A Miracle.. – 25TP KSUST II – World of Tanks

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I 3 marked 25TP KSUST II with the GUN, is like tier 2 levels of bad. This is a glimpse into how we did lol.
: )


  1. I 3 marked the 25TP KSUST II with the STOCK GUN, which is like tier 2 levels of bad. This is a glimpse into how we did lol.

  2. *fuck artillery*

  3. First 15 seconds and already gold

    • Steve the IS-7/KV1 driver have blessed us with his wisdom.

    • +Marvin Westmaas I think gewel is trying to imply something else.

    • +Timothy CHAN You’re THAT stupid? Some failed tanker with video’s on his channel not getting the amount of attention Circon get’s ( and rightfully so….. ), cries about using premium ammo….

      Yeah right, doesn’t require being a genius to figure that one out … on the other hand, not being able to figure that one out, now that would require quite some retardation.

      edit:… you know what, I’m actually the one suffering from retardation on this one… don’t worry, I’ll own up to it like a proper idiot 😉

    • +Marvin Westmaas He’s talking about how Circon sarcastically remarks that if he was to be swatted (as much as I know, since I wasn’t watching at the time), he would like his last words to be “fuck all artillery players”. That’s what the word ‘imply’ means. Feeling sorry for myself for having to explain this, lol;)

    • +Timothy CHAN Wew…

      That actually makes sense now…

      I feel stupid lmao

      Sorry @Gewel ( edit: but next time, use proper Engrish and say: “First 15 seconds and already COMEDY gold” kthnxbai )

  4. Only Circonflexes. Wow. This is amazing. Keep up the awesome gameplay, so much fun to watch!

  5. You got carried by *bukake*

  6. The 25TP is actually a pretty good tank. As big as a Churchill, and pretty much a tier 5 T-28, but it’s been one of the keepers for Poland. Not with the stock gun, though.

  7. Look at this tank…..it’s faster than a t-34 and look at that ancient Mid-Renaissance suspension ! The Design Devs are fucked in the head with their tank designs. No logic at all just all over the place and no realism at all. Can’t they just TRY to think logically

  8. I hate that tank sold it and never looked back

  9. Ahaha the pop pop gun. That is a disgusting gun for a stock tier 5

  10. 4K spotting and still did more damage than other players while still using the stock gun. LOL

  11. How do you get that far away camera view?

  12. Wow, your 120% 4 skilled crew 25TP plays much better than my 80% 0 skill crew. Shocker 😀
    Anyway, nice bush mechanics.


      +psnmadracer27 woosh

    • +psnmadracer27 Never claimed I am as good as Circon. The comment was about the crew and consumables advantage. If you bothered to read to the end…

    • +Stefan G I bothered, it’s just pointless to complain. He’s trying to 3 mark a tier 5 with the (notoriously bad) stock gun. If you bothered to consider the implications of your statement and not simply the denotation of your word choice…
      Honestly, I’m over people complaining about high skill crews and premium consumables. As if that’s what separates the unicums from the average players

    • Stefam G Not sure what your point is. You sound salty.

  13. Your team must have gone to stormtrooper training because they can clearly hit shots effectively

  14. I would go crazy trying to 3 mark that with such a shit gun.

  15. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Nice meme

  16. circon is so nice, just gifting radley’s to people Kappa

  17. Thanks for uploading this video. I’ve missed it on the livestream and I was waiting for you to upload the highlight but I didn’t want to bother you with it due to the circumstances.

  18. Have you tried turning your team off and on again?

  19. 4k spot in tier v, you must kidding me

  20. This is why I love Circon . Because he plays the side of the game I never play, T5 and below.

  21. I prefer “shoose”

  22. when you are so good at WOT three marking tanks isnt a challenge so you have to make it even harder by using stock guns

  23. Great pom pom gun on the tier 3Brit cruiser, not so much at tier 5 though, full apcr is probably the only way to make it even slightly competitive.

  24. I usually spot further left, you can even double bush when you fire from there.

  25. idk why people SWAT streamers. If I knew where a streamer lived I would buy pizza and have it delivered to their house

  26. What happened to 1080p in your last few vids? 720p looks really bad.

  27. De Achterhoekse vlag, hell yeah

  28. Please 1080p

  29. there were so many of these in game today, the ugliest tank in game

  30. Dat 40mm. You might just as well entirely remove the whole turret for better power to weight and camo.

  31. unsubbed, had enough of the arty hate, too bad, you had good content too

  32. You brought a pom pom gun to a tier VII fight? You absolute maniac!

  33. All those Russian tanks and such little accuracy…

  34. TFW when your team is camped so far back that you spot an O-I and it isn’t even within their render range.

  35. Note that the 8 kills of the T-35-85, with all the bonus xp from a Radley-Walters medal, isn’t enough to compete with this 4k spots game xD

  36. Shoooot *fapfapfapfapfap* ooooo yeaah

  37. Glad to see you are well . wishing the best for you and yours .

  38. snowisthebestweather

    I see Circon is enjoying low-tier teams.
    Seriously, whenever people say that tier 8-10 has the worst teammates, I should just point them to this game. The O-I Exp especially was just amazing.

  39. The only thing that I heard was Fuck Arta!!!! Words to live by

  40. just want to say thanks for the quality uploads given ur circumstances, means alot that u still contribute to the community while having real life matters to deal with.

  41. Wtf is this thing? It looks like a Heavy but it moves and shoots like a light.

  42. Your supposed to use the stock turret :p

  43. Try to 3rd mark m4 improved without gold with standard consommable could be more interesting thing to do.

  44. If you’re living in The Netherlands, tell me you’re hitting a cone between each battle…

  45. only Circon could 3 mark a shit tier V tank
    but has he 3 marked the M3 Lee?

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