A 4700 Wn8 LiveStream – Playing World of Tanks – Getting Close to my First Tier 10 on EU :)

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Source: LemmingRush

In Mountain Time – I wont be live between Thursday the 15th to the 20th (tuesday stream is 50/50) as I’ll be in Belarus

Tuesday 11:00
Friday 11:00
Saturday 11:00

My Computer:
Ryzen 1700 @ 3.8 GHz
16 GB Ram @ 3200MHz
GTX 1070 @ Asus Factory OC

You definitely don’t need to donate, but if you’d like to you can do so with the link down below 🙂


  1. Hey lemming good luck at tier 10 on eu 😛

  2. Why not the new op obj430u?

  3. Oh and Twitch on Saturday nights cause no one does and I have no one to watch on Saturdays. Sure its the same for others.

  4. If you couldnt spam prem rounds what average wn8 do you think you’ll have?

    • Aiming decreasing DPM…. So he would do less damage > a lot of damage = a lot of WN8 > less damage = less WN8

    • I doubt it would be much. Probably lower his wn8 by 10% or so in my guess.

    • Probably yes… + – 10%. But he would need to play tanks with good or average AP pen, not like T54…

    • Yeah, he would adapt, thats why he is a good player. He would play a tank with more pen and make it work. The 2 key isnt why he is good at this game.

    • Stuarrt Spohn The 2 key boost him more then 10% purely because he spams it almost the entire game. Its in the game and im not complaining about it. I just wana hear how much he’d drop off wn8 wise. His view would be interesting to hear

  5. Serious question: Why do you play T-54 and T-34-3 so much? Do you like dome-turreted tanks? I mean, I love em too, I just wanna hear your reason. Do you think they are the “best designed tanks” in WoT? Do you feel like you can do the most in them? Personally, T-34-3 doesn’t work as well as the WZ-111 for me. It’s just…why would you play a T-34-3 when you have a tank that has better dpm, accuracy, armor, speed, but unfortunately sluggier and larger?

    I’m fascinated to hear opinions and thoughts from rational, clever players such as yourself.

  6. Lemming, do you feel like there’s a class of tank that you do worse in than any other, consistently?

  7. Uhhhh. Stb1 is great

  8. @29:27 Im glad I’m not the only one…

  9. 48:55 LOL

  10. Lemming…you are younger than my sons…but I wish I could play WOT half as well as you!!  LOVE you streams and vids way more than any other streamer

  11. Did you manage to sort your shit computer out.
    Really enjoy your live streams keep them coming .. by far the best youtube wot entertainment very relaxed.. nice confident not up ur ass style .. cheers mate.

  12. Lem becomes corporation on your own too easy.
    Tell them you need to acquire benefits.
    Rather, monetary means to acquire.
    Sell you .the commodity, the corporation.
    Shoe man sells more than one pair etc.

  13. Good tip for me trying to 3 mark my batchat was to bring someone competent with me who aren’t unicum but know how to not be dumb. In a tank that can play my flank all the time (so when I tried to mark batchat 25t back in the day I brought a 907 with 2900 wn8 recent in it, good enough to help me focus fire and stay alive, but not so good he steals all the assist and damage every single game which is what happened when I tried to mark t62a and brought a 3500 average dmg 140 player).

  14. I’m sure it’s been said before but why does Lemming play on the EU server?

  15. Well that explains why I didn’t see your stream last night 😛

  16. Oh yeah, I heard that thing about 3 marking from QB as well. It was in a live stream not that long ago (maybe two weeks?). Basically said you have to let your team die off while you sit at the back farming damage. Clearly that advice is patently false as Circon 3 marks tanks while playing properly.

  17. Thanks for all your vids on the t34 3! I just got my second mark in it 🙂 going for the third now lol.

  18. Can someone pls explain to me why anyone would donate money to people streaming on you tube, are you all stupid, or have too much money, you be better giving the money to worthwhile charities like cancer research or Great Ormand street childrens hospital. The state of this fuckin world if people are donating to streamers, you must be all fuckin brainwashed

  19. the other gun on the t-54 got some nice buffs if you didn’t notice

  20. Banning someone for streaming their own content to another provider is seriously wrong.. it’s anti-competition, I’m surprised they’re allowed to get away with that rule. You don’t work for them, they should treat their creators better.

  21. Hey. I just wanna say that I like your vids and even though I usually cannot watch at the time of your stream I just play them part by part when I have time. I really appreciate you always explaining why are you doing what you are. because it helps me understand better how the game works

  22. blows his own trumpet to much, arogant to refer to yourself as a unicum even if you are one, leave that to others.

  23. do you have any social media we can contact you on or smthn

  24. Why do you want a tier 10 tank? You only ever see all tier 10 MM anyways, while at tier 9 you face tier 8’s a lot.

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