A double barrel of laughs!

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Source: Circonflexes

The -2 does not play around.


  1. Hi circon, do you think that the grille is worth grinding now?

  2. Fuck im early

  3. My daily memes!

  4. They sent UDES, it didn’t work.

  5. Killian Kruczko-Cousins

    damn, what music is circ listening too these days?

  6. Its time for trouble, and make it double…

  7. Oh god that poor UDES.

    This clip is NSFW

  8. Wow, a team that’s nice in chat 😮

  9. That UDES got smoked

  10. The IS-3-2 is easily one of my favorite (imo one of the best) tier 9’s at least heavy tank-wise. It’s truly fantastic :).

  11. Carrying battle under constant praises from allied teammates – WoT, i don’t recognize you!

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