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  1. 2 ghost shells in one video. They are really frequent these days.

    • I was thinking it was my net
      *The connection from here to the server*

      Turns out everyones getting it
      Their netcode is broken again

  2. day 2. J7W1. <3

  3. “Congratulations, you have won” – almost exactly the wording of the spam comment impersonating Phly under the last comment LOL

  4. Clock Man Official

    So, would it be possible to get a pre-commentated video if I tried enough?

  5. What about naval battles? I’m a relatively new subscriber so I haven’t had that much time to watch all of your archive yet, (so you may have done it already) But I would love to see a naval battle. I find them super fun. You’re the reason I started playing WT to begin with and i find myself having the best time on naval after a few beers!

  6. These are the videos that motivate me to play Warthunder, but i know after a few days i will delete it

  7. But could you complete that challenge in arcade mode

  8. to easy, make a kill with the italian starter helicopter

  9. I collect diecast cars, particularly hot wheels.

  10. Ace in an L3, I DARE YOU

  11. Now play the Tortoise

  12. Next play the hawk lll chinese fighter some dude asked for it for 300 days

  13. Nah phly the biggest challange its not to confuse the Mili Meters to Meters.

  14. You should play the Strv m/42 EH with just the APHE round

  15. Bro, phly. You do have an advantage if you turn of shadows,grass and particles. He most likely saw way less smoke and shadows than u.

  16. o7 soldier you made it

  17. You know what phly if everyone does 600+ days “challange” ill do it too.

    Day 1

    Make a video where you spell milimeters and meters *RIGHT* by reading every single armor/penetration values of vechicles that you messed up.

  18. The Mission, the Nightmares… They are finally over

  19. Haaton of the Basement [out of the Basement]

    Phly, you should phlay the Hawk III chinese Biplane with 900lbs bombs at 1.0.

    For our lost legend, Sawyer Bates

  20. T-60 when?

  21. i remember my friend played this tank hwat an actual unit

  22. Neeeeiiiiinnnn!!!!

  23. jesus the first game was like a movie.

  24. It probably only carries 8 rounds because at the time it was commissioned that was all the Russian army had

  25. Muhammad Usman Rafique

    Telling phly to play the (squadron) sea harrier day #1

  26. Day 1 of asking you to play the TTD (prob the last day too i got the memory of a gold fish)

  27. 2:05
    “Day 64 of me asking you to shut up”

    YOU shut up.


  29. when phly was saying the number of like the guy was getting i kept having the BO1 campaign of mason what do the numbers mean

  30. A True Hero!

  31. Its not in the game yet only on dev

  32. I remember when I was new at the game and shot down a plane with this. I knew that I got very lucky

  33. That Telegram spam is hilarious under his comment

  34. Victor Tinti is a man of focus, commitment and sheer fucking will

  35. Ivan Korobeinikov

    Victor Tinti, man, fighter, dreamer!

  36. O7 for your dedication Victor,

  37. Year 69 day 420 of asking you to play the tiger h1

  38. The conclusion: don’t comment, it might take years before phly will give a fuck anyways.

  39. The man did all the asking and won a giveaway in the process

  40. Phly can you play the mbt-70 ?

  41. play the swedish bkan

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