A SPY ON MY TEAM in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m playing a crazy game at low tier but there’s someone on my team who doesn’t seem right!


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  1. Jussi Raitoniemi

    This is the level of +2 team mates I get

  2. the only thing that annoys me is stupid players

  3. I love how you completely justify team-killing because ‘he shot me first’.
    Now we know exactly why WG is removing team damage.

    If he wanted to TK you or troll you, he had multiple opportunities the entire game. You’ll note that the shot on you at the end of the game didn’t directly hit, despite him having plenty of time to aim.
    My guess is he wanted to kill all, which explains why he got off the cap circle. The splash near you was intended to reset.

    Completely pathetic overreaction, QB. Disgusting that you have to make a video to justify your behaviour too.

  4. Yes, I have had this happen to me too many times.

  5. Aadityaraj Malhotra

    German spy caught and captured by a Britisher (1914 colourised)

  6. Ninja Plays Games


  7. You know, a lot of free to play players use their favorite, low tier tanks to earn credits and train crews. I know that sounds crazy, but not everybody has a premium tank of every type for every country.

  8. can we work together? …are you try to communicate with Bots? :)))

  9. And you have just witnessed what MANY of us deal with for fucking 3/4ths of the game… once team damage is removed, it’ll be team PUSHING. they’ll take the heaviest vehicles out and shove people out into the open where they can. It’s just how people are now. It’s aggrivating. “It’s just a game” Yes. it is. So why does it need to be ruined by shitty people?

  10. Solav Sturmsabre

    Totally worth the retaliation. If a team mate goes and does a ridiculous move as near cap then leaves, to then shoot you for capping without communication. The individual in question deserves to be eliminated on the spot. Imo.
    So don’t feel bad for scum who can’t say a damn thing when it comes to the game.

  11. Cant wait for no allied damage for this reason

  12. I would’ve ran and kicked that wespa?

  13. Well, Matilda is still a very strong tank, although more gold at low tiers sure hurt the tank. But its pretty OP for its tier.
    KV-1 in my opinion is still strong but not as strong, powercreep has caught up a bit with it… but its still a very strong heavy for its tier.

  14. Joachim Fichtner

    I still don’t like the idea of removing team damage. I suspect we’ll see a lot of “party crushers” whos “advanced tactics” will consist of crushing into enemies to track them and let the rest of the team doing the fireworks while being in no danger of friendly fire at all.
    That’s not like tanks should be played, that’s just a penny grave arcade style…
    I’d rather like to be trolled by such players like that Wespe than giving up even the last tactical elements of World of Tanks for “a smoother gameplay experience”! Wargaming, don’t forget the “War” in your name – let Apple do the “Arcade”!

    • Martin Waterhouse

      Not a fan of removing friendly team damage either – I rarely hit friendlies even when playing artillery and quite proud of my high percentage of Battle Buddy awards for the number of games played (I think I averaged 70 games for each BB award). I guess that makes me a “considerate” player! After checking several high skill WOT streamers, they typically range between 150 – 300 games before getting a BB award!! I guess the BB awards are going to be pointless after the team damage removal patch?

    • On the other hand. Wot Blitz has no team damage. And it’s working.
      And you don’t have to start a game in WOT with reduced HP because a team mate shot you for no reason at the beginning.

  15. Begone spies …

  16. Backstabber not a spy…

  17. QB never shot to somebody who want to rescue someone! The nazi did not do that in IIww

  18. Frederick Burkert

    Jeeeeze your paranoid QB. Spy, attempt tk etc. you totally lost your mind out thinking the situation.

  19. I’m glad you killed the wespa

  20. i would have killed him the second time he left cap

  21. 03:50 “Walzing Matilda” lots of aussie love to you QB <3

  22. RunningWithRoses

    absolutely necessary to kill him. his intent clearly was to sabotage the game, you owed it to the other players to see it through

  23. RunningWithRoses

    also, praise that fucking brave m2 light tank. what a goddamn hero

  24. you’re a fast tank, why not cross the map and find the hiding SU… thats all your arty wanted you to do… another useless arty hate video.

  25. 12:24 QB: *telling his strat*
    Wespe: *shoots him*
    QB: Achtung! Spy…. *shoots wespe down*
    Me: good choice

  26. TFW low tier arty (1-6) was never nerfed, only heat ammo was removed from certain tanks..
    WG refuse to nerf low tier arty for some silly reason.. even though most of them now have better dpm than tier X

  27. As soon u can ace the little tanks. Thats all and move to next level

  28. The Luchs is my all time guilty pleasure.

  29. Strv 40 best pent up to 70+ Standard APCR and 90+ Prem Apcr…
    Chi-Ha and M5A1 Stuart : *Laughs in hidden*

  30. long time I didn’t play wot maybe 1 year , but still watch your videos sir ..

    I want really to have fun in this game but not sure I can’t do now anymore , I remember when I can’t stop playing at 2012-2014 ..

  31. Please react the fv4005 stage ll damage world record you’ll enjoy it

  32. Quickybaby shot the arty before i even understood what happened

  33. QB you absolutely did the right thing. The Wespe had to die. Love playing lower tiers lately. Tier 8 game-play was so bad for so long I started to hate the game.

  34. He was probably mad you didn’t go spot for him. The WOT community isn’t always the brights tools in the shed. (They something off there see if you can find it).

  35. Maybe the su26 only took 30 rounds to save cash

  36. You can’t adress to anyone for playing lower tiers, first doing it yourself to. But what if we just like to play our fun old tanks. And lots of them historically did fight against each other at the early wars, like marders and M3Lee and Mathilda, nothing wrong with that.

  37. 0:34 abusing humanity is rewarded by instant karma (arty)

  38. Christopher Browne

    “I feel so diiiiirty at low tier”……LOL

  39. Please make a vid about the M2 Medium tank. It is an absolute beast at tier 3 with 20 degrees of gun depression. Yes 20 and also has about 2300 DPM. That’s more than some tier 6 and 7s

  40. Turning off team damage is very streamer-friendly and so a good addition

  41. Low tier, well the biggest problem I had there is that it more often felt like 1vs29 than 15vs15

  42. I hate the kind of people that troll

  43. turning off team damage is such a stupid idea I cant believe they are going through with it

  44. Lowtiers has some fun vehicles to play with. After a frustrating lossstreak at hightier, it can bring back the fun playing wot.
    Like the Cruiser Mk. III with his PomPom or Pz.IV H with the 105mm HE gun.
    But more often i dont drop below Tier6. Playing my Hellcat or Cromwell is the better way for me to enjoy “low tiers”.

  45. You did the right thing shooting that artie traitor.

  46. Low tier gameplay?
    One Word: Horrible

  47. Richard McConnachie

    Don’t feel bad QB plenty of rerolls atm

  48. Seeing this just makes me so happy they are removing team damage from the game as there was no reason for the Arty to do that….. I don’t condone at all team killing but for things like that, they deserve it so well done QB because i know i would of done the exact same thing 🙂

  49. If you will not shot him I will. that sort of Crap happen all the time on the NA server and I just kill them

  50. I’m gonna miss team dmg. QB protest against it, so we can kill arties.

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