^^| A 949WN8 Game. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. the way SirCircon pronounces colonel is disappointing

  2. i’ve done this only once in my t37 xD

  3. I did my quest for lights in this bush, 4,5k overall from game by siting
    afk in this bush(I was smoking in other room). When i come back i notice i
    have 2500+ spotting (tier 6-8 Game) so i just get rest in late gameand
    BOOM, mission done. Malinowka is also good map for passive spoting.

  4. That map is one of the better ones IMO. Fed up with city maps and hard
    cover scattered around like someone’s dandruff. So you’ve got to keep your
    head on a swivel and have decent camo, good. Lots of tanks have that and
    lack the ability to corner fight well, unless you have Circon’s mutant aim
    ability of course.

    I’m getting tired of maps where every view angle except two (front and
    rear) are blocked, obscured or all of the above. It’s like in an FPS when
    they set every map up so sniping doesn’t work so you end up with snap shot
    kings, those who wait for a shot down a narrow crevice or they runa round
    with pistols because they’re dope(y). Sure no one likes maps filled with
    bush wookies but seriously, we’re going too far the other way. It’s getting
    to the point where you pull up to a bush and fire a shot undetected, job
    well done, and then you get shot from every tank in view of that bush
    because it’s well known to be the only bush which could allow that shot to

    Too far the other way… I want my overkill Hellcat back and the maps it

  5. Every time I try to use the magic boosh I get TKd by some asshole heavy

  6. nice the is very helpful in my mt25

  7. T49 0 dmg, 8000+ spotting; top of the team… Idk wn8 but probably
    somewhere around 7.

  8. flipsix3 aka Dave Solomon

    You mock the map, but I’ve sat in that same bush, done similar spotting,
    and amassed <1000 assist while the team camps and gets overrun. It's 20%
    map 80% team tbh

  9. John Birtchet-Sharpe

    Good to see you play arty tonight (well if playing arty is a good thing 😉
    ) would have liked to see how the game went but the wife shouted me so had
    to do a Leroy Jenkins and rammed an Oh-Ho with my E25

  10. Did 7k+ spoting with mt25 from those bushes once 🙂 But it is a rarity that
    there will be someone shooting and enough to shoot at.

  11. not hard for light tanks pigs and but for everything else it is

  12. Damn … I love artillery. So easy to kill.

  13. Trying for my 3rd MoE on that

  14. So that E1 spot seems to be pretty good. Did you find that in a Youtube
    video? kappa

  15. thomasshh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Watching this live was dank, yeah its a shame that wn8 doesn’t benefit you
    for spotting, because it would def give better players recognition for
    something many players don’t do.

  16. such is Life circon

  17. You look like a fish :)

  18. I continue to say that unicum players reviewing WoT like Circon or QB are
    favoured by the system. From the first moment on, he is spotted in the bush
    on E1 and NOBODY takes 1 shot at him, not even the THREE Arties in the
    game. If a normal player does that, not 15 sec and he/she is blown away.

  19. Not that I don’t say the same things when playing, but… perhaps we are a
    ‘tad’ biased as we have been playing this 6 years now. :D

  20. I think the reason people hate this map so often is because it is really
    campy if your scouts don’t do anything well. The fact that two variations
    of the map exists amplifies that. GG Circon :D

  21. Don’t remove this map man, it’s one of the few pen maps left. That bush
    with a tier 7/8 scout in tier 10 mm and you get LT15s all day.

  22. wtf was with the add in the beginning.. lol

  23. Play the mt25 with the autoloader. Its soooooo fun. Maybe rip gold but

  24. Not to mention the fact that without premium account you would’ve lost
    credits… Nice meme WG!

  25. well at least your team was shooting what you lit up…

  26. I am shit at using LT and yesterday i got 6k spotting damage on this map :/
    fucking broken

  27. Without prokho, a lot of light tank missions would be virtually undoable.

    If anything, we need more maps where view range and camo matters, not less.

  28. O m8 that my name at the begining of the video that’s me Nidzola

  29. nice clickbait

  30. its good for your marks though

  31. And yet you regularly see threads on the forums where people complain about
    this map and want it removed. Because it doesn’t allow for in-your-face
    brawling and they get shot from multiple directions. Takes a bit of
    understanding of the spotting mechanic to play it and half working
    brain between your teammates to be successful.

  32. The award for the most fun light tank still goes to the amx elc

  33. He starts doing damage at 5:33

  34. How to do LT-15.
    Get Prok
    Be Circon

  35. To be honest,this tank is so bloody fun to play with the pew pew gun

  36. Yea, it’s a veeeery old meme to do epic spotting games and get jack shit
    wn8 😀 I always laugh and also die a bit on the inside, this is ridiculous

  37. Gratz on the 75k subs BeardLord! :D

  38. Having A Vietnam Flashback

    Hi circon I loved your hoodie.

  39. 949 WN8? Nice Meme

  40. Always nice being rewarded for doing the job that your tank is meant for!
    Kappa. As always, live tonight with WoT: http://www.twitch.tv/circon 17:00CET <3

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