A Simple Video On A Respectable Chinese Tank Destroyer | PTL02

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Source: PhlyDaily

A Simple On A Respectable Chinese Tank Destroyer | PTL02


  1. Phly play the Me 410 in ground rb

  2. The pen of that APFS-DS is pathetic but it looks okay other than that. Not as good as Centauro ofc.

  3. Being primarily an Italy player, this thing looks like burning garbage

  4. Random question I’m trying to decide which country to grind out: Germany or USSR ive researched both extensively but I’d like to gather a general consensus.
    Perhaps leave a reason why or why not you chose USSR or Germany visa versa

  5. Day 42 million: phly this comment has been over used

  6. So what do y’all think, should WWII tanks automatically get some ghetto HEAT fences/screens when they get uptiered to face stuff with HEAT-FS? Or is the cost of doing business?

    • they should decompress the br so that you can get uptiered maximally 0.3 and if you want faster queue you can put it to 1.0

  7. Hello Phly! M11/39 and Ba.65. Thanks!

  8. Day-107: Please play the he-112 a-0 CAS

  9. I would just like to inform you that the intro is racist

  10. Day 2 of telling phly to play the magach 3

  11. PTL02 : one of the genocide weapon in burma

  12. anyone notice the a13 in the first game

  13. You can be as much offensive to chinese as how chinese hate people calling taiwan a country

    cause papa mao prohibited thier rights to use youtube

  14. spinstorm official

    How do you get realy good at war thunder

  15. Hello Mr Phly. I am currently trying to grind the Russian tech tree (aviation). I get 5-8 air kills every round of Air Arcade battle, but now I need tips to grind. I am about to get all aircrafts in 2nd tier. Plus I am not allowed to buy the Premium. I usually get 1000+ RP. But after this there will be so much RP on aircrafts. So I need tips please?

  16. Chinese centaruo

  17. With all respect Phly phuk china

  18. what about the TAM 2C? Pleasy Phly

  19. So this thing is a coldwar era vehicle with a gun / round that is comparable to a ww2 british anti tank gun.

  20. Phly is Chinese shill?

  21. 9:02 your welcome.

  22. They need to seperate modern and ww2 era tanks asap. At this stage game is so stupit…

  23. Attempt #86. Canadian phan requesting Canadian machines please Phly. C2A1 with CL-13A air support. Thank you

  24. Requesting since Sept 2018. I-16 type 10 with historical inphormation please Phly. Thank you

  25. ‘made in china’

  26. question, how can i see the replay of the every ammo type that shows the penetrate, such as Phly showed it, is there’s like a settings for it?

  27. Day 147: play the scimitar

  28. Idk how you guys found this guy but I remember him playing tabs and doing stupid stuff now look at him a war thunder god

  29. Little fact: PTL means “CANNON-ASSAULT-WHEELED”

  30. Yeah! Chinese quality, it’s not that bad, i mean it’s better than trash.

  31. Ah yes yet another wonderful AFV from the glorious peoples republic of china

  32. Cunha e Silva Marcelo

    What monitor do you use?

  33. you ever grind anything Phy?????????????

  34. At 9:03 the palm shadow scared me!
    The shadow be like: oh someone is coming here, he never gonna look this way!
    Then phly aimed left
    The shadow: oh shit ! What to do?
    …Act normal!

  35. i got my first collateral kill recently

  36. Take out the Ji-Ro, it has a 120mm SAP round at 1.7 with meh pen, but it has 7 crew members.

  37. Phly please start doing Challenges on a regular basis again! There’s plenty of them to try out, like killing a milk truck with the Ji-Ro’s Butt Gun!

  38. Dies this thing come with a buffet

  39. 220mm of pen with 100mm APFSDS? no it is APDS-FS Im not sure difference East side thing maybe

  40. Day 3 of saying hello

  41. this tank is terrible lmao

  42. You can tell phly isnt a fan of any Chinese vehicles but he does it for the benefit of his 20k Chinese viewers lol

  43. no problem 🙂
    Anisotrophy – 16x
    Anti-aliasing – HQ TAA
    Texture quality – High
    SSAA – none
    Render resolution – Max

    this should make your game much better

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