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  1. Bless the chad Lancaster

  2. Literally saw this in my last match, had no idea wether it was Russian, German, or some Frankenstein

  3. Did you get an address for fan mail yet?

  4. These intros have been on point lately 😂



  6. Can you imagine if there were sand physics that would leave long scars in the dirt when you crashed. Sand would fly up in like a wave too. Would be so cool

  7. Comrade From The Southeast Asia

    Pencil gun

  8. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. John 3:16-17

  9. As far as I can tell. The smoke is a visual marker of incoming artillery fire.

  10. The “wrong” KV-2

  11. I know i’m late, but everytime phly upload i feel very happy, keep it up phly!✌🏻

  12. the orange smoke is the worst game mechanic they’ve added in a while

  13. KV is inept. My Panzer IV H eats them for breakfast

  14. Bruh i thought i was in ur game turns out i was lol.

  15. Chadcaster with his sweet carpet bomb run

  16. I haven’t played in like a month but what’s up with the orange smoke is there a bug or something new I’m missing

  17. That intro is absolutely gorgeous

  18. Video 6: You should play galers f3f-2 it is amazing at cas, you haven’t done a video on it yet, along with the m2a2

  19. loved the masterpiece theater-esque intro music

  20. Non derp KV2 shots: *YOINKS* sounds

  21. Orange smoke is artillery indicator….is it not. Doesn’t make sense though since artillery was indirect fire…they couldn’t see the smoke…iv confused myself.

  22. Fk bro, literaly got me chills on how amazing those bombs being carpet to the ground🤣

  23. I’ve never commented on a video, 😂 but I’ve watched you phly since I was 14 years old. I’m currently 19 I’ve watched you almost everyday, the only break I took from your channel was the 10 months I was gone training to become a army solder, I love the content you create. And if you ever see this I’d love to share a game with you. Thank you for all the laughs and smiles phly.

  24. The Lancaster was like:

    “Where is my dream? Where is my reality?”

  25. uncomfortable amount of the word flaccid used in this video

  26. I have heard of this KV-2 being a meme tank, but I really enjoy playing it. I works great for me. Good for taking out heavy targets like jumbo and panthers from the front.

  27. why does it even alert you to artillery fire in the 1st place? It should be a complete surprise to the enemy.

  28. the slow motion with Lancaster is like a cherry on top of the ice cream

  29. The orange smoke is from artillery, its a new change they made recently.

  30. You do realise there are people who will actually believe that was a nazy salute?

  31. Title:kv2 that doesn’t derp
    Phly:derps with it

  32. What’s the name of the first song?

  33. Phly please take out the I-16 TYPE 10. Been requesting for over 3 years. Sept 2018. Can provide proof.

  34. Day: 3 of asking phly to use the XA-38 Grizzly again

  35. 6:30 one update ago you would have been dead. Since it would have been the arty shell hitting and not the orange spotting shell

  36. “Oberleutnant, Ich kann der KV-2 nicht sehen!”, said no German panzer crewman ever.

  37. I really love that moment and effect of big bomb clouds..wish they lasted longer for realism and Support purpose (sight cover / blocking thermal or intrviering like sand dust) 😀

  38. The Flacid talk had me rolling

  39. This “Air on the G string” was stuck in mind last few weeks and I couldn’t recall the name or composer to find it on YT. Thanks Phly for intro music which I could easily Shazam. I got it playing for my WT background music and can peacefully pen some tanks now while oblivious to approaching engine noise 😛

  40. Basicaly TNT launcher

  41. Hey Philly will you ever play the T-V in the Russians?

  42. Day 18 asking for su22m3

  43. I’m not sold on this tank. Kv-1 German better still I think

  44. Panther armour = Da
    Jumbo armour = Da

  45. That Statue of Lenin is in no way at all doing anything like a Nazi Salute. He’s doing something more akin to addressing a crowd, or an audience.. y tf you even mention he was doing the ‘Heil Hitler’ salute anyways for Phlee? It honestly made me go, “Wait wtf he jus say?? Y he say dat tho?”

  46. hello there. i try to learn how to use the wfgr21 rockets on bf110g4. is there a video where u show this? the rockets are not exploding after 600m anymore. google is not helping

  47. 5:00 I thought someone tried dropping napalm on you for a brief second

  48. Where do you guys get that tank?

  49. 8:52 **Salute**

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