A New KITTY – Sonderkraftfahrzeug PUMA (War Thunder 1.69 Tanks Gameplay)

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A New KITTY – Sonderkraftfahrzeug PUMA (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. u like old song

  2. the pilow that stalks you in your sleep

    Have you ascended phly? You sure do sound like it

  3. I have no idea what that distant voice setting was but you should do that WAY more often.

  4. Ahh love your

  5. even god likes War Thunder

  6. now german has it’s own racing vehicle to compete with m18

  7. just watch phly take out the ASU, smallest tank! He’ll of funny ending! you have to play that tank again.

  8. 16:32 what does camping mean?

  9. Puma…I think it looks more like a warthog.

  10. springtrap gaming

    if you look closely the puma’s shadow it actually look’s like a rolling cat tank

  11. //Gaming_Bananas\

    The Puma in the Future is a BTR ._.

  12. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Phly is Turian, aliens confirmed.

  13. Canterbury+Jesus= hell

  14. meatballs are from sweden

  15. isn’t that the cute turret of the Luchs?

  16. compared to the sdk fz 6/2, which is better

  17. Get your dumbass out of that cave

  18. I love this game but I wish it wasn’t so grindy

  19. imbeciliac gamer

    phly u and another Youtuber have to be attached by the tow rope and get 8 kills between u both #attempt14

  20. aaw.. missed the stream

  21. next combo t55 and il 28. deliver the bias please

  22. when phly worried about the echoing voice, we here like ” OMG PHLY IS JESUS ” or ” JESUS PHLY NEEDS A WINDOWS UPDATE “

  23. At least the puma will have smoke eventually, that will help. 🙂

  24. is this the real black jesus ?!

  25. You’ll never catch me, Stalin! Not when I shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!!!

  26. What’s that, girl? Did Phly fall down a well?

  27. Hmmm I wonder if Gaijin will nerf the Puma since its a German tank that’s actually doing good.

  28. T-55A pls

  29. Gabe Newell is God, but Phly is his Deputy!

  30. Phlly daily can you make a video on a guide.

  31. Phly u should play the Panzer 2H and the MiG-15bis next! Love the vids btw :D.

  32. Sdkfz. or Sonderkraftfahrzeug means something like “vehicle of special use”

  33. hey phly I am an old follower who you got addicted to warthunder and I would just like you to say, how the hell do you make all these tanks so easy to play as. I was playing my M4A3E2 and got killed by a A13 and I got so pissed.

  34. yurrien planken

    can all tank to smoke deploy|

  35. Andreas Undesser

    12:33 I saved my mother?

  36. Ashiqur Raihan Jibon

    how do you pronounc the tank

  37. Matteo Girardelli

    i want an autotune gameplay… please

  38. T55 obj 268 il-28 done

  39. Am I the only one that is sad because he reverted the settings of his mic?

  40. George Warren II

    The Puma is considered a tankette.

  41. what the fuck

  42. Khalid Fadhlan.H

    Mein Gott is dat real

  43. I feel like it’s less Jesus and more Satan…


    speak in Italian and you will sound like the preists from assasins creed

  45. haha this voice overlay was so funny, please release the footage prior to this recording id love to see and especially hear that 😀

  46. Hey Phly, i’d like to see you playing the beastly Panzer IV F1 with HEAT rounds (100mm pen)

  47. ours communiste

    Phly is a demon!


    To be honest phly, the guy in the intro was not in the wrong, he dint see you, but you knew of him a long time and you still rammed him…

  49. you sound like devil

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