A hearty baguette.. – M4 45 – World of Tanks

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Doing pretty great at bottom tier, vs tier 9! https://discord.gg/vnVP5FK


  1. Flying back to NL today, have 2 more medical appointments this week in NL. So that week might be a bit lower on content, sorry <3

  2. oooooo shit first ;)))

  3. Hope everything is well with the family.- signed, bipolar Steve.

  4. I was on Karelia yesterday with u on amx 13 57 and u farmed my friend in tiger p. He was pissed 😀

  5. “Because I always behave like a five year old” I feel that.

  6. game is so broken you dont know from where to start rants.. *slap New t8 prem, turtle, so sloe it kills fun, accurate gun that isnt accurate, but hey at least comunity likes the game, they are playing it … fucking warGAYing.

  7. Imagine being that Jagdtiger and getting farmed by arguably the worst tier 7 heavy.

    • @jimbob4447 Look up the Stats, You know the enemy of every Bulls**t argument.

    • @matthew paine What are you on about? xD you’re so brain damaged you probably think the 65T is the strongest tier 8 xD

    • @matthew paine if you’re telling me to compare the AMX M4 spamming nothing but gold to the Tiger 1, the AMX loses on; DPM, HP, Dispersion, armour, terrain resistance, gun traverse, view range etc. But the M4 does have better radio range, P2W ratio and a few other soft stat improvements.

    • @jimbob4447 You are a Moron, too stupid to look at actual data. Good luck working a McDonald. FYI it has better armor than the Tiger because it is sloped, gun handling, better Hp/ton and terrain resistance on soft ground, Dimwit.

  8. What is the thing that makes him aim less, zoom out.

    I tried googling aim less, but it only found some unknown youtuber called Aimless. But plays shitty warthunder game.

    I also tried nozecope but it found guy called snooze, he sounds like a very old man but suggested getting better optics. Still good help, but still no mod.

    So last up i tried uncloak, found a guy called Oak, wtf does he even do lol.

    A good search term for aimless or zoom out mod would be helpfull kappa.

    Hope you had a good birthday week you d(th)irty old bastard:D

  9. that was the biggest rofl stomping of a team ive ever seen that was impressive

  10. 3:12 I never understood that buff, and why the 88 needed more lower plate armor than his tier 9 sibling that faces higher pen guns. That was fun back when the IS-6 had 175 pen and you could not pen the lower plate anymore as he had way more effective armor there.

  11. Holly shit the jag 8.8 has better lower plate than tier 9?‍♂️ why war gaming

  12. No way, no this is photoshopped or somethin, no way you bounced that, dang ol swamp gas or something hitting the moon just right. Fucking fairy French magics like that show on amazon.

  13. Your as old as you feel or the woman your feeling lol.
    Wishing good health and happiness .

  14. Thee games you upload get less and less impressive. IMO

  15. Sorry, but pure T8mm is even more chaos since everyone can buy a premium tank… Fucking world of headless chickens…

  16. I wish there was an actual penalty/ punishment for people that suicide.

  17. This is the best tier 7 heavy as long as you use the 105 and shoot gold. One of most pay to win tanks in the game.

  18. 4:50 was caught in the hitbox of the dead jagdtiger

  19. That bounce against the 705 reminds me how strong the upper half of that turret is. Have bounced a fair amount of damage with it.

  20. 3′ 11″ when he actually does something.

  21. 5:27 where the hell did Tony Robbins came from?

  22. Love you too.

  23. “shit guys I got more pizza, how unfortunate…”
    might have to use that when I go in for a 3rd or 4th slice

  24. I like it when you turn off the end plates, so we can see how you set up your tank & crew skills. Thanks.

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