A New British Heavy line. Are there enough tanks?

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Source: osirish

A fantasy project some time in the making. Something new, please give me your thoughts.


  1. Dreadshells Gaming

    I’m still waiting for them to make a British scout line.

    Interesting seeing all the research and work you’ve done on this topic Mr Irish. Thank you for sharing it with us. I’d like to see the Ardeer Aggie too 🙂

  2. longest WOT video ive ever watched but well worth every second of it??

  3. I agree about the well armoured TD’s like the AT15… I’m working my way up the British TD line slowly as not the greatest player by a long way. If I’m top tier then I play them as frontline tanks,  Great video.

  4. Lots of good suggestions here – a pity WG listen to so few, would love to see some of these.

  5. You put a lot of effort into this. Thank you for making a full feature from your hard work.

  6. Interesting

  7. Mario van der Heijden

    Great video, hope you update the line if u dicover more tanks.

  8. this is a great episode .it had me enthralled admittedly only from tier 4 .i do hope WG take a look at this .i wonder how many will watch this from start to finish in one sitting like me. good work osirish

  9. Fantastic job irish and alot of hard work put in too.

  10. Some many premiums, don’t give them ideas, GJ

  11. Great video. I’d like to see a commonwealth line for the simple reason of the crew could be more diverse ethnically, sure that ould go down well in some parts of the globe also. Marketting angle for you there Wargaming.

  12. Top banana war gaming take note

  13. Now we need to ship you to Cyprus to present this in detail to WG 🙂 Amazing work and although it is very long it is so good, I would watch it again 😀 Hope your house is coming along – it looks like a Sisyphus-task to me. Cheers, MCallsen aka PapaRatzi101

  14. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    Hour and half vid? Felt like 10 mins – lol FANTASTIC work. Had me riveted! (Or should that be welded as rivets don’t go well with armoured vehicles). Thankyou for all your hard work 🙂

  15. Horst Günther Ludolf

    the pikenose and chassis of the valiant looks quit “modern”. is this the first tank with a pikenose?
    gj irish as usual. hope WG will watch this and make this happen.

    • Good points … as it was designed in 1943, and built in 1944, and trialed in 1945 … maybe some pike nose info. was leaked from the soviets as the IS-3 was being developed at the same time? I need to look into it.

  16. Well done, sir! I think if WG even put a few of these in as premiums (Liker the Churchill NA 75 and the Grizzlys) I buy them.

  17. Very interesting vid thanks, I’d love to see these tanks implemented.

  18. Great job doing all that research, Osirish, but IMHO we don’t need ANY new tanks AT ALL in this game! We already have so many tanks that it’s getting ridiculous, most of which never existed but on paper – or not even on paper! IMHO the WG guys should rather focus on creating new MAPS (or revising and re-issueing old ones that they removed). While the number of tanks have been doubled since I’m playing this game, the number of maps have been halved, and even half of those are duplicates… And they should add big, open maps, not city/corridor maps! I’m fucking tired of city/corridor maps preventing tactical manuevers and degrading this game to a FPS with tanks. And when they will have issued at least 10 new open maps, they should start working on restoring the balance of the existing tanks that they have intentionally ruined by P2W super-premiums and insane power creep caused by new nations and OP tank lines (or, in other words, shameless money grabbing).

    • We’re getting one new map which is very open, kharkov is being redesigned to be more open, and a remodeled Province is coming back! (but they’ve turned it into a chokepoint map) … and that’s before the HD map remakes.

    • Dreadshells Gaming

      osirish Province is coming back? Noice. I remember you being bummed that they removed it.

    • Tbh,it’s not the old Province,which is a bummer.

    • We’ll see. Anyway, I don’t think that the game needs even more paper tanks and prototypes. I’d rather remove all the tanks that never reached operational status and/or didn’t roll off the production line until 1950. 🙂 Too many tanks is bad for the game, imho, since it eliminates another tactical element: that is learning the advantages and disadvantages of your own and enemy vehicles and using that knowledge to your advantage, since learning the pros and cons, weak spots, basic stats, etc. of hundreds of tanks is obviously impossible.
      BTW, did you as an Irish guy really say that Ireland is kinda West Britain??? :O I’m afraid that if some heroes of your country like Patrick Pearse, Michael Collins, or Eamon de Valera would hear that, they’d probably rise up from their graves, then go and shoot you in the head… 😀

    • osirish, none of that is coming to the game before HD maps… they are just designing, but all the map modellers (or the final stage of creating a map, whatever the name is) are working on the HD WoT. If it comes, it will come after the new engine.

  19. I see what you did there with that Tog2 😀
    And i still hope we get that Chieftain mk.6 in game someday, i was so hyped about it 2 years ago :/

  20. Very interesting analysis. Couple of points:
    1. Vickers MBT Vagina line seems like the most obvious extension (from the Comet) that even someone as brain dead as WG central planners should realize should be added. Those tanks served, even seen combat, fit the time frame (mostly), there is absolutely no reason not to include them.
    2. Grizzly II is basically Firefly, hard to justify it at tier 7, but then apart from Leo and Comet all tier VII meds suck.
    3. Centaur, Cavalier? Maybe a medium/heavy line. Grizzlies are meds not heavies…

    • The Grizzly was a heavy armored M4 closer to the Sherman Jumbo than the M4 … and while it’s based on the M4 and is considered a medium, it’s armor would make it an assault tank like the T14. It was the only way I could fit it in, and think it works better on a heavy line than it would on a medium line, but I did say I wasn’t happy with the Grizzly II at tier 7, but it’s the only candidate I could find, so far.

    • Like to hear the History. I am into military History, nor sure why!! This was a good read. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tank-Tracks-Rangoon-British-Armour/dp/1783831154

    • Where does the information on the Grizzly having thicker armor then the standard M4A1? The Hulls for the M4A1 small hatch and the M4A1 Grizzly were sourced from the same factory.

    • “Ironsides”: Canadian Armoured Fighting Vehicle Museums and Monuments By Harold A. Skaarup mentions it, as do a few websites. (https://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/detail.asp?armor_id=292) Most seem to agree that the armor was 75mm to 108mm on front before sloping was taken into effect. In addition, the Grizzly’s that were manufactured after the first production run (the first 20 or so tanks which were identical to m4a1s) had additional 1inch armor plates added over sensitive areas (ammo racks) and later versions had that additional armor added in the factory as part of the cast hull.

    • So were American Cast Hull M4A1 having the cast in additional Armor.

  21. Great job mate. More tanks, new maps and even new Country lines.

  22. You won me over with the TOG II label

  23. I would really like to see the British T14 and the Grizzlies, but I think the Grizzlies should be mediums

  24. Great Job OsIrish! Very impressive. Lets hope WarGaming take notice!

  25. I’m sold. Great video Irish. WG should be offering you a contract.

  26. I like this video you should do one for an Italian tech tree

  27. Hey Osirish, great job! Reminds me off a necro-thread on the forums that was there about two years ago. It had more tanks but no research on how to implement them…

    Also getting to the 1000 views within 7 days… Btw dont be so insecure about this. Its a great vid. You’re voice is fine to listen to. Also most off us WOT people are history fans anyway.

    They might off course talen some off you’re ideas and put them in. The czech and swedish players got theirs in because they did this and delivered the plans along with them.

    And of their including this they might also make you’re medium Commonwealth line extended from the firefly (flyer, Grizzly 2, Vick MBT)

    I wonder about the olifants… Might be too controversial for WG Just like their probably never including a merkhava (? Israeli tank). Just to politicly sensitieve to many people.

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