A Game So Stupid It HURTS – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today in World of I’m going to have a game so stupid it hurts…


World of is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Jingles moment; calling the M55/53 a T95!!!!

  2. Random battle in WOT: you against 29 enemies.

  3. I’ve just fully upgraded my T95 and have the same camo. It’s a fun tank but one I can’t play for a long time.

  4. I think the Chines med who is on Maraton is stupid, I will like to have EBR or PROGGETO but do not have money for that … I did not start the event at all, I do not play WoT from 11.01.2021. I am weiting for FRONTLINE… I think prices are going to be OK at list …

  5. WOT is really getting stupid – in last 60 games I had twice 0:15 and twice 15:0…. stopped counting scores like to 1, to 2 or to 3. Something is broken.

  6. Ohh ,…fisrt tank and off line for free damage ….nice , is the superunicum luck

  7. Hey Quicky has my teaming on his free2play. so many trolls losing fights its just horrible. the biggest issue for free2play is the credits. its fine up to tier 6/7 but after that it turns into marginal gains up to massive lossfest unless you get credit boosters etc up to cover the HP losses in bad games

  8. The only battle I saw on stream:D

  9. I remember sitting with a friend in 2012, i was watching him play, we were both under 1000 battles i think. The t95 had 13 kph but that was all that it needed to bring the hurt. My friend was playing in the tier 6 russian arty, the su 8 i believe and he was on ensk, facing tier 9s. The team was mostly gone, when he spoted an enemy t95 slowly trundle from the enemy base right in his direction. Slowly making its way, shrugging most of the damage , we were screaming in fright after each shot that did not detter the monster, really felt like in a horror movie, growing more frantic as our doom loomed closer… ahh, hilarious memories

  10. Wot: a game so stupid it hurts

  11. Anyone else cracking up when they see the muzzle of the 122 TM? Overengineering in a nutshell.

  12. I’m surprised you got to H1 without being destroyed👍😊👍

  13. This game is a perfect example of 95% of games on WoT right now. War gaming have completely fucked MM and its just not fun any more. Who wants these 15:5 wins or loss’s? Why do Wot refuse to match based on skill? Its the only fair way

  14. I had so many games like this, Panthers scouting, Tigers base camping, suicidal lights, arty dying almost immediately.

  15. Once i use 53tp on this map fight on hill while we hts are pindown by tds from down hill i so piss decide to take one dead tank as a riot shield guess what 4 HTs behind me like We got you bro thus we rush down hill while helping me pushing with riot shield on speed of 40kmh we rekt whole bs bush wanker

  16. jesus igualada lopez

    Wellcome to my wot world, when i see youtubers videos i think i play other game jajaja

  17. The whole game became stupid and retarded that it’s not even funny anymore…

  18. A shout out to the enemy team… they grouped up before going all in rather than queuing up to charge you one by one by one… even the arty contributed to the Zerg.

  19. For some reason, some player actually change after a while, heavies doing dumb action, LT dont give spotting, TD getting really like aggressive sniper, and yes some new tactics being try out that it sacrifice one flank to advance

  20. So happy that you are “enjoying” the real experience of WoT 🙂

  21. yesterday i met 2 t95 while i was playing e 75
    loaded gold penned like nothing 🙂

  22. Blood is Iron, and Iron is the blood of Civilization.  Blood and Iron made hot by war, Civilizations with weak Iron fall to those stronger.  Willpower of Iron Rules Planets, Stars, Galaxies, old stars have Hearts of Iron deep inside.  Pulled out by cosmic events and spread far and wide into the galaxy.  Iron becomes Planets and life.  Life with Iron will, bends Iron to its Will, shapes and brands, stamps and pours.  The hot Iron taste of blood flows brightly from a grievous wound made by one with Heart of Iron.  Iron Hearts seek violence against those with weak will, wether to kill, or to chain with Iron.  Iron is the Blood of the Universe.
    Iron is life.
    Iron is strength.
    Iron is War.

  23. Me: *fIrSt TiME?*



  25. Yupp.. pretty much every second game while this marathon was going on ..

  26. Dezgames+quickybaby= God of wot

  27. Alexander Nymark Hansen

    Hey quickybaby do you really have all tanks in World of tanks?

  28. I guess the STB1 would have had a better game experience not listening to qb. Well, sometimes we get the impression we are all made to spot for the unicums😉.

  29. You always find a way to talk about your e-100^^

  30. Oh yes often enough is your own team worse than the enemy

  31. Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus

    Welcome to World of Tanks

  32. what is worse than wot marathon?
    marathon during covid lockdown.

    Never saw so many deep red ppl playing tier9+10 like these days. Some tier 8+ games had worse avg wn8 compared to some tier3 battles

  33. I’m not encountering as many weirdos as I was a year ago but they are still out there unfortunately.
    Hang in there guys.

  34. bruh every game of wot has morons in it thats a fact

  35. There’s no own team, there is just opposition and enemies.

  36. Martin Galindo Gaming

    I Buy the 122 TM with 80% discount. Its a great tank, feel like a E-50M with a little less accuracy and 121 form

  37. cool that you chose this replay

  38. Grand Admiral Raeder

    QB this is my every single battle

  39. This why i banned malinovka as soon as the map ban feature was released, this map is so stupid

  40. QuickyBaby, have you purchased a car with a Turbo yet?

  41. In one title QB sums up WOT.

  42. Quicky, sometimes when I see people play like a noob I’ll spectate them if I die and can usually tell if they are new or just good player trying to be hero. If they are new I’ll give them advice and maybe help them out. I’ve made two rally good friends (one sadly passed away) and the other we text and call each other even tho we live across the country

  43. Purchased 122 TM for 80% discount. Best deal / trade to this grind imo 🙂

  44. It’s more a playerbase, so stupid, it hurts!

  45. Did all 10 stages in 5 days. I regret it.

  46. At the end of your wits, playing free during a marathon and not having all your premium consumables and free xp? Gee Quicky, it’s almost like this game isn’t fun when F2P.

  47. “actually… ay, ur, aur, ayr, au, uh, rrr…”
    I agree

  48. I’m not doing the marathon because I’m a mediocre player, I’m just play 1 hour, 1 hour and half in the day and not every day. I can’t give more time to Wot and I don’t want to. So I don’t care about marathons. More, marathons annoy me because suddenly a lot of Tier X spanning gold are present in every battle.

  49. Hey qb, why did you carry 22 HE shells?

  50. I think that the isu-152 with its last upgrade is OP

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