A BRITISH MARVEL – THE WARRIOR | Armored Warfare Assault Mobile

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Source: Schwalbe

Starting up AWA again play a few games in the Warrior!

I hope you enjoyed the video!

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  1. that looks like the predator

  2. Pwepare fwor bwattle, capture all bwases or destwoy all enwemies

  3. I thought this was a Blitz mod lol ?

  4. Can u pls just post ark mobile i enjoy ark better like if u agree(edit) yes i get it but im just asking for more frequent videos on ark

  5. Hey remember me um I’m asking if I can be your helper on ark me and my girlfriend broke up with me an I’m sad so can you go to my channel and tell me on one of my videos yes or a no pla

  6. I’m still sad they removed so many of my tanks, I didn’t like that update at all

  7. So hard take this tenk. I just got 3/25 this

  8. Two words: Bootleg WoT

  9. *added puwing and tw3a*

  10. Whasa dude

  11. The game is garbage now i cant believe they removed the kpz

  12. Is it me or does this Armored Warfare seem a bit cartoony than realistic?

  13. A warrior fighting a Leopard 1?


  14. I remember Phly talking about this bmp on war thunder, there is another one that’s better tho and you guessed it….it’s Russian* Russian national anthem plays*

  15. Looks like the Predator UM

  16. should l download that game

  17. Since they removed many tanks and ruined my garage I stopped playing cuz it wasnt fun anymore… starting to look like wotb.

    • Alex De Pascual It’s starting to look like the tank games which are just cardboard boxes glued to the ground with railgun turrets attached(AKA tanki online, Iron force, etc)

    • +Nova Topaz hehe.. yeh, it’s sad tbh cuz it’s not really history accurate anymore. Starting to look like star wars but with tanks…

  18. Why I can’t install this game (“your device is not compatible” written on the playstore). And I have a Pocophone F1 (Snapdragon 845, 6go Ram, 64go stockage …). ?

  19. wtf game

  20. Does this game have the armour system?

  21. Interesting, but I will stay at Wot Blitz

  22. Can You Play Amored aces pls

  23. Omg? A new tank game I’ve never heard before? How can this be???

  24. I gave up on that game, the developer is taking the piss. They take away your tanks then give them back stock. And now I can’t upgrade because of some new player level bullshit unless I pay them $3 per tank or something. They can get stuffed.

  25. I like this but is a grind worth it?

  26. Great vid… like always 😉

    Maybe in the near future could you do pvp in ark? And if so you should make a mega tribe with like 15 to 25 people in it, lol if you do that could I join?

  27. I have Xiaomi redmi note 6 pro and on my old mobile i was playing this game all day but now i can’t install it

  28. It will be good if your tank shoot rapidly and high damage……

    Cause you can RAPIDLY destroy other tank.

  29. Looks like I could get and M60 in this game ?

  30. Well, now the game is hard to play if you don’t have a good tank like the M1 or the MBT70…

  31. The. Basilosaurus has returned

  32. Is this 5.8?????

  33. YOU_SMELL on blitz Lolz

    Schwable A. can you edit the controls on. the game and B. is there auto aim or target snap?

  34. A new game cool

  35. I cant find it in the Google Play Store

  36. Kevin alexander Aguilera

    Name game???

  37. I think iguana Gaming is coping the dodo video u made lol

  38. Hey Schwalbe, don’t you think that the matchmaking in AWA should be fixed? I always find players who are using tanks from superior eras like 90s when I’m using a 60s tank.

  39. Heheheh… Too bad you don’t have the 2A5 with 3 salvo

  40. Glad u returned!!!! Also why are matchmaking so rough…

  41. Game is still in a deplorable state… And it doesn’t help that the “devs” have not posted one thing on social media in the past 2 months…

  42. Play world of tanks blitz it’s much fun

  43. Mmm can I somehow download the game on an android emulator? Because it won’t download it on my android devices

  44. wait a minute at 1:28 shooting atgm at same time ?ummmmmmmm excuse me wtf

  45. My queen almost at 27 k hell yah

  46. Sorry I haven’t been that active I have school lol

  47. Was you upload world of tank you are good!!!!!! in world of tank please Buy world of tank pls

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