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  1. *Hey everyone thanks for watching my video. 🙂 Please have a great Saturday and tell your mom phly said was surp*

  2. If you have a discord server and you have a lot of people in it wouldn’t that make an army for you In war thunder.???

  3. heather renae strigens

    Setting up key binds for my console pleb self I had to sell my pc for bail that I never got to play but war thunder has the hardest learning curve I have seen

  4. Kazuhiko 0Foxtrot

    the 69 ammo short peen

  5. Please play Sherman 105, bounces everything, nukes everything

  6. When the Königstiger is sus

    day 5 of telling phly to play 76mm BT 7 shrapnel rounds only

  7. 20:53 russian merkava

  8. BruhWhot? _ • 420 years ago

    Day #6
    play TAM or TAM 2C!

  9. Did anyone else hear when Phly got killed by the M8 he called it a M18. I caught that buddy!

  10. Even soviet march from red alert sounds more russian than that thing from the intro. It irritates so much.

  11. where is tigor

  12. Collateral Damage

    Small pp

  13. Yes, we have a lot of soldiers that are bullet sponges

  14. Younglings against the chad Russian flesh armour

  15. i dont even play this game but u make it look so fun

  16. Day 1 of asking for a an apache raid

  17. Hey phly could you play the XA38 it’s been a while, 3 years!

  18. YES phlopp, gib us JI RO battleship shell yeeter pleasseeee! Ot’s sooo good on angles!

  19. Phly: **goes to town**

    Town:**Bricks crumbling intensifies**

  20. This tank could work in enlisted against infantry

  21. Filip Jabłoński

    so what is new with jungle map? I dont seemuch difference xd

  22. Taccodil Taccodil

    Al hail to sakeravian polka

  23. The finns just trogh things at it that they invented like molotovs and it made the tank a good oven

  24. Unfortunately I can’t watch this video because I’m a guy 🙁

  25. Probably A European

    ”Ladies and welcome back”
    ohoho quite the playboy aren’t you phly?

  26. 10:29 Panzer on the bridge did a magic trick.

  27. Aivin?
    You mean Ivan?

  28. Phly next time call us, grandma)

  29. Mom: what are you watching
    Me: 25:12

  30. “this gun has no pen power”

    *murders a tribe of Panzers*

  31. The legend of boss junior will not be forgotten

  32. Ji-Ro gamer moments pls

  33. could you take out the Ikv 91-105? i think the thing is insane for 8.3, no armor, yes but pretty nice gun for the tier and fully stabilized

  34. i suck at this game coming from world of tanks but i really do like war thunder so hard tho

  35. 13:13 getting rid of a dozen rounds be like: alright I think he’s in cover…lol

  36. I though I would never hear t28 and orbital strike in one sentence

  37. Benjamin Zabaleta

    T-35 is this on crack

  38. Ladies and welcome back to the channel!

  39. Volumetric = Woke War Thunder.

  40. The entire soviet mentality in one tank, use humans as protection

  41. Hans at the beginning of the video definitly knocked out

  42. Always fun to see low tier games. High tier is never as fun. LOW TIER BEST TIER!

  43. Thanks to this dude I joined the pain today

  44. Hey Phly just saying I would love for you to play that tank 22:05

  45. “Yesssss the gepard”

  46. hey anyone wanna help me out trying to learn some of the menu stuff in this game? game wise im catching on. but the upgrades and tiers and stuff is kinda confusing me

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