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  1. Stupid ass gaijin really puts this in game without a 50 cal?

  2. Grigoris Panousis

    Day 96: u should do a type 93 vs po 2 race

  3. “Radio killed a WarThunder star”

  4. Tartaglia The Wig Splitter

    South African Puma AKA Zuma

  5. Lets not play with our food…. LOL

  6. That 50. Can be used if you take mk 5 rounds, don’t ask how Gaijin did it. In addition, if you equip a third/fourth round type they cannot be seen/ used.

  7. so who is the band in the intro?

    • Not band, that was the song “Rip and Tear” by Mick Gordon from DooM 2016
      Mick made epic osts for DooM 2016, DooM Eternal and Wolfenstein if you’re interested

  8. Nobody:
    Phly at 1:10 : NOW THAT’S A LOT OF PUMA

  9. This thing is full of black holes that make heat shells do jack shit

  10. The Ratel is not pronounced “Rae tell” it’s pronounced “Rah til”

  11. SARC my noodle Puma

  12. I feel kinda ashamed :/

  13. AGAIN, that’s not how you pronounce RATEL

  14. Phly can you play the t 62a in warthunder pls

  15. Normal tank 1: “I love being out here today.”
    Normal tank 2: “Yeah, it’s such a lovely day…”
    Normal tank 1: “Honestly i could just sit out he– … … What’s that sound?”

    SARC MkVI: *”Y E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E T”*

  16. pls do pt-67 b next i want to now how to play

  17. AlliN When Playing

    Nonsense WT wheelie-go-whee meta. Next addition Subaru Impreza with a gun. OH wait that’s 3R.

  18. what … honda made an audi


    Time stamp 14:45) oh ur stuck step sis here let little bro help u 😏😂

  20. Watched this again & it’s really bothering me how you don’t know how to use the .50cal on top, you can bind a key to machine gun. Try it.

  21. Василий Родионов

    Лайк за музыку Мика Гордона

  22. I wish I could go to some of those tank museums.

    Are those other tires for when you’re flipped over?

  23. Accord

  24. One of those took 7 rounds from my Pz 4G yesterday. The eighth round killed it but dang this thing is survivable.

  25. ruh-tell? no. rah-till.

  26. Get a nuke in the m163 burrrttt machine it’s only right atleast on the lineup

  27. That into is better than Nic Cage’s Ghost Rider movies

  28. 15:35 What are you doing step Panzer

  29. So the Puma has a 50mm main gun and a 7.62 mg?
    Add 7 more to the main gun and bump the mg up to a 50 cal

  30. When this came puma became boomer ..check auto cc

  31. I love deleting these… things, with my R3 🙂

  32. Hi phlyteam i need help
    the problem is i have 1080 and i5 7600k i set the settings on movie and running fine (100fps) but sometimes i have massive lags and the game is freezing (not the internet)
    somebody know why is that happening or what can i do?
    sorry for my english

  33. Once you see the red circles on the map you are seen on Spawn Radar Phlydad

  34. i need your help

  35. Некто Никто

    “The best thing to kill Pumas is basically a Puma”


  36. Dude Why do I See this shit in 5.3?? And Why does this take 3 Hits from a Tiger H1

  37. Watching this almost made me Puma pants

  38. I never thogete this vechile is kinda op or gust unstopoble think Britain is op now XD

  39. 2:25 “And if I forget, remind me.” Consider yourself reminded. Where’s the link?

  40. Your 50 cal on top should be underneath special guns just like all the 50 cals on the M50 ontos

  41. I really just realized i have been watching this channel for months without being phubscribed, what the phuck, phorry :(((

  42. Turbine.Pilots Echon

    Phly you make the trashy’est shit palatable

  43. It’s been mentioned that this is a British tank….It’s South African, in British tech tree ff knows what reason

  44. Play t-50

  45. #80 – Take the duck to the pond. Hs.129 in naval battles.

  46. Why_Did_I_Make_This Chanel

    Lets try that agian. Can you pley war thunder whit DOLLARplace??

  47. The vehicle looks like a slug TF? XD

  48. 15:30
    *piano music*
    Phly : I wonder where that came fr…
    *to be continued*

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