A Livestream of Light Tanks and Clan Wars

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Source: LemmingRush

Stream Information:

Why dont I stream on Twitch?
Ill be working on streaming on both and youtube this week. Theres a website that I’ve found that will let me.
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  1. Heyy

  2. Stop streaming at fking shit times when i sleep -.-

  3. stream away my tanker friend…i enjoy it whenever you play…gj

  4. Lemming, I was exicted seeing it was a light tank stream, but all you did was play the 132A…

  5. lol “Longer than im used to” is average stream time kek

  6. what’s YT? LMAO ?

  7. Global map in the middle of august? NA is weird.

  8. I missed the stream, because I was playing myself, I’m so glad you uploaded it, they’re so good. Lemming you’re very, very underrated as a WoT YouTuber, you have taught me everything. Thank you so much

  9. Please upload all of these 🙂

  10. Hey lemming, do you thing the obj. 263 is with the grind?

  11. Sri Lanka Viral Videos

    Can you play the VK100.01P pls

  12. I would highly recommend lemming for tutoring he is a great teacher.

  13. welp first game and im on enemy team lol i rarely play my arty too

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