A Tank So Angled It Deflects Depression | THE TANK DESTROYER THAT IS A MBT | STRV-103

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Source: PhlyDaily

A Tank So Angled It Deflects Depression | THE THAT MBT | STRV-103

edited by – WEBE show him some love!


  1. Thomas, The Chaos Train

    Every players: “**** my breech is damaged!”

    Phly: “SuPPrEsSiVe FiRE”

  2. i oftenly use leopard and i only see one of this tank, heatfs did not worked well so i used hesh and boom he was dead

  3. That Swedish techno 🤣

  4. counting is not your strong side XD

  5. What nation should I start for my first time playing

  6. Day 43: Phly it’s time to bring out the family! Giving you some early practice.

    Tiger H1 (Dad), Tiger E (Mom(because let’s face it moms are superior)) and the Pz.Sfl.Ic (baby).

    It’s protect the baby time! Benny can role play as mom and Odd as the little one.

  7. 69 dislikes lol

  8. I’d like to see Phly use the song Titanicus or Adeptus Mechanicum by StringStorm for a intro xD

  9. It’s so edgy it reflects depression

  10. It is to be put next to Disco Panzer.

  11. I do believe Phly is trying to seduce us

  12. 22:38 Someone know why he is still alive with only 1 crew ?

  13. Ett svensk mästerverk!

  14. That gun is so sexy there is so litle drop! And the zoom is like a nasa telescope. And yes aparts from apdsfs it is nearly indestructible. And of course it does not care if there is joust 1 crew left

  15. Hurricane Mark IV with cannons
    Some video soon please.

  16. Camping Is camping 😀 THX for video, like.

  17. what a piece of garbage
    the aim makes me rage like nothing else


  19. Blasting music each time one of the AI drives by in the back got me good

  20. I saw this tank hiding in a cornner and later destroyed by me was funny

  21. 14:18 Vickers mbt player in chat lmao

  22. The tank is basically a bullpup as well.

  23. Whats a wall-e

  24. i died at 2 50 lmaoooo

  25. Phloppy PLS

  26. PHLY!! The 15cm sIG 33 B Sfl (or the german derp gun tank) is now Br 1.0!!!!! Why did Gaijin do this idk… But 1 thing is for sure, he is stronger than ever

  27. Bt5:🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  28. he didnt die because he ran out of ammo tho

  29. Naufal Hisyam Rabbani

    Can the Strv103 hop like a lowrider?

  30. Great maths Phly 👀👀👀🤦‍♂️🤨🤭

  31. 8+3 is not 10 lol

  32. Imagine if they introduce the STRV-103B with its HEAT shield, imagine the amount of bounces and none penetration shots it can pull of.

  33. It’s too bad with the aiming.
    In real life, the tank is insanely precise in the movement to aim and can slew ontarget very fast so I’m guessing this is just gayjin being gayjin or it’s made for balancing.

  34. 2:43 that left me dying Lmfao

  35. yo the cut ins you have done in this video had me ROLLIN…”music in passing vehicles in hanger”, the camera focus on Tigor ” lmao…Great editing. Thanks for making your videos so fun!

  36. Reads title

    I fuxking want this tank where do I preorder

  37. *I think we can all agree that burning down because of no more FPE is the worst way to die*

  38. Rare we start a YouTube video with a rave, usually ends on one

  39. Lord Inquisitor Bacon

    The STRV 103, Sweden’s angriest cheese wedge turned into spicy meatball delivery system.

  40. 12:52 is that seriously a BT-5 at 7.7 Br what the hell

  41. Use the the l3/33 cc

  42. I love these tankkillers. Can’t wait for my new PC to arrive so I can join this game

  43. What’s the name of the song

  44. The armored version of the T55

  45. The music when the tanks pass at 2:44 LMAO😂😂

  46. Phly: kills a bt-5 in the top tier with 2 shots.
    Phly: Oooooooo yassssss

  47. If you pause at 14:27 you can see the mad vickers that ran out of ammo xD

  48. ohly donot be selfish and and make a video about game ‘s problems

  49. I hear comrade tenk in a good mood in garage background🤣

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