A Review of The Best Tier 9 Light After Patch 1.0 – T54 LT

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  1. i have had a better game then that glad to have such a useful comment

  2. i read the title and was kind of amazed. i always considered the t49 the best then the 2nd 13 90 and the t54 lw in 3rd. however theres a good chance im playing it wrong because lightts arent a class i play often.

    • Have you played both guns? The only light tank line I’m really dedicated to is the French line. Although I am looking for another light tank line to go down. Probably the Soviet so I can also go for the obj 140, obj 439, and t62a

    • Before the they changed the Soviet tech tree I had about 10k more xp to go on my 416 until the t54 then they changed the line… Now have to restart at the mt25 or the tier 5 med.

    • I have all three of those lights and the lwt is definitely the better tank. It’s much more maneuverable than the other two, has armour, better camo (I think it’s better than the 13 90, definitely better than the T49), it’s just all around better.

    • t49 with derp is most fun light. And as this is a game and games are about having fun, so t49 is best.

    • I agree T49 Derp is the most fun you can have at tier 9… when the RNG Gods are kind.

  3. Yes I love it.

  4. Absolutely love the T54 ltwt

  5. The problem with T8-10 lights is you absolutely have to have a great crew (3 skillsish) to compete against the t10’s that are running bonkers crews. Then you have to forget everything you have learned grinding about lights, tier 5-8 spotting wins games, t9-10 you better be firing your gun otherwise its a loss.

    • It’s true. Spotting is even more useless in the highest tiers unless the number of tanks on each team are about 5 or less, and even then you better hope you’re not on Mines or any of the other tiny maps. It’s an absolute shame that WG decided to nerf the view range and combat capabilities due to the equipment choices some players were taking into the battlefield with these tanks. They’re now like worst mediums in almost every single aspect. There’s almost nothing unique about them in higher tier games. Moreover, a lack of viable equipment choices is already a problem in this game. Why nerf light tanks to railroad them to make only certain equipment choices?

      I still love my AMX 13 90, but WG really needs to consider the other characteristics of these types of tanks beyond alpha damage for Tier 10s.

    • No. All you have to do is to play them as their medium counterparts. That’s all

  6. that was a sexy dorifto against the 4202

  7. John Ivan Betchayda Dizon

    Really informative! thank you for this video.

  8. My favorite…

  9. ST-I not 1

    • Sir Williams Wrong, it’s pronounced ST-ONE as there was also an ST-II… it’s like how the Emil I and the Emil II are written.

  10. It's not what you think

    Heart my comment please.

  11. T54 ltwt is best light tank cuz rusha comrad.
    Cyka blyat.

  12. I enjoyed mine, absolutely love my T100LT

  13. Bravo to the T-28 player for support.

  14. Pretty sure that includes boosters man. Like, 90% sure.

  15. Good vid, but idk why you say this about the wz, because it’s just a worst t-54. Less armor, slower and the gun is worst at everything except alpha

  16. 5- Leopard
    6- T37
    7- T71 DA
    8- M41 90
    9- T54 lwt or AMX 13 90
    10- Rheinmetall or AMX 13 105

    This is 100% my opinion, feel free to give me feedback on your thoughts.

    • Newcastle 87 I’ll disagree with the German rhm wagon, for tier 10 LT’s, the French one is fun, the Russian is best scout (speed+low profile) and Chinese is best all rounder but that’s just me 🙂

    • Poopy McButtFace I love the 132-1 also, i just prefer the rhms rpm, accuracy, speed and i take the rpm over the alpha. The T-100 I never really enjoyed because 1/4 of my scouting runs i get some stupidly small amount of damage, and the pen is abysmal.

  17. Other than clan activities, do you still play on NA?

  18. When the IS-4 turned to face you, running away from him was absolutely the right play, but personally I think you retreated way too far back when you did. What you should have done was play behind the corner at E3, so that you could actively work with the Grille to 2v1 the IS-4. When you ran all the way back to C3, you essentially traded a 1v1 between you and the IS-4 for a 1v1 between the IS-4 and the Grille. At that stage of the game, the IS-4 was essentially the biggest issue stopping you from pressuring the enemy team any further and being able to take out the Defender and T34 and the TDs in that area. Sticking around E3 would have made a 1v1 into a 2v1 in favor of your team, which would have saved your team time and HP. Furthermore, if you notice, as soon as you get to C3, the ELC Even 90 shows up and starts harassing your Grille, and you didn’t really pay much attention to him even though it looked like you had shots from C3. The Grille does manage to kill the ELC, but by the time he does, he’s gone down from 1232 HP to 784 HP, and then later dies, which tips the game hugely in favor of the enemy team. Had you stuck around E3, or at least tried to shoot the ELC from C3, you might have been able to save the Grille that 450 HP, and your team might not have found itself in a 2v4 as it did.

    That said, you still played an excellent game, and walked away with the win. I know these things are pretty easy to overlook in the heat of the moment, but I just wanted to point that out. Typically, if you ever kite an enemy into your allies, you should always try to help them deal with said enemy instead of leaving them alone to deal with it, because otherwise you just trade 1v1s for other 1v1s, but battles are won far more easily when players work together.

  19. But… the 13 90 is better

  20. Lemming what do you think about t49 with 90mm?.

  21. ArtyPreventsCamping

    0:59 nice

  22. Sir Duckingtoniii

    Nah wz-132 sucks, the wz-132-1 is the good one

  23. Thank you for confirming that my favorite Light tank is the best.

  24. All the tier 9 LTs except for the Ru251 are really good IMO. WZ-132A has the god 320 alpha, 13-90 has a really comfortable 4 shot clip with great gun handling, T54Ltwt is good all-around (almost like a light medium). T49 for the memes lol.

  25. If you have doubts about what you earned, check the detailed reports screen and look for bonuses. in the first vid, you received close to nine hundred credits in personal reserves bonus.

    Cool video.

    How do you define, “overcommiting”? What is it? How do you know when you’re seeing it?

    • M K when you go out too far and most of the times you get hit or even died

    • When you realize that you run out of egress points, or tactical-avenues-of-retreat and that’s when you get that funny feeling (Spidey-senses) you might become encircled and overrun.
      Bait & scoot-n-shoot, well that’s this ol’ farts opinion which are like arse-holes everybody has one.
      Battle On!

  26. NKVD Comrade Orion

    Russian balance!

  27. I run food AND optics, and I have full camo. That’s much better than the illusory benefit of the vents, that help the gun insignificantly.

  28. Why after 1.0? This tank is OP since 9.18

  29. マウンテンデュー

    I’m a Unicom player in wot blitz. I also play wot pc version but it is very difficult because it’s very different.Any tips to get better at wot pc?

  30. How are things going LR? How is the master plan going? Have you hit any goals? 35k subs in year one is pretty good, is it time to switch gears towards health or financial management? I’m asking because I was the one a while back who commented potential plans of doing all this twitch and yt stuff before you jump off into school. I’d like to here where you stand now.. You’ve made a pretty significant following so far with a game that seems to be grasping at straws, well done. I hope you are well and this recent slip in consistency is due to something other than health reasons.

  31. shows how good the lwt is as with 4,5kdmg and 4 kills you still don’t get ace tanker

  32. Nice games in the 54, glad you finally got one, remember way back when u asked if it was good or not.

  33. Nice video man, I’ve definitely noticed that when i retreat to a better distance like you explained in the video, I have way better games and that sometimes leads into me carrying the game. A LOT of people tunnel vision and take the damage…why when you are fast enough to fall back safely and get to save your hit points lol

  34. I loved my T-54 Lwt on my SEA account. Now I’m on the LTG on my EU account and pondering whether I can be bothered to grind through the LTTB again. I’ve been really enjoying the Chinese lights.

    Great vid as always Lem. I keep coming a cropper to Swedish stealth tanks on Murovanka. I help crack the magic forest, then cut in and work the ridgeline (not smart in Soviet and Chinese lights eh) or try to sneak in to spot the camping ‘TD spots but I always seem to get wasted. There’s an annoying position for them where they can get shots down the inside of the long hill which is pretty annoying.

  35. I think the primary reason that lights are more useful endgame is because you have more room to work with, as fewer enemies mean more routes you can safely take, and viewrange/camouflage/speed come extremely handy in those situations. So if I get it right play for early spots and damage early game, but conserve your hp, then play support midgame, and keep yourself alive for endgame where the potential of the tank truly opens up, is that right?

    EDIT: I can much relate to the situation you explained in that moment against the lttb. It happens so often that I see a false opportunity when an enemy I think is isolated, then get caught out by the last so far unspotted tank camping behind the guy I thought was isolated, because I assumed the camper would have had been somewhere else.

  36. You have a very different opinion than me on lights and you dont trust your Camo…i think it is the second worst of the tier 9 lights…only wz that is worse

  37. What? 13 90 is the best. ltw is not really LT is a smaller med tank. poor camo of this tank makes him not LT

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