A Minivan With A 90mm Cannon

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A Minivan With A 90mm Cannon


  1. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 214 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 centuaro) that would be awesome.

  2. Phly Phly Phly…. is it even possible u havent done any video with Mig-3-15 BK.
    Sveral weeks ago i watched first time one of your videos and it got me back into WT.
    Now its your turn to phly my favourite soviet plane.

  3. 8:49 “haha nice one”

  4. make air rb guide

  5. 08:48 That dm is probably not the smartest decision of KakaDroid 🙂

  6. 17:00 look at those wheels, even with bullet holes they work as if nothing happened!

  7. “Holy crap those are some thick smokers” -Phly 2021

    lol, thinking about thick smokers? 😉

  8. Emma-Retha Nieuwoudt

    So they gonna add the G6 rino next?😂

  9. i hope some day see BTR-80 on wt

  10. 10:50 how do u do that?

  11. The EM50 urban assault vehicle is finally in game

  12. We need TF2 vids from you, Phly

  13. 8:49 So nobody will talk about this ?

  14. Dude stop the 12 year old singing lol. But really stop, I click off your vids when you do it. More strategy talk like you used to do.

  15. Andrew Montgomery

    Yo phly just a little tip, if you want to mark something on the map you can press alternative and put your cursor over the minimap and press on it, it will mark just the same but possibly quicker.

  16. The designers of these vehicles should have been fired before their pencil first touched the paper.

  17. Imagine getting pissed about someone whos killing you in a competitive online game (8:50)

  18. phly when are you gonna sell merch again?

  19. Autokorektur ist Gott

    My game is broken i am getting way too much XP and money


    “I’m gunna hide in this shadow here…”

    Ultra low setting player: “this game has shadows?”

  21. Light vehicles are under tiered. This shouldn’t be the same BR as a Tiger II

  22. cruising down the street..
    *were all gonna die*
    you’re relax and feeling good..

  23. Powering Toxicity

    Going to school in Chicago be like

  24. What was the thing he used when he measured the distance?

  25. It’s south African 😱😱😱😱crazy

  26. I don’t know how to play top-tier

  27. Rangefinder: 900m
    Phly: sets distance at 900m
    Phly: shoots
    Phly: misses
    Phly: wow 900m don’t trust this !@#$

  28. where is my brazilian tanks 🙁


  30. How do you use the rangefinder adjuster?

  31. another classic display of how stupid gajin are – these vehicles were designed for very specific terrain and that did not include inside buildings and deserts but African savanna and the Angolan dense bush. Just as a matter of interest they are IFV’s and the 90 was so they could also defend themselves against T54’s – they are high due to their landmine protection design which caused most South African vehicles to be on the tall side.

  32. Thing looks like it’s going to take me to six flags Chicago

  33. You talk about this gun like it’s the end of 6.3, but I think you’re forgetting the entire japanese medium lineup at that br and 6.7. They all get HEATFS.

  34. There’s literally no difference between that intro and an actual school bus (one in Chicago that is)

  35. lynx 6×6 coming to war thunder!!!!111

  36. Day 3: please make a video on complete guide on war thunder air, ground and navy.

  37. I like this vehicle, but I am doing unbelieveably bad with it, even by my alreadly low standards. Regardless of map, tactics, or anythign else, I’m basically always getting savaged by a gaggle of RU251s.

  38. Reminds me of the RV from Ben10

  39. “They are running out of things to add”. Cries in Japan lacking the aphe for the plane mounted 37mm, the heat shell for the plane mounted 57mm, the ap shells for the 30mm, the proper ground attack rockets for the new zero and other ordinance some japanese strike aircraft lack, as well as the attacker status, the 30mm armed zero, quite a few tank designs, especially the heavy ones (like the O-I and JI-RO-SHA), some cruiser and destroyer classes (like the shiratsuyu class, which has no tech tree version and a few older classes). Also cries in russians lacking PTABs, british lacking the grand slam (which may sound op but could work if well balanced), USA getting the worst versions of their own jets (f-104), among other things.

  40. Never put exact number rangefinder gives you. I always add minimum of 50 m. Every time I shot with exact number rangefinder gave me I ended up shooting low like in your video.

  41. Proud to be the 100th dislike

  42. Busses , pizza cars , pasta transporters , whats next , “pasgetty” planes dropping cheese?
    Edit: lol hiding in shadows assuming people have them on.

  43. New Leopard 2pl Is strong

  44. high a volume bit XD

  45. Whats the beef with that guy on the DM chat?

  46. The MS Bus Song is a bop tho

  47. You should do a video on the new M3A3 Bradley interested to see how good those darts are, paired with the higher pen atgm’s

  48. It’s just a matter of time before they start adding mad max vehicles.

  49. There must be ERA trees for modern vehicles and they shouldn’t be in the same match with WW2 guys. This is just stuuuupit.

  50. Look at the battle of Cuito Cuanavale. A handful of Ratels = FAPLA lost 500 men and a further 32 Cuban soldiers, along with 15 tanks and 11 armoured vehicles.
    The SADF had 4 killed and 11 wounded, plus some vehicles damaged.

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