A MAUSSIVE GAME – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. What a legend


  3. What’s small but very big and packs a 12.8cm Punch?

  4. I am loving these daily uploads

  5. Jasper van Houdt

    11:08 1920 actually

  6. Great commentary. Nice to see a Heavy Tank video on your channel for once too 🙂

  7. “I don’t need to pause. It’s a maus replay.”

    I love it

  8. The shot at 2:42 at E 50 is the symbol of nowadays tier 10 meta. This guy has been shooting gold ammo all the game, mostly unnecessary (the targets he was shooting didn’t require gold at all, and there wasn’t even a high chance he would encounter one – only the Type 5 Heavy turning towards him would be such a target).
    And then he proceeds to aim at the upper plate of an E 50 and not penning it. Like… E 50 isn’t a hard tank to penetrate, especially if you aim for a bit, like our todays hero did – but instead of actually knowing that you can penetrate anywhere but the lower plate (that E 50 has overangled) he proceeded to aim like on auto-aim, at the center of mass. This shot was far shooting at the front wheel to track the tank and even though there were obstacles in front of him it was possible to know where the lower plate or front wheel are.
    Adding the gold ammo to this makes me despise him.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Dude, he is playing the Maus. I’m surprised he is not carrying full gold tbh. I would.

  9. “Superheavies with 3k HP dies very quickly when alone”

    Can you make a video where you only say this line over and over? In the current meta it is so important to have heavies play as HEAVIES, but I always get the heavies that red line it and try to snipe everything. They refuse to angle/sidescrape/use armor. It contributes to mediums having to take all the hits and constantly blowing 6 tank leads.

  10. I did a double take when I saw you had uploaded today 🙂 Lemming rush daily uploads? I can live with that, keep it up please.

  11. Oof that title pun

  12. Have you ever tried War Thunder?

  13. “I Don’t need to pause it. It’s a Maus replay” – LemmingRush 2019

  14. YESSSS MAUUUSSSSS and on my birthday too!

  15. Osama Bin Laden

    Maus replays. My guilty pleasure.

  16. Great title.

  17. mrcannotfindaname

    Why load 28 AP? Spam APCR in tier 8 battle against Skor G and EBR. Ok, I’m just a poor man.

    • Yea sure. I’m just going to wait 10 seconds to switch rounds, I’m sure the scorp won’t reverse back til then and everyone else will wait for me.

    • mrcannotfindaname

      +Xeon Meister The thing is it’s at tier 8 battle, why would you start off with APCR? I mean it is more likely that you are gonna face lower tier tanks. You can clearly tell from the enemy tank list that most of the tanks are penetrable with 246mm pen. It’s not a full tier 10 battle. My point is if you are gonna shoot APCR even in tier 8 battles, then just load full APCR, don’t waste ammo slots on AP.

    • +mrcannotfindaname we need a gold limit in this game… like 10-33% of your ammo capacity can be gold. I say 33% cuz there are tanks with low pen and low ammi count like the IS or IS-2 with 175 pen and 28 ammo. 9/10 gold may not be enough for a tier 9 game. And ofc the Shitbarn/Deathstar shoul have only 10% gold. Aka 2 rounds. That stupid HESH is broken af. 8k credits just to 1 shot a poor tier 8 med. It can 1 shot all lower tier tanks (except the Jagdtiger, but a max roll can kill it in 1 shot) and all tier 10 lights and it can also kill in 1 shot with a bit of luck all meds, TDs and some heavys. And if it doesnt pen, it deals 800 dmg. Do you get my point?

  18. This is actually a very bad play by Maus player.

  19. Over 9000!!!

  20. *THICC B O I OOF*

  21. Hey Lemming Rush, have you ever done ‘double’ the highest enemy tank in damage? Ok, we all have BUT, have you ever done FOUR TIMES the damage of your next teammate?!?!? I have…

  22. Random Cat On The Internet

    that mod 1 with high hp, image if he can just flank maus at side instead of pussie out and running away, it alway annoy me when i get a teammates like that

  23. Full gold ftw I guess such a braindead waste

  24. Ivan Stepanovic

    His play worked cos there were no artys in this game. If there were, he would be focused and since down 8 line is for them easier to hit…

  25. Dutchguy From Holland

    Bro you do know that the maus goes 20kph forwards and 15 backwards right? I don’t think turning around would have been too smart, because he would have lost more time.

  26. I love the daily video’s!

  27. The way he push his team mates got me frustrated, also that bad angling omg

  28. Go to sleep

  29. You need to go to sleep

  30. What a moron…full gold for tier 8 no sidescraping skill…idiot decizions…no aiming…fucking slow fat pig

  31. My thoughts? Remove the derp from all anime tanks. They have very thick armor. They dont need a derp! That noob Type 4 pretty much did half his HP and denied the Maus a very high damage game

  32. No offence, but this guy just got lucky. He played poorly (Angling the turret) and he also just pushed in without thinking about getting shot.

    • He didn’t they had a 6 to 3 advantage in support.. the flank had collapsed.. he just wanted to speed it up… the team mates were incredibly passive.. litterally not one supported him.. it was a perfectly rational decision based on the circumstances to expect one at least to come with him and offer dpm

  33. Perhaps Maus drivers play differently on the NA Server. ? Going down the 8 line on Ensk Encounter is the standard play for Super Heavies on SEA and ANZ servers. They can side scrape better and start pushing and shooting from the get go. In fact, the lightly armored tanks instead go INTO the city to fight so as to not corridor fight the super heavies and hope if they win they can flank around to the other end of the 8 line to shoot the heavies in the rear.

  34. “Its absolutely the right thing to do”

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