A Dual Wz 1115A Carry On Paris

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Go to bed lemming

  2. 5:00 lovely message lol

    • RAGNES7• hahahahaha

    • It was bad before, but now they can not only wreck you but stun you on a larger area. Some people don’t give a heck about there teammates.
      To be fair, I don’t know the splash radius of all arties. But I would hold my fire until I’m sure I don’t hit my mates. (Wasn’t easy in the beginning when WG introduced the stunning.)

  3. Lemming it’s 3 AM bud, get some sleep

  4. 5:21 possibly one of the saddest chat messages of all time

  5. You should be streaming

  6. that game was all luck

  7. Arty: Hi lemming, i love you and your videos
    Lemming: hey arty, fuck you

    That’s my lemming 🙂

    • TheOneAboveAll I was in a bad mood while playing. Normally I say hi to people who say hi to me 🙂

    • LemmingRush doesn’t matter…it’s arty…they deserve it…even when i play arty i deserve it (for mission and also when i get fed up from being focused by pigs i just queue up in M53/M55 and just counter battery the shit out of enemy arty, probably killed more arty than normal tanks in my arty, not probably…definetely)

    • LemmingRush also…if you would play EU daily…especially EU1…in a couple of days you would just buy a button and make it a macro for “enter + copy paste F*ck you+enter again) and just smash it every 5 seconds…i would so love to play on na…there it seems that your monkeys are still kept at the zoo.

  8. Wz 111 5a gameplay…”heat bounces on the side of a T-34-3″…i’m like…”wtf is a T-34-3 doing there”…*looks at the enemy teamlist*…”ah, he’s an idiot, that’s what he’s doing there”

    • yup they dont allow anymore diff tiers platoon, but still allow pref MM premium to end up if they platoon with regular tank of *same tier* …”advanced technology” -WG

  9. Mice? The plural of Maus is Mäuse -> cause german tank needs german plural. Have fun pronouncing that.
    But otherwise great video! 😉

  10. Good thing I don’t sleep.

  11. Youtuber vs streamer… youtuber wins

  12. Man I cant wait till i get my 5a.

  13. The three mice disliked the video right away

  14. really bad marksmanship 🙁 and he is blaming the RNG LOOOL

  15. interesting replay and nice result! push a side which is not usually i will do on this map and the enemy team’s reaction is also very fast so its a nice game for both team after all gg LR hope to see more educational videos like this from u!

  16. Ha ha ha ? ? ?
    Hi arty
    F U

  17. what a shitty Lorr. Couldve thrown the game away there

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