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  1. *Can’t till ya’ll meet fairchild! 🙂 So excited . Thanks for watching and liking my vids so i can buy all the baby food. o7*

  2. Square and Fair

  3. Buy him a tigor tower xd

  4. Was wondring why this seems familiar. Then I remembered that I liked it in World of Tanks Blitz, before I had a PC. Only that there it has the panels up and moves a bit faster and better turning rate. It was also a good tank there, you just has to pray you are not hit with HE.

  5. It’s so funny of how depressing “thanks for naming my unborn child it” without any context haha. Good luck Phly surviving the first months!!!

  6. a pancake with a gun on top of it…

  7. Has Phly done a vid on the Scimitar? I love that jet.

  8. Stop leaving games after you lose one tank phly. Seriously play the game

  9. Phly jumbo lives matter

  10. does the amount of shells you bring effect the movement speed of the tank ?

  11. I call for a vote, phly changes his name to phlydaddy once he actually becomes a dad!

  12. Are you gonna play Sniper warrior ghost contracts 2 again?

  13. are you from sweden?

  14. Most important part : “When You go to the hospital for childbirth => don’t forget to take Your wife with You ! ” Have a nice day mate 🙂

  15. Don’t worry, dad instinct kicks in pretty quick.

  16. Dave's Throwaway acc 1

    I seem to be the only one who likes the VFW.

    Once on the middlle east map I killed 6 enemy tanks while they were driving out of spawn from the North West spawn. 4 second reloading long-88 at 5.7 yall

  17. We called it the Flak Bus.

  18. Looks like an armed pancake

  19. UnicornStalkR Gaming

    Germany 1945 colorized.
    *”We’re in a pickle”*

  20. It have a fast reload too

  21. 11:08
    Oh my god
    You killed the bady!!

  22. You should play the american Vought V-173 flying pancake I don’t see many people flying thoses.

  23. 9:32 Thanks Gajin to allow these IMPOSSIBLE pen all the time

  24. I dunno but why don’t you tak into account what kind of effect this name could have on the child once he’s in school and among his peers?

  25. Vicente Crestani

    And the first sound he/she/they made was BRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTT

  26. Make another video of m1a2 abrams, please.

  27. ruben giessenburg

    Day 8 of asking Phly to please play the La 7 or La 9

  28. tank tang or tangy tank

  29. How can you hear the tanks? The only thing I hear is explosions and gunshots.

  30. God I feel old. I remember when Tang came out. The astronauts said they used it so of course I had to have it. Anyone remember when Instant coffee was popular? Omg my mom used to have one of those glass jar or whatever they called it, of that power/crystal crap for an excuse for coffee.

  31. Sandra, were you playing with my cannon last night, and did chompers say it was alright?

  32. Commander Centurion Mk 5 AVRE

    Wait, diddnt the VFW have the ability to fold up the side plates to fit into the smaller paths like the tunnel on Carpathians?

  33. I love the map in first game true love

  34. A Livid Pile of Dirt

    Guys what have we done to Phly’s poor kid

  35. Fairchild Republic?

  36. it was so epic dude

  37. pronounce FEYHEFFVEY.

  38. Soon Phly will start cracking dad jokes

  39. This post was made by tang gang

  40. Tang gang

  41. I would be to confused to shoot this tank

  42. holy shit…. i do want a pizza lunchable now.

  43. We got you brother

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