A Brilliant Clan Wars Performance by -G-

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Bad performance from u lemming. U made a lot mistakes That game

    • You can’t really judge someone on their performance in a clan wars type battle, especially in a Bat with the shitty gun it has. The caller basically told him to clip out the IS-7 which was a misplay in my opinion. Lemming could have escaped over the ridge and taken not much more than 2 shots of damage, but instead he tried to shoot the IS-7 as they entered into the buildings beside the cap. As soon as they got into that cover, Lemming was as good as dead, because he had HEAT loaded. Instead of him sticking around to *maybe* get a shot into the IS-7 side armor (which is very risky since he had HEAT loaded and the terrible gun handling on the Bat), he should have run. It was a high risk, low reward attempt at killing the IS-7.

    • I don’t think he made many mistakes, he was getting rekt by rng

    • Victor Nielsen I think lemming replied twice but deleted his comments? xD

    • +Simon Andersson hahaha yerh he did xD he Said something about why he did the different moves, and stuff he did wrong. But i don’t still get why a experience player like lemming would shoot HEAT into the side of a fucking IS-7 xD even tomatoes know that heat isn’t reliable against Spaced armor…

    • Victor Nielsen HEAT is better than nothing. If he aims at the lower part of the hull. At the tracks/in between the tracks and side skirts it’s quite likely to pen. Especially if it’s flat on.

  2. It is so good to see others tanks to be cloloured, its kinda boring when only my MAUS is RED the otheres are grey etc…

  3. Why do you desire to drive an old banana?

    • For autoloaders I would have thought the T10 TVP would be better suited to his play style.

    • P. Clodius if you are talking about CW, bats are better because they have more clip potential, are more mobile, have better camo, and better view range. Only thing TVP has over batchat is good gun handling more ammo and better reload, making it more flexible

  4. i like how calm they stayed.. when i watch guys like daki the screaming like children gets old fast..

  5. Harm beat CHI with a similar strat … and chi is a way better clan that harm is

  6. @LemmingRush How can u have tier IX arty on CW battle?

    • It is possible. I think you can have lower tier tanks in Clan Wars. Before there were Tier 10 light tanks, some Tier 8 lights were used as scouts.

    • Operation Gambit allows you to take tier 9-10 tanks into this CW. I guess so clans with lower numbers of players can fill the gaps in players.

  7. Can someone explain to me why the enemy team has less more tanks then the ones we are watching? Is it because of WN8/Status or Clan Status

    Asking because I play mostly Console and I want to play CW on the Console

  8. It was a combination of bad plays on your part rather than their brilliant performance.
    Weird initial dispersion which would lead to you losing tanks for free if they pushed the east, no vision on the south-east corner of the map, then giving up map control and letting them rotate and push unspotted.
    More mistakes followed but I’m not so sure about the situation in different parts of the map so I’m not gonna try to dig too deep.

    • *kreygasm*
      Everyone makes mistakes and so did G in this game. Due to issues as small as latency or as big as positioning your tank, there is a complete range of possible failures.
      Considering this, the mistakes made were minimal and done trying to follow the caller in the mid of chaos.
      Never mind he submitted his own POV of the game allowing to pick out any and all minutia. It’s almost as if we can only get a good view of the bad and good he does from his point of view

    • Real-time battle is different from theoretical perfection, but I think they played this pretty well. Of course mistakes were made but they were doing the best they could with the information they had. I’m curious what your qualifications are – want to come call? I’d legit let you if you swing by teamspeak. xDDD

  9. the vomit colored paint is a interesting choice

  10. You can pick T9 arta ?

  11. without these modpacks they run, they would be garbage players…

  12. Lemming so many shots missed lol

  13. Close game gg for sure

  14. -G- stands for Garbad, right?

  15. you got to listen more to yourself. you always say that you have to win one side and dont come in a crossfire. at 12:56 you apparantly got a brainfart and you left a oneshot t100 on your flank. bad play

  16. Anfield killed G Kappa

  17. Imagine how ridiculous would it be if dom_mazzetti was actually the brofessor himself playing wot

  18. lol HEAT sucks. Nice game though, you guys got better work from your caller I think. That initial -G- push across the tracks was pretty ill advised.

  19. It must be nice to have some decent competition from time to time. The lead you guys amassed in Operation Gambit is simply amazing.

  20. That was a interesting battle!

  21. Definitely enjoyed this. Would love more clan wars content.

  22. Great battle, thanks for putting the vid up Lemming!

  23. My eyes hurt with all the new paint jobs..

  24. Too much bounce and miss I have to say

  25. no food on bat :minglee

  26. This were 15 epic minutes.

  27. Hey Lemming it’s N3RV3 [-G-]

    I must say that was probably one of the most intense game i’ve fought against MAHOU recently. G hasn’t been performing well against you guys and I thought for once that the close game was because of our caller (shoutout) Crabeatoff. He called it super well but I think the lack of player potential (myself included doing only 680 damage) was the reason we lost that game.

    SmyleeRage was super sneaky in the end of the game, his mechanics and positioning out-class absurd standards… really shows the gap of Smylee compared to other super unicums in WoT. I’d love to do a re-match one day and hope for G to perform this well again.

    GG in the campaign and thanks for the showcase.

    • Clark Kent Hoshino Hey man! Long time no see!

    • Hey onlytoughonline, been a while man. I’ve been busy these days but if you’re down to platoon hit me up man.

    • For a guy that doesn’t do any calling it was well done. Pushing north in the end should have been much more of a slaughter than it was, but that’s just hindsight. It was a fun game with constant blow for blows, cry hitting the strv cupola a milisecond before he died, smylee with the clutch in the end, it was overall a very exciting game. You should get that guy to call more 😛

  28. Bill Lewis That would require them to field a team

  29. Very good game!

  30. That’s a sexy batchat right here. Also this was pretty interesting to watch!

    • I agree, I also like the new HD version of the bat, larger turret looks like a real tank now, there is no way you could fit actual crew into the old render, turret was tiny.

  31. Nice to see this level of respect between the two best clans, and thanks for sharing. Gives the mortals some good insight into your strats and calls 🙂

  32. You may have had too many heat shells, just my opinion though.

    • 3 full reloads of each and Lemming is in a CW battle. The best clans run of all types of shell to work with the different shell mechanics.
      He either gets 20 AP and 10 HEAT, which would be too little.

    • Considering that Bat has horrible accuracy, and how CW goes, having just two loads would be good. Be couldn’t really do much to the side of the IS 7 because of those heat shells. If he had some extra APCR shells he would have had an easier time.

  33. What equipment are you using that you don’t get max view range on the Bat without food? Vstab, vents and GLD?

  34. Now, that was fun and awesome. Tough match between two good teams. I liked how both teams hide their strategies and tanks leaving the teams to make educated guesses. I also like the fact that your commander allows some initiative and does not hammer the team on conclusion. You win and you lose as a team… Win or loss, that was a good game. Had you lost, it would have been either luck or some regional outplay – not a team problem..

  35. more of these videos please.. amazing to see how everything works in clan wars, very interesting

  36. Hi, Lemming. Is it possible for you to make a video about map tactic for grand battles? I am new to 30 vs 30 games and I found my performance drop due to no experience of the map. I hope you can help me get through the beginner phase quickly. Thank you.

  37. that was a really bad performance
    Actually I did not know that pub battles are that much more exciting

  38. Really love the clan wars videos, man, hope to see more on the channel

  39. Batchat gun is so wonky, aimtime drives me nuts on that tank, nice to know even very good players experience this, surprised you guys don’t opt for RU meds instead…anyhow GG I enjoyed that!

  40. So what am I supposed to watch? I skipped it, almost at every sequence they are basically drawn at kills and then they end in a draw. What’s “brilliant” about draws that aren’t even from a comeback? Is this another troll video?

  41. Great game. Not many doing these clan wars videos now. Genghiswolves has some from EU with HOOT .

    • shishx_the_animal from EU clan FAME does them quite a bit. Theyre interesting and entertaining. FAME has similarly chaotic teamspeak during battles

  42. I know smilyragee!

  43. M53 arty how? Is it a tier x on NA?

    • in clan wars you can use tier 9 and 10 tanks. m53/55 is a viable choice due to the gun arc and the dpm compared to many of the tier 10 arty. and no, m53/55 is tier 9 on NA

  44. Closest game MAHOU has had this whole campaign lol

  45. Thanks for sharing.

  46. that was a load of horseshit. Is Clanwars for autistic people who like to hear themselves talk on voicechat? Maybe I should join a clan.

  47. infinitelyExplosive

    This looks way more fun than pubs, is there an easy way to get into this type of play?

    • infinitelyExplosive join a clan that does clan wars. It doesn’t get fun until you’re in good clans.

      All the bad ones require you to listen to the caller to the T and they end up being very boring, in my opinion.

  48. holy shit gg

  49. Had to throw it in, keep up the good vids sir.

  50. GG. more clan wars/advances stuff please.

  51. who ever attacks is in an dissadvantage…. as usual in this game

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