A Modern MBT with Flaps? | Also Destroying Entire Team )) (War Thunder)

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A Modern MBT with Flaps? | Also Destroying Entire Team )) (War Thunder)

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  2. Blaynedoesmusic channel

    The fence has holes in it allowing some of the heat to continue traveling while the flaps are solid and break it up better

  3. It’s a russian tank, I’m surprised it even has a reverse gear let alone just a bad one 😛

  4. Do yourself a favor an just say sabot instead of the whole dang acronym. Apfsds is what ammo supply depot remfs use, not tankers. Or drive on and sound like a book smartass

  5. QQ suport

  6. 11:02 stfu n just kill him. its a game based on killin

  7. The things on the top of the wings on the mig 15 is for stability and the slats were to give the wing more lift when it was going slow due to the angled wings because it was hard to get lift during takeoff

  8. Pls play the full cromwell line up!!!
    Cromwell V, Cromwell I, Cromwell RP-3, AEC Mk.II, Excelsior and Mosquito FB Mk. XVII.

    Attempt nr. 2!!!

  9. Wing fences simply put, are used to prevent the whole wing from stalling by separating the airflow.

    The Soviets used them frequently, but other countries also used them occasionally

  10. It’s Russian bias

  11. How long did it take you to get to 9.0 +

  12. The flaps (and most other ERA blocks) are designed with 30 degrees off front centre in mind.

  13. you should do a video in the m22

  14. first name last name

    L O G

  15. 100% on point with your thinking

  16. “I get 10 million subscribers a day” gold

  17. I’m gonna say that this can’t destroy my leichttraktor.

  18. Hey phly we haven’t seen you play the merkava since the vid you made when it released. PLAY THE MERKAVA

  19. Change the title to Phlaps instead of Flaps

  20. The aerodynamic thing on the wings of the MiG-15, and other sowjet planes, is called wing fence or in german, where it was invented, Grenzschichtzäune.

    But you’re right about their purpose, but this problem just occur with v style wings so it was a hardly need solution for the first planes with arrow kind wings.

  21. “It is crazy to see what they can do with very simple designs.”
    *AN-94 has entered the chat*

  22. 11:00
    i wish there were more players like you having such honour
    but instead we have people sitting over airfields just waiting for cheap kills on takeoffs

  23. Mig-15 (including the fins) was designed by a german, captured and deported after ww2. His name was Kurt Tank. He worked for FockerWulf and also developed the Ta-152.

    So no Russian invention… and yes i am German ?

  24. W.U. E. :o Oswald is my fake name.

    Can anyone tell me what the name of that one kinda Italian sounding song was phly put in there?

  25. hehehe

    FLAPS ???

  26. The metal flaps are wing fences (probably), wing fences are designed to reduce the movement of air diagonally across the wing (wash-in/wash-out) which reduces wingtip vortices which produce huge amounts of drag. Wing fences don’t keep the entire wing from stalling though

  27. Tony Van Der Meirsch

    The slats on the F-86 are used for landing, they automatically deploy by gravity if the airspeed drops low enough. The ridges on the Mig-15 are indeed to keep the airflow going on higher speeds. There were two tricks that allied pilots used in Korea. 1st, drag the Mig in a shallow dive until you hit nearly mach-1. Then the controls of the Mig seized and the plane would crash. 2nd, reduce the airspeed so slow so that the Mig would go in a spin witch he could barely recuperate or crash. With the slats the F-86 could fly slower and still be controllable.

  28. The flaps werent suppouse to provide protection. They were ment to fool rangefinders 😉

  29. I think those things on the wings of the mig are called fences they stop the span wise flow of air

  30. Speaking about protection, I saw your previous video about Magach at 7.7 and you haven’t used that Magach Blazer package which basically adding ERA armour to tank. Not sure wheather it wasn’t avaible back then but now it is. I guess it should work really well considering there are a lot of HEATFS rounds flying around that br.

  31. They have a wing fence so the air doesn’t go up onto the fuselage and make it say. The f100d has the same and it called the sabre dance

  32. I love your vids phly! Keep it up

    Have you done the premium tiger sla 16?

  33. The normal dude 1833

    He Got F L A P S

  34. Play t64b now plox

  35. Once upon a time, an opposing tank once hit my machine gun on my hellcat, and I burned down

  36. “molten thing” nope it is not so hot to be molten, but it is called HEAT in english… so it must be molten? Right! ROTFL

  37. Millie / Editor-san

    the gear to go backwards shares the same letter as the word retreat,and comrade,we do not retreat,thus you dont get speed to do so

  38. Flay wing fences are there to stop lateral movement of air.
    With straight wing air will go perpendicular to the wing creating max lift.
    With slanted wings it tends to split into 2 parts trying to go down the edge and perpendicular . This creates turbulence resulting in low lift especially at low speed.
    Results are Saber dance. Watch F 100 Landing videos. And notice they also have Fences.

  39. I just realized you only have 845K subscribers.


  40. “10 million subscribers a day” i can confirm this.

  41. Phly, soviet tanks have a bad back speed because according to Soviet doctrine, in the event of world war 3, there would be a tank rush to the la manche without stopping or retreating. You do not need a fast speed back if you go only forward for the MOTHER RUSSIA 😀

  42. Because this tank should be 8.7 when you compare it to other nation’s 9.3 & 8.7s

  43. slats extend in banks to extend the angle of attack of the wing to increase turn performance, like in landing, it helps generate more lift than in normal cruising. The fins on the mig-15 wing are to direct airflow over the wings instead of letting the air litterally slide off the wings, stabilizing it and stabilizing what lift the wings can generate. two very different functions.

  44. Hey PhlyDaily,
    Those metal fins on the Russian Mig are called Wing Fences, they keep the air flowing better over the wing at lower speeds. Like you said, Russian engineering works on the principle of “simple, but effective”. The U.S. went more sophisticated with the slats. They work two-fold, first by increasing the camber of wing to provide more lift at lower speeds. Second, by pushing the air from below the wing up through the slot between the slat and the wing in order to “revitalize” the air flow on top of the wing, lowering stall speed.

    So your statement was pretty close, minus all the technical jargon. I’m an aerospace engineer, so let me know if you’d like help for your future videos.

  45. You know, I could swear I heard the “6th Sense” skill from WOT activate at 6:00 when he shot that guy on the other side of the rock

  46. The slats on the F86 are self deploying at low speeds to help better with takeoff & landing

  47. Yeah you’re right about the slats?

  48. T-64 flaps are coded to destroy the molten jet, you can’t even see it impact the armor, right? As opposed with the M46, you can clearly see it slice through the whole tank

  49. What if you tried taking the German BV-238 into some ground battles and used all its guns (all 70 or something like that) for close air support? Kinda like a Nazi AC 130.

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