlemen”

    Me, who identifies as a sexually amorphus Lego brick: *THE PHUCK*

  9. So we are copying dollarplays now. Please don’t do that. That uberediting sucks. Your voice and gameplay only got yourself to one million subs. Thats all we need. The time little arnold faces pop up over vehicles is when I unsubb.

  10. are you playing with 60inch monitor or something because i cant see shit

  11. I love the random meme sounds

  12. T92 turrt is one of most troll turrets in game, that bounce hurt me too

  13. I love this video with all the montage effects! I think it’s one of your best gameplay (not events) one so far!

  14. Plz play baby strum tiger

  15. Whats the intro hardbass song tho?

  16. Thank you for always saying “Ladies”. I don’t care what anyone else says, I’m a woman and I watch your videos. It’s really unwelcoming to constantly be watching gameplay videos and only hearing “guys, dudes, boys” etc. I’ve been playing War Thunder since it came out, and it makes me feel like I belong when you include us ladies who game.

    To the guys out there complaining about it, it literally doesn’t affect you at all. You’re included in everything by default, it takes nothing out of you to hear Phly be welcoming to women as well.

  17. Light armors are so fun to play….well and you get in their nerves like they do to you when flanking!

  18. Also call it the baby bunker

  19. haha yeah that intro was golden

  20. OMG Phlydaily the German in the back ground so dam Funny !!!! couse its sooooo true !!!

  21. “Go back to Calgary ya cowering Canadian!”
    Me, a Calgarian: *ಥ_ಥ*

  22. Heiko Alexander Weber

    Tri poloski, tri po- tri po-loski

  23. plot twist:the missile only took one kill,76mm gun took the rest.

  24. ALERT!!!
    STBlackST i se

  25. I love that intro and also I like how you use sound effects or whatever dey are now in da vids instead of just the intro

  26. OmegaLOL edited ! Almost drown in my bean while watching and eating xD

  27. Hey Phly play the Dicker Max and have fun with pronunciation.
    Attempt #5

  28. That intro had my laughing my arse off, the added sound effects was epic I loved this one

  29. That intro was just gold. 😀

  30. Bro the tf2 voice lines are perfect!

  31. hilarious editing!

  32. Godlike editing, please please please more of it, even when its too much work for everyday!

  33. Oh god chill my comrade

  34. 900mm pen mouse guided ATGM that ignores ERA at 7.3 is absolutely bruh moment.

  35. they need to fix this game not fuck it over more

  36. Just a simple meme

    The editing in your videos has become super impressive. I love it.

  37. yeetshells incoming 😮

  38. mate the editing. i love it.

  39. The voices from the other vehicles had me rolling. Moar!

  40. Fuckin intro had me hahahaah

  41. Hey Phly, in my gaming group we have a Lady that plays with us, she’s a certified Portuguese A.H. Wehraboo, anschlusing enemies, constantly beein on top, carrying our predominantly male asses through the game.

  42. Were you joking about the “wow iPhone” video 😂

  43. sougata kumar mahato

    Love these kinds of intros in your videos🤣🤣🤩

  44. Gme 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  45. Phly: “Dont push me”
    Enemy meme “How about no”
    Lost it.

  46. Commander Warcraft

    The memes in this video brightened my day, thanks Phly, WEBE.

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