A Near Perfect Light Tank Game! – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Lemming!

  2. Love the vid, keep up the great work!

  3. Hey LemmingRush, I hope you’re doing well and getting better from your illness. Your videos are great and keep doing what you need to do to get better.

  4. good skill

  5. Nice one! Can you do a vid on how you’d play the MT-25 and in which setup?

    • Why? That seems completely pointless. Vents, rammer, optics unless it can fit a vert stab in which case rammer, vert stab, optics and just play it like a light.

  6. well played, nice opening. gonna keep that in mind thanks.
    but then again i would abandon the team and letting enemy lights control the mid.

  7. Do you have some tips for the newer maps that got introduced? unlike other maps there i feel you can do much more spotting and flanking actions 🙂

  8. Damn! You and skill4ltu are the real senseis of wot. I’ve learned so much because of you guys. Keep the amazing work, man. 😀

  9. That’s the way the cookie crumbles!

  10. I dropped WoT a long time ago, but I’m thinking of reinstalling…
    So I can be cancer and play Arty, ruining it for everyone else.

  11. In world of tanks we fully expect jagdtigers to drive up the middle. That’s the obvious move right ? Right ? Oh….

  12. The only reason I’m a good player is because of you. Much appreciated! (I’m a console peasant. Our sound effects are shit)

  13. 2:31 Stalinium stronk armur

  14. My best LT game was in an RU doing close to 9k spotting and around 2k dmg

  15. I don’t really see much of a benefit to your opening play there. I almost always go to the rock at F4 (or so) where you can spot and shoot at the crossers going west. This gives the team valuable info on what it is going to be over there. Also you can shoot up at the hill or at idiots in the middle from this position while being arty safe. From there, you can then either support a 1 line push or run back to base to spot for base defenders against an enemy 1 line push.

  16. Like your videos but getting tired of watching Russian tanks having incredible battles. THERE IS NO RUSSIAN BIAS IN THIS GAME!

  17. Hope you are doing better LR.
    As always greetings from Argentina and keep up the good work.

  18. just watched your teaching tanks vid last night. now a new one. keep up the good work man.

  19. The Anonymous Idiot

    i was wondering what epuipment you use on that tank and just light tank wise, whats better the t54lwt or the t100?

  20. just wtf was those bounces.

  21. Hey lemmings ? hows life? Are you going to give tips on the 2 new maps?

  22. Wow! This is irrelevant to everyone else here so I decided to say it anyways. You just became my 10x more favorite YouTuber after I saw you have FL Studio. Do you produce music? Or for something else? Glad you’re not an Ableton sheep.

  23. It's not what you think

    Let me plagiarize your college essays you cunt.

  24. Oi .. ur the best player to learn the game from thanks for making video’s really enjoy them 😀

  25. GG. Thanks for the video and they are really informative.

  26. Hey lemming whats your recommendation for a light tank to do Lt missions on? Ive been using the T71 but….I suck at scouting. I actually did LT15 by DOING all the required damage myself. Am bad light tank driver so i need something…forgiving…

  27. Why does the graphics look bad? Is this an old replay?

  28. Nice surprise, a new LR video. Very interesting play that worked for the team and ultimately a win.

  29. LR i need your help.
    I had 49% wins withing first 1k games.
    I started watching you and i now have 52%(2k games)
    People started calling me failed reroll, and idk what to do..

  30. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Russian tenk!

  31. Nice lemming, you’re begining to go a lot more into the details about the plays and overall thought process of the battle, which is what I also liked about Zeven

  32. tnx man.
    great play and i like to listen your thought process 🙂

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