A 4100 Wn8 Session in the Buffed T-34-3

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. hey lemming i sent u a replay that u should look at.. replay analysis. like when u tell players what they should have done in this situation or that situation to win the game. i know what u said about being honest and i want u to be as blunt as possible aka as honest as possible.

  2. What convinced u to grind with t9 e50 and not go all the way to e50m?

  3. very balsy playing the t 34 3 without fire extinguisher, having no firefighting crew

  4. You really need to stop dissing arty for there are us who play arty and help make a difference in game play. Furthermore, you don’t play arty so you should not make comments that arty doesn’t need to be buffed. WG messed up when they nerfed the crap out of accuracy and lessened the pen. Only the T-92 can still make life miserable for light and medium tanks for the most part. If you look at the Alpha for arty will never see that Alpha during game play. So, please think about playing arty before you make comments about nerfing this or buffing that.

  5. Ever considered facecam? For some reason i just can’t put a face to that voice, and its bothering me 🙂

  6. What lines do you recommend for heavy tanks I went down the is-4 line and am on the way to the is7 and recommendations on others

  7. shell dips into it

  8. “This map is G A Y”.
    That’s a new one for me.

  9. Thank you for the videos. I enjoy your tips on how to improve. My sweet spot is tier 9 and am working to improve my tier 10 play.

  10. I’ve always wanted to buy one of these but I’m broke as shit. I really liked the rental version a while ago though.

  11. Spencer925 , says he loves your vids , yet he play a darn CLICKER ! Sacrilege . 😛

  12. I’m addicted to playing this thing and always lose no matter how well I do so I’m glad they buffed it, but it just seems like it’s one of those tanks that needs the right map and right team or I can’t do shit. Unless I spam gold of course.

  13. LemmingRush, I’m a bit late to the party but at 5:45 what’s happening is:
    The aiming circle’s top 33% is covered by the bridge.
    Since the shell has a slight arc, it’s more likely to hit the bridge the higher you aim.

    [you]—>>^^^““^^^>> [enemy]

  14. God I love your snarky comments when you get “outplayed” by a pubbie lol

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