A Strange Game – Progetto M35 mod. 46

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. making it look easy,again

  2. Did Circon invent time machine?
    2016 calling for its MM back

  3. Oh it’s the sneaky T-44 game

  4. Another Day in World of Tanks.

  5. Master Crion. Please accept my sacrifice of political dissidents, so that i may prevail on my next KV-2 Game. Amen.

  6. It's not what you think

    I wouldnt put my rank up next to my name even if i played rank. I dont want to give those arty shitters a “shoot me please, i play ranked” target.

  7. How did u survive the fall in the end???

  8. Players with those shinny crappy badges are just camper players like the IS-7 From yesterdays stream tho top tier and camping base in a assault tank ( nice meme ) ??

  9. I love how you can fire one shell and then start outdpm-ing quite a few T8 tanks

  10. Ok, so…circon doesn’t have the biggest yt channel(although 100k is like a 100k more subscribers than most of us are gonna get ), but the thing that facinates me is his like/dislike ratio…it is so positive.
    Everyone loves him!
    We need to be like circon 🙂

  11. I hope they sell the Progetto soon again

  12. be nice to the jagdtiger, he finally invaded normandy

  13. … the only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?

  14. @circonflexes i have a problem with your mod. Especially with the reduced armor thing. It does not work after the new patch. I moved the files in the 1.04 folder but it does not work. Can you help me please?

    • Same here bud, not working for me either. I didnt notice it missing till chat told me lol.

    • Circonflexes i thryed to get another reduced armor.json file from the internet but that does not work either. I even checked the file to be on “enabled” and it is…Wot is ruining our gameplay ?? best of luck.

    • heres a thing i dont get about mods, how do the new ones dont work when a new patch comes out even after moving it to the new patch folder, yet mods that havent been updated in 3 or 4 years still work after moving them to the folder? And also those same old mods work on the test server.

  15. 14:17 They are not the same and I am glad the M35 has the better gun. I will play this tank a lot more than the 60 games it took me to get through the Pantera.

  16. Two type of players in the end of the game, the good players and the retarded tomatoes.

    Ah EDIT : and the skycunts.

  17. Houdini died of a burst appendix.

  18. It’s different is due to sales… they made the premium better so they could sell more…. that is all… that is the ONLY reason

  19. H I G H L I G H T S

  20. You see ivan
    When you buff T-44 a million times
    Because russia can’t have ONE bad tank
    That tank is hard to kill

    • “russia can’t have one bad tank”
      dat a-44 tho. or even the a-43

    • well ive seen replays of when the A-44’s 107mm is used right. it eats everything.

    • you mean when the RNG says “sure” and the gun actually hits where you’re aiming and you have the time to aim in. it’s the same problem as the t20. fast-ish tank with a gun that would be great if it actually hit things when you wanted it to. an AMX40 is a monster when fighting same tier and lower tanks AND it’s gun behaves, but obviously that happens once in a blue moon and no one thinks the AMX40 is a good tank, not even people who like it.

  21. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga


  22. The invisible tank spotted you. There seems to be a lot of them in the game these days.

    • Yea theres as much of those as theres tier 5 heavys being able to out spot my E25 with 75% camo rating and almost 500 meter vr.

  23. The attempted suicide was memes

  24. 00:05 well actually Circon, that is a Frontline badge

  25. I done this tank 3 mark for 90 battle

  26. 517 with splash from T92 into a med isn’t too much considering I got splashed… in my 5A for 850… his shell landed below my tank… yeah

  27. One gun is a 90/50 and the other a 90/74 making it longer. The longer gun is more accurate IRL, but needs more powder to clear the muzzle so the shell is proportionally heavier with not just more powder weight but also brass weight, IRL. The breech and barrel also have to be proportionally stronger which is shown in the higher weight. The failure here IMO is that they didn’t give the 90/50 a worse dispersion. They should have.

  28. The game took forever because you drove around trying not to get shot more than shooting at the end lol

  29. Moneymoneymoney, circon! Thats why. 😉

  30. Boooiii, I love these Auto-reloaders

  31. Good persistence in the end! Got to work hard for your food

  32. He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.

  33. Circon will the penetration vs armour thickness mod be back in your modpack anytime soon? Nextpatch maybe?

  34. Cristian Valentin Dobre

    that E75 managed to survive cause arty didnt focus him 🙂

  35. Sonny boi Jim Bob lol ,, i die .

  36. How the fuck do not get shit on by artillary.

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