A POWERFUL tank with a FLAME THROWER – TO-55 in War Thunder

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Source: OddBawZ

The TO-55 in War Thunder is a Premium Medium Tank that has a FLAME THROWER! That's right, a high tier Flame Tank that actually has some trouble getting frags with it!

The TO-55 is at .0 which is the lowest BR T-55 in the game. As such this vehicle does not get access to the APFSDS round. That's not a problem, though. The best shell is the APHE and we all know it! 🙂

The is stabilized and is more than enough to deal with most opponents that are thrown at you. The TO-55 party piece is course the flame thrower. It works on open top SPAA like the M42 and ZSU-57-2 but fails to roast things like the M113 TOW, the M163 and other things like the UDES 33. Disappointing but hopefully this is fixed to give it some viability.

What it is REALLY at doing is blinding enemies with thick black smoke and fire! It's also just really cool to watch.





    • @Assassins2570 That’s facts. I played USA, Germany and Russia to top tier and I’ll just say this: Germany is the absolute worst nation to grind because of the teams you’ll get; scared players who sell nearly every game because they do not move. America is a close second because it’s the first tech tree and most people want the Abrams. But ngl Germany will nearly make you stop playing the game. Honestly best advice I can give you is probably play China, Russia or Sweden. America has good tanks but lacks firepower in early BRs and top tier they lack map knowledge. Germany has super passive players and can’t cope with lack of gun depression so they get yoinked trying to climb hills when they spot an enemy.

    • With one workable eye, I wish I was a quarter good as you Bawz; but, I’ll take being about average.

    • Can you do a video on the bulldog in the us tech tree

    • Play kf41 it’s poop

    • This tank lacks of apfsds but wasn’t apds little bit better than it anyways? They buffed apds quite a lot back in spring

  1. Losat could hop missiles over that low ridge and cover A from the north, second map. If it were the 3 cap map.

  2. Good Point with the funny colored Sticker. Then again, still better then turning the Tonk into Bush Creature XD

  3. 14:50 why bother bringing HE if you’re not gonna use it lmao

  4. day 3 of asking you to play the leopard 1 now that its at 8.0

  5. Watch TBLF aka Bo Time Gaming with this tank, Bo killed a M163 with the flame thrower

  6. Isnt that cannon worse than the tiger2 cannon

  7. odd why didn’t you load HE on 14:39? on the zsu you could have been done in secs just a question

  8. “Premium T-55 with a stabilizer”.

    “yep… cool…”.

  9. Awesome video like always great content and excellent game playing
    Keep it up and have fun
    God bless

  10. Well this is just a video about how awesome the T-55 is, regardless of the flamethrower. I know already, because the Type 59 has been my favorite vehicle in the Chinese tech tree so far.

    Sadly, this thing has a major drawback. Ammunition, and its placement in the tank. Without the forward ready rack, you lose 20 rounds, and the rest of your ammo gets thrown into every corner of the fighting compartment. Turns you into an explosion waiting to happen.

  11. I hate these spasmatic trees

  12. As a US main playing the M60, im punching the air right now because this thing is stabilised and im not but our guns are so similar and my mobility is worse but were both 8.0, but one can only imagine me happy, doing my best and having fun

  13. Jimmy "Saul Goodman" McGill

    this tank is actually just p2w

  14. Now it actually looks like Finland 😀

  15. TheAnnihilator 91

    4:25 thats a very strange situation here. Im used to the teammates all to be at A and almost noone at B or C, what always really annoys me. Here its the other way around, what i really like to see in my battles on Abandoned Factory. I hope its not just cause of Battle Mode….

  16. Day 213 of asking Oddbawz to play the M56

  17. Who in their right mind would buy this instead of the T-55AM-1????

  18. Does any body know where to get the skin/paint scheme he is running?

  19. Would love to know what makes this 8.0 while the T-69IIa is 8.3

  20. 14:40 what’s the point of bringing HE if you’re not going to use it?

  21. Odd, you should play the 103-C.

    On a map like Maginot Line and (other open hilly one that’s slipping me at the moment), that tank is lethal on its own.

    4 second autoloader.
    Laser rangefinder.
    And abysmal slope at distances greater than 2km, you’re virtually invincible.

    “Hard to aim.”
    Nah… skill issue. 😎

  22. Can u detonate an ATGM with the flamethrower?

  23. 14:56 says you not switching to HE as soon as you knew what it was, wasted 3 APDS on him.

  24. I love how they made every t 54 8.0 just to add a premium fully stabilised t55

  25. Jpz 4-5. You really should play it cause its quite the TD.

  26. I feel like fire to engine vents should cause engine damage

  27. Trees blowing around like its a storm, meanwhile exhaust smoke and fire smoke just goes straight upwards.

  28. How do people deal with the grind in this game been playing for years now and still not at top tier in planes or tanks i do play more then one country it just get a pain grinding on a tank i don’t like just to hit the next tier

  29. Can’t help the guy repair cause I’m kill hungry. Also shouldn’t cap because I’m kill hungry. Don’t ptfo because I have to KILLLLLL. I think this is really what’s going on in his head.

  30. Would be nice if fire affected air intakes and choked engines, or at least slowed them down.

  31. They need to add optics damage for flames. Depending on how damaged they are, your accuracy goes down. This would make flamethrowers actually have a place in game.

  32. You complaining about your teammates is so annoying

  33. Odd can u please make a vid on the T55AM1!

  34. Guys there is a bot going around don’t text it on telegram

  35. I know its not typically your cup of tea but could you play the M103 for old times sake? Not sure if you ever played it on the channel.

  36. The foggy desert is what get me every time

  37. Bawz I’ve always wondered what your real name is ?

  38. I know you are really good but how do you get away without getting bombed?! half the time the first guy I kill comes back to bomb me.. or the next guy..

  39. DAY 37: @OddBawZ i love the content and i have a request can you please play the Swedish BKAN 1C !

  40. Day 5 (I think) AMX-50 Foch please

  41. I was waiting for Odd to shoot out that windmill. Saying “Well, that was just buggin’ me.”

  42. Gaijin is out of ideas. They ll put a camo or MG and it is a premium tank worth 70 xD

  43. Please dont lie and say better survivability it’s at max 4 inches more Room so no it won’t actually help

  44. At least u didn’t lie and say oh buy it this tank loves to get down tiers 😂 then people buy and only get up tiers

  45. So the real question is can u burn air?😁

  46. VicariousReality7

    What would be cool is if you could harness the power of fire in a long tube to shoot sharp pieces of metal at your enemies

  47. VicariousReality7

    Youre not using your machinegun to break walls and check smoke

  48. It’s powerful? They removed the APFSDS, and made it 8.0, so no it’s really not

  49. 2:30
    I also live in a country with bad weather 😀 Hot spring summer, cold fall and winter

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