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  1. This Tank IFV Half-Track MBT APFSDS is really good fox 48

    • Certified
      EEEERIKA moment
      German bias Maschine
      Delete canon
      No armor best armor

      Best tank ever

    • Please just let this game die a little so hopefully they know the community is serious and wants bug fixes immediately man ur the only one with power at this point atleast say something to them please dude

    • Nice you were playing like SADF Elands and Ratels of the border war without your hunter TK teams. Tho Ratels are surprisingly useless in WT compared to Elands. Weird to say the least.

    • Shouldn’t Ratel 90s be better than Eland 90s since the former was created to replace the latter the irony.

    • The last minutes of *Gotta Get To Bravo* changed it all lol. Really good turn of tide or winds of change to say the least.

  2. Is this a tank?
    Yes, it is technically a tank, but the Germans will hate you for calling it that.

  3. half track

  4. @Mark Felton Productions

  5. Germans got to tired towing the gun around they just thought f*** it and threw it on top

  6. Nah still a half track

  7. AT tank… literally…

  8. I can sure always count on gaijin to make a widely produced vehicle stuck behind a paywall can’t I?…
    I hate Warthunder but it’s the only game like it so I have not choice…

  9. Bro please let this game die a little so they know we’re serious about bug fixes or speak to gaijin personally bc I’m sure they listen to the reason their game is popular(the media/community ) u r the one with the most power my guy

  10. Need to talk more about the vehicle, is is the same gun as the pak puma?

  11. That are a Trank

  12. Test drive? Phly doesn’t own this vehicle, casual gamer confirmed.

  13. Ultra Bremsenreiniger



  15. Why_Did_I_Make_This Chanel

    More like Anti-Tank-Tank

  16. Put some Base on “Got to go to Bravo” and you got a ear Ringer!

  17. Its an “Over powered tank” to the ones that get killed by it.
    Its “Just a halftrack” to the ones that kill it.

    So… I don’t know what it is! 😀

  18. Toujours et encore chez les allemands, comme si il n’y en avait pas assez de véhicules chez eux sérieux.

  19. Its not a tank, its an SPG.

  20. Manuelito Noveda

    Is it me or phly just use the intro music from the last tiger

  21. Aspurgic Genious

    Will wt ever get reload animations for the open top vehicles?

  22. RevolutionaryGaming

    Just got it today and I’m loving it

  23. “half” has nothing to do with percentage , its the typ of the drive-system … strap a propeller on the front , its an 3rd track

  24. Yeah, driver hits the breaks, loader rips the shell out of the gun and gunner jams the turret.

  25. This is not a half track nor is it a tank…
    It’s a half tank

  26. hey plz do a vid on the f 84 g 21 re plzzzzzz

  27. Phly make a vedio on changing diper, we want to see how big phly change small phly dipers.

  28. Like what the hell why is this 3.3 and the marder is 3.0. it should be 2.7

  29. Pak-wagen

  30. Half track with pak-40 so its not a tank its called pak-wagen in bf5

  31. You should use Stalin’s space tank something

  32. Pak 40 is best 40

  33. Sadly it is not, it is a half trak, and it does not have much armor :/

    I wish it was a tank but it is classified as an armored 🚙

  34. This makes me wish i had the Pak Puma

  35. Your videos get me going man. Thank you

  36. The entire intro to this video expanded my mind and gave me brain damage all at the same time.

  37. Hey Phly, the Ho 229 V3 almost always destroys a left-mounted cannon on other aircrafts. Completely unrelated where you hit it.

  38. if it has tracks and wheels its a half-track, regardless of how many wheels/how big the track is

  39. Man I love pak40s, I wish we had more in game like the Marder 3 M

  40. First Name Last Name

    Gun carrier?

  41. You should check out Bovignton Tank Museum’s ‘Tank Chat’ series. Pretty sure Fletcher mentions that a big difference between a tank and a tank destroyer, is having a coaxial gun

  42. How come my tank doesn’t leave/show tracks on the ground?

  43. 05_C0uncil Playz

    Phly please.. I just opened YouTube to get some music on so I can make my model panther.. now it will be delayed by 28 minutes..

  44. Day 76: play the Rbt-5 at top tier

  45. Hey can you make a vid on the bulldog? I know you have old ones, but they’re old.

  46. Can hear Archer somewhere crying

  47. oh that’s a cool way to intro these vids.

  48. And they just dropped it to 3.0.

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