A Brilliant Light Tank Carry on Siegfried Line

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. I often scroll at the beginning of the game, but geezuz. This dude has got to chill.

  2. Great video and commentary. I really didn’t notice the zoom thing. That is probably means I do it also.

  3. Zooming like sex…

  4. If you zoom in and zoom out like that, do everyone a favor and dont post your replay on wotreplays

  5. This is why I use a fucking button for the sniper mode, holy fucking hell its annoiyng.

  6. If it’s stupid but it works Ala jingles

  7. Encounter longer cap

  8. he needs to chill with amphetamines a bit xd

  9. Lemming patience is the foundation of principle, practice that.. 🙂

  10. what the hell is he zooming in and out at the game !!!

  11. Hi LR, all in all an interesting game. He made several dubious plays that luckily worked out for him and yes a great carry with a classic kill on the FV to secure the win. Now your turn to show us how it should be done LR style.

  12. i have motion sickness after seeing this replay

  13. what a spastic moron, stop zooming man…………the fuck?

  14. One of your best videos in a while. I very much appreciated you showing a different approach to yours, why you wouldn’t use it in your formula but why it worked. Good video.

  15. This is unwatchable. This guy should see a therapist and try to calm down.

  16. For fuck’s sake Lemming… this was unwatchable. The constant zoom jerking made me fucking dizzy. Please take over the camera for the entire length of the game the next time you have a replay from a chronic masturbator.

  17. 3:49 Already seasick… 😀

  18. I can’t finish this video with the zooming he’s doing. Making me sick

  19. No one was shooting him because of his mouse control issue ….

  20. Patience leads to better planning and keeping calm

  21. Young Lemming doing the future authoring program. Good for you my friend. Am I the first guy to notice that bookmark?


  23. Taken out of context “You wanna kill people right” ?

  24. I tried to watch this, but couldn’t. Got sick.

  25. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    That fucking constant zooming in and out

  26. Take that mouse scroll wheel away from that guy!

  27. Being patient and staying on the field certainly has paid off. It looks like he used his mere presence as a highly camouflaged to prevent the enemy from rushing through the field. A rush did eventually happen when they realized he was no longer there, but, by that point, it was too late for said rush to make enough of an impact on the game.

  28. Known fact: Zooming in and out rapidly puts the shell on the target faster, thus increasing shell velocity which in turn increases DPM…..

  29. I cant watch this

  30. That zooming in and out gave me cancer. Fortunately LemmingRush partially controls the camera after :7:20

  31. I actually think he has better map awarness by zooming in and out constantly. Similarly, i watched people do a 360 holding right click to get a panoramic view

  32. I think he did kind well, but got lucky as fuck. Not rly looking at the minimap and not using common sense, like don’t shoot a full mag if you get lit, should lead him to a different result, but at the end, gg wp

  33. should i get the zoom out cheat?

    • It’s not a cheat, it’s that simple really, if it was a cheat people like circon wouldn’t use it, and it wouldn’t be in most modpacks.

  34. This person needs a Ban from the Zoom a permanent ban…lol

  35. Jesus, player needs their ADD meds – well played, though

  36. God my eyes

  37. I was gonna comment about the zooming but it seems I’m beat


  39. Too much caffeine

  40. So basically a greedy player getting extremely lucky.

  41. No Arty. Need we say more?

  42. How do you shoot things in the side and not have it be black-flash “critical hit”?

  43. for me personaly, a carry is a show of skill, not a show of luck like this amx has

  44. So you’re saying that “if it’s stupid buy it works”? ? That’s WoT my friend

  45. Some people are good enough to not make situations where you have to carry, and some are just good enough to get out of those situations

  46. He must have ADHD

  47. This fucking guy, stop scrolling!!! Honestly, Im surprised he can play with that constant twitching….So bad!!

  48. Can’t watch till the end coz of scroll, sorry 🙁

  49. Konstantinos Kalogeras

    Bad passive scout plus tons of luck.. He should be shot in so many instances

  50. I would love to see what kind of stuff this scrollbarf psycho posts to the forums.

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