A BULLDOG BUT IT’S ONLY 5.0 – M41A3 in War Thunder

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Source: OddBawZ

I did not expect this! M41A3 in War Thunder is a Premium Chinese Light Tank that's only 5.0!

The Bulldog Tank in War Thunder is one of my favourites. It's a very maneuverable vehicle with just enough firepower, a great reload and an APDS. However, the M41A3 sacrifices the APDS for a much lower BR at 5.0!

This to me is one of the coolest vehicle to be added. It's just a shame that it's a premium, seems like it would be a good tech tree addition instead! 🙂

But, hey! At least it's not a silly amount of monies!




  1. Oddbawz, i think the Tigor 1 got nerfed and the Panther got buffed..i want you to try them out

  2. Salut,If i buy T34E on Mobile Phfon War Thunder i whill resive on my PS4?

  3. Lol this thing at 5.0

  4. Uhuh….they dont even hide it anymore….ambrams on 2.3 will be here soon, balanced by only heat…

  5. Funny how most streamer review tank with an ace crew.

  6. Двуглазый Юм

    Burrito 501 is now a canon for me

  7. this thing can face 4.0 tanks
    thats nuts

  8. Don’t you love how Gaijin gives us Epileptic trees but didn’t bother fixing the issue with trees that start to fall over then stand back up. And don’t get me started on how they are screwing up maps either…..

  9. Why do you take so much ammo?

  10. Day 3 of asking for odd to play the dora fw 190

  11. Gaijin doing weird Gaijin things again… This is a premium vehicle, which means it should have APDS at this BR. At the end of the day, premium = pay to win!

  12. “i’m stuck on the wall i’m stuck on the wall i’m stupid” had me laughing, that is SOOO me it’s hilarious. stupid walls

  13. I wonder if this thing is better than the Hellcat at a lower BR?

  14. great vehicle vs vehicles we all know how to kill quite easily = nuke Great vid Baws!

  15. Can you please play churchill mk7? Or chieftain mk3? Please?

  16. i hate the new jungle map. its on my never play list

  17. My DUDE it is awesome everytime I heard Odd saying at intro ‘in this video” That quote perfect rehabilitation for me

  18. Sharpshooter challenge Day 9

    Each shot fired needs to at least hit an enemy, doesn’t matter if bounces

    You start with 3 lives with any vehicle you spawn

    Kill = + 1 live
    Miss = – 2 lives
    Assist = + 1 live
    0 lives = J out

    The lives cap at 5

    Mg or autocannon kills doesn’t count (Like on the Turm III or The T-72M2 moderna)

    Planes cannons and mgs kill doesn’t count as well but bombs do count

    And of course no laser rangefinder

    Good luck!

  19. As usual, tip quality content ODD. Thanks for the entertainment.

  20. How does this ap spall so much compared to britains

  21. The Bulldog is the most boring, bro I still use it on my 8.0 line up sometimes, it’s basically a mini M60, it struggles a bit against T-54/55s but it works like a light Leo, and 300mm pen at 6.0 is a lot especially US ground

  22. Besides your hilarious sarcasm of gaijin and team mates you damn near are a one tank armor division of destruction to the enemy
    Your video’s are excellent in quality and content
    God bless and stay safe and have fun

  23. Premium teammates included?! Best purchase possible 😂

  24. My mans really said the P-51 is bad in Ground RB…

  25. unguided rockets are neat

  26. The german bulldog is my favourite not because of the heat i just love it

  27. Marcelievsky Romanenko

    bully dog lol (it’s more reasonable 5.3 imo)

  28. Can you play T-34/57 on 5.7? Is my favorite on 5.7.

  29. Yea we don’t play 5.0 lineups cuz 99% we gonna end up on 5.3-5.7 anyway, so its not worth the “handicap”.

  30. Thank you for the video about this vehicle, I ask every YouTuber to make a video about it. I bought it immediately after adding it to the game, it’s so good that if used properly it can be used on 6.0.

  31. What’s so bad about the p51 in ground br?

  32. this is 5.0 and the other bulldog is 6.0 but the amx13 is 6.7 ;-;

  33. OddBawz, you are the only youtuber I get scammers notifying me on 🙁

  34. Is bawz not gonna mention the fact that its a Taiwanese tank in the CHINESE tech tree? Isn’t that gonna stir up some drama? Was it just me that thought of that?

  35. This will be 5.3 immediately and will settle at 5.7

  36. Meanwhile when I get looked at funny in a bulldog I die lol

  37. i absolutely love ur content but the problem is that u make the game look fun then i want to play and then i get gaijined all the time and then i realise the game isnt as fun as it looks

  38. Quandale dingo the 5th

    i have been watching this man for almost year now and im still debating if he’s irish scottish or british

  39. Day 8 of asking oddbawz to play the jagdtiger

  40. I really enjoyed the American bulldog and the German version is incredible, but this thing at 5.0 shreds.

  41. its really good. like really good. the br makes it like a hellcat but at 5.0

  42. Am i the only one whos having 20 ads ?

  43. 21:10 Hey Odd, do you watch rugby? If yes, what’s your opinion on the new jerseys for colourblind people?

  44. Wait, what is the M18’s purpose if this thing exists?

  45. Try 12 for IS7

  46. Light tank armor, marginal gun, medium tank agility and heavy tank size. Not sure what the appeal is.

  47. The bulldog I’d the sexiest tank lmao

  48. i was thinking earlier today…i feel bad for any american/british tech tree main…solid shot is garbage. i feel bad that you guys don’t have access right away to APHE

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