A Tank So Bad It Had To Be Removed

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say that the Maus heavy tank has had a tumultuous history in War would be a massive understatement. A fan favorite in the German tank tree, the Maus was removed a few years ago along with tanks like the Panther II and Coelian. Unlike these tanks, the Maus was not removed for being fictional. A working Maus prototype was complete. No, the Maus was removed because it was simply too hard to balance. That's what Gaijin says, at least. I personally think the Maus is fine as it is, it's just incredibly boring to play due to how slow it is.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals – Various USA Themes
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

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Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
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  1. I do have some more traditional scripted content coming out soon, just have been a bit busy lately.

  2. Even at 9.0 or 10.0, you are still able to take and bounce a few rounds in the mouse.

  3. Honestly don’t agree. If you know what you are doing the Maus is like the best heavy tank in the game. You can defeat anything, including ATGMs, with fairly good reliability, and you are basically impossible to oneshot if you don’t take too much ammo. Since all of it is stored in the left hull. So most people take at least three shots to kill you. That’s when you don’t bother angling. And even if they take out your gun you still have a secondary that isn’t exactly harmless.

  4. You should play the AMX M4, I remember it being one of my favorite tanks in the game when I was grinding France but I haven’t played it in a while.

  5. play the british tutel (Tortoise)

  6. British APDS : HeHeHe

  7. Maby play ikv-91? Its really good for 7.0 imo

  8. Is not removing it, is Putting in german tectree for free.

  9. Its not BAD, it severely UPTEIRED. Fighting against vehicles with modern shells that eat through its armor like paper, and ATGM’s that love it for being a BIG slow moving paper mache target.
    If it actually went up against WWII vehicles it would be fine. Case and point: Sim battles.

    Edit: 0:58 6.7 is literally perfect for it. yeah its hard to pen from the front, but light TD’s like the hellcat would eat it for breakfast by just going AROUND it.
    SHOCKER how people think thats such a hard thing to do.

  10. Jerry Udonneedtoknow

    I “main” the Maus and essentially play it every time I get on war thunder. I found a way to make the maus move faster in turn so watching you play this felt like cancer. I don’t really give my method but I will say the common known one, use manual gear shifting, its slow enough that you can make quick gear changes, gear 5 and 6 are the fastest, though gear 6 need a higher rpm to work well.

    This issue with people playing the maus is that they are too trigger happy to focus. You can flank with a Maus and at time people dont expect that and are blind to the damn thing. Not having a mindset focused on speed can allow you to enjoy if. If you enjoy modern tank gameplay, you might as well not try.

  11. “armor is only there as a last resort” well funny about that when i play my Maus my armor is my main weapon but at the same time i have become very scary at angling it

  12. 4:33 the exact moment i discovered that i own a tank that can float, i went immediately to try it without caring about the game, but only enjoying the swimming experience.
    he was probably doing the same.

  13. “Slow is pain, fast light tanks are my thing.”

    You should play the Valentine next.

  14. Honestly sitting back in a super heavy isn’t what anybody would ever want to do but it seems like it’s hilariously the only way it can be played cuz it literally get melted otherwise and is like the soom turtle and attracts bombs as if it were a giant magnet

  15. dont they let yo grind it every november?

  16. 2:20 speaking of armour. Is there a video made talking about tanks and the actual importance of armour?
    I struggle to understand it.

  17. They shld have just lowered it a minor bit and just left it if they can’t balance. Leave it there for the fun of people wanting to try having fun with it

  18. Well he played it so now he has to play the E100 I guess

    • More seriously you can try the T-44 though (the 100 variant is way better and is recommend comparing how bad the regular one is to the 100)

  19. What I think they should do to make tanks like this easier to balance is implement spalling, partial penetrations, and armor fatigue. The problem with armor right now is that even the shells and armor are ballistically accurate in terms of pen values, you end up with a overly binary situation. Penetration or nothing. In reality, you would have spalling, and all sorts of partial penetrations. Shells that knock large chunks of armor from the inside, not just particulate spall. Shells that get stuck in the armor but shattered fragments of the shell or displaced armor make it inside the crew compartment. And armor fatigue. In one highly detailed account of a Panther engagement during the battle of the bulge, one panther had its welds start to crack after the 10th hit to the glacis from Sherman fire. Since we have the protection analysis, it would be easy for players to test and find out what tanks they will still be entirely proof agaisnt at various ranges until their armor falls apart, and what shells that have to watch out for because they might still kill them even if their pen values are not exact.

  20. *gets a kill*

    _monkey noises_

  21. I really don’t like the current BR state. Where WW2 tanks are up against tanks and weapons developed 20 or 30 years later. BR compression is real

  22. The sabot round is not “fictional.” It was designed specifically for the Maus. More ameriboo lies

  23. Yet another shit take from the furry. Not surprised

  24. I read the title as “A Tank So Sad It Had To Be Removed”

  25. Yeah, the MAUS at 6.7 could actually work, it’s not the round you need to worry about, it’s the caliber….. Like the KV-122 can pen the MAUS frontally (turret), but that’s because it’s a 122mm with a good barrel on it, if not for that.. Pretty much nothing at that BR would do it in :/

    Also, there are many vehicles below 5.0 even that can kill the maus frontally and side on

  26. Play Russian Spit

  27. I was killing them with the KV2 to troll people

  28. Maybe for you as a leichtpanzer user the maus is bad, but for people (myself included) who pretty much dedicate themself to heavy tanks, its a god of war, and i agree that it should just remain at 7.7,,, because facing 6.7 with this is just genocide, and even up at 11.0 ive done good with this (Hurtgen forest, i took down two abrumz and a challenger) THEM DARTS AINT DOING SQUAT TO MAUS, and i lived through the entire match, but anyhow, back to the points, i’ve spent countless battles in the maus, i love it and it is one of the best tanks in the game

  29. many things can kill it at 7.0

  30. The problem I’ve seen with the maus balance wise is that it’s hard to penetrate unless you can get a pen from the top

  31. Play tortoise because yes

  32. I downloaded the game only for the maus, then realized only after I reached tier V german tanks that it had been removed

  33. My annoyance with it is that they have only mostly removed the Maus, since they keep bringing it back during big events. If they’re going to do that, they might as well just add it back completely
    My friend loves the T95, which is just a living xp pinata

  34. Well we know Russian bias is real at this point so I can see why they removed it…

  35. Its enough to make a grown man cry

  36. Go play centauro

  37. Michał Skowroński

    Bad for not pro players

  38. Dude used the word tanky to describe a tank, love it lol

  39. I hope the maus comes back for research for a few days. Missed it last time 🙁

  40. Warthunder looks really scary.

  41. but the mous is strong

  42. I only die to planes and helis in Maus these days.

    ……….so yeah it’s like every single other tank in the game;)))))))))))))))))))))))

  43. P-1000 : am i a joke to you

  44. I’m annoyed with devs trying to “balance” the historical vehicles, there is plenty of data that tells you what they can and can’t do along with specs.
    Match make vehicles that would have seen each other in combat.

  45. It’s a great tank.

  46. Maus is easily my most played tank. It’s “Bad” in the sense that it plays completely differently than most other tanks. Basically, you can ignore people that are 45 degrees from you. 90 degrees from your hull is a death sentence but not from your turret. Facing them with your hull is ‘fine’ but a death sentence with your turret. The hull and the turret are like opposites from each other.

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