A British Hidden Gem (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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  1. 2018 year review hype?

  2. HEIL!

    Heir Kommodant Phly! We have received orders from ze fuher! He orders you to take out ze Glorious NARWHAL! He has been watching you for a long while. He says, and I quote. “GODAMNIT PHLY SHOW ZE 50MM ME-262 LOVE AND MAKE A DEDICATED VIDEO OF IT TAKING DOWN BOMBERS! ITS BEEN YEARS!” Those are his words, that is his will. NOW GO AND BRING GLORY TO ZE THIRD REICH!


    Attempt #4

  3. I love low to mid tier

  4. low tier fun tier

  5. Hey phly play He112 a-o her 20mm is super lethal !!

  6. Worst grind ever concieved by man.

  7. Attempt#1 Play the OP Mig-3-15(BK)

  8. When I got to tier 4 the planes takes like 1 whole month of continuous playing to get.

  9. Play the m36 jackson

  10. I forgot how much fun the Crusader was. Rn I’m doing 4.0-5.0 might drop down to real low tier cos of this video

  11. nice vids and by the way new subs

  12. What about the 3.3 m4a1 sherman? That thing’s fun. Unless you got kursk map

    Or the marder 3H? It even got a depression buff recently

  13. Phly stop acting like you grind

  14. 13:20 Is this the “I thought she was 18!” of warthunder?

  15. I disagree 6.7 is where the most fun is at then it gets too top tier and there’s way too much sl cost and stuff like that

  16. Crawford VanWyngaarden

    Play the M5A1. It plays similarly to the crusader but you can angle the shit outta the front plate and bounce most things reliably. If I’m ever bored of higher BRs ill just play that and have a blast. And if you want even more fun you can bring the SBD-1 and us the gun pods to murder anything on the enemy team from straight down.

  17. Man maybe Nord should invest in a few more servers from what I’ve heard

  18. Rosehip approves

  19. You know what sucks…. How expensive the Abrams is compared to any other country. :/

    You literally need like 5 kills to fully pay for one!!

  20. Phly, please be my dad

  21. il2 crashes n fails

    so much smoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. play the churchil gun carrier (AKA the 3 inch gun carrier) its so much fun just angle the boi

  23. For me, anything past 7.0 in the Brit tree is horrible to play. Great tanks irl but war thunder can’t get them right.

  24. 20:29 Gotthefreeabrams killed EpicDespacito

  25. And the few spaded low tier tanks of phly include the 3 inch gun carrier, superior British engineering has done it again

  26. 1. Money maker 4.3 german…. maybeeee?

  27. Nord is legit…

  28. I think that the problem is that it takes ages to grind for a top tier tank. You have to spend at least 45 hours in the matches alone and get almost 3,000 RP every match to get a single top tier tank. And then you can just research a low tier tank in 5 matches. That makes you play a lot more in top tier, because you get to tier IV so quickly and can’t research a top tier tank playing low tier. That’s something I’m really sad about, because low tier is so much fun. Imagine how much fun it would be to grind for a tank and be able to research it with every vehicle in the tree you’re playing in. Gaijin, please… PLEASE remove that efficient research thing, whatever you wanna call it. Please!

  29. Couse it’s at top and we want to have it

  30. I almost always play Germany but I have begun playing the British and i unlocked the crusader yesterday and it is a big upgrade from the mk2

  31. You have to play the Crusader Mk. I. I call it the mini Leo

  32. Crusader MkIII was such a beast when I got it, I also used it forever since most of the tanks I got afterwards weren’t as good. The 57mm is just great at low BR, the cromwell I and Valentine with the 57 also were much much much better than the 75mm variants.
    …and then came the Firefly and everyone was happy.
    …except the germans.

  33. I’ve been using that crusader with its 0 smokes for ages ?

  34. Hi. I was wondering how good m247 from USA is. Can you do video where you use it?

  35. Phly knows the best way to advertise his sponsors. Step 1: Have war thunder in the background. Step 2: Wiggle your mouse around the screen while talking about said sponsor.


  37. Just don’t try and reverse, it’s British. Though these smoke throwers are master tacticians.

    (The last 4.0 KV I saw didn’t like me 2HK through his drivers port, if only her knew it was a damn lucky snap shot!)

  38. What do you play on oh just joined you discord

  39. Phly can you play the STRV its a swedish tank

  40. The reason higher B. R’s seem better is because the game always makes you research the next (higher br ) vehicle. And so when you go back to play low tier researching your high tier. You can get like 10 kills and 2 caps and leave with 1000 RP so although it’s fun it’s sort of redundant to go back and play low tier

  41. Personally I don’t play war thunder much so I’m still in low tier but I got a few T-34s yet I still almost only play the bt5 and bt7

  42. I disagree higher br more fun cuz ez american 10.0 games with this lineup
    Xm1 M1 abrams IPM1 Ah1z fj4b bullbup version

    Sooo this is also like a bit op
    But very fun

  43. Is it true? Are all of the rich boys in Europe starting to become afraid?

  44. Love Crusader Mk 3

  45. Crusader is one of coolest tanks in the game, I love it since I played CoD2’s tank mission.

  46. WT is one of those odd online games that the fun does not always scale with the amount of time put in. I find rank 2-3 tanks and rank 1-4 aircraft way more fun than anything over rank 6.

  47. İm quiting War thunder 7.7-8.7 is bs

  48. You’re ina Crusader. Almost everything is your kryptonite lol

  49. The Ruski T-28 is the most fun low BR tonk , and it has a low velocity 76.2 gun which fires a shrapnel shell which will kill any other tank and has loads of crew. It is stronk tonk for defending the motherland.

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