A Stupid Game of World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm going have a very stupid of World of Tanks playing on my “free account” in the TS-5!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download.


  1. Damn, im earlyyy

  2. Jäger der Große


  3. Lol 1 min ago

  4. human from the solar system planet called earth


  5. Stupid battle? No u

  6. Алекса Жмура


  7. This title fits the game perfectly

  8. Ive seen worse (me)

  9. Quickly baby, try the yoh tanks in world of tanks blitz please.

  10. Epic awesome

  11. the last time I was this early wheeled vehicles had not yet wrecked the game LOL

  12. I think you mean stupid teams, QB

  13. Smradlavý Tankista

    so pretty much every game of world of tanks.

  14. i hate those silly hesitate bastard at kick off !!

  15. Lately the bot at tier V is stupid asf

  16. The title shoud be like this instead : stupid game world of tanks

  17. TS5 is OP. Change my mind

  18. I’d like to have that kind of stupid… ^^

  19. New title idea.

    A stupid game: World of Tanks

  20. there’s no reason whatsoever to ever use manual extinguishers

  21. The stupidest game of WOT must be pretty stupid considering how most battles go ^~^

  22. Croissant

  23. No QB, a stupid game starts when:

    >You are a stock tank at t8
    >Bottom Tier
    >HTs are camping
    >Veeled Whehicles are crossing the map like its nothing
    >Tech Tree tanks die in 4 mins
    >The Skorpion G pens your roof
    >The SU 130PM fires Heat
    >Defender (Or any other t8 soviet Ht) kills half the team
    >Arty Drowns

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