A Tank So Bad It Has a Higher BR Than The Leopard

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Source: PhlyDaily

A Tank So Bad It Has a Higher BR Than Leopard

Video edited by – WEBE show him some love!


  1. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

    Ah yes, when you think this same exact vehicle, except with a better engine and smoke grenades is placed 1BR lower than this

  2. thanks for finally raising the audio volume!

  3. Oh no he’s good

  4. Yes. This tank is trash.

  5. I liked the M60. I thought it was pretty good.

  6. Wow finally a video that is relatable, this is every match for me

  7. Соломон Давидов

    I wish to play like this on the best tank of the game 🙂

  8. EdelweissGriffin

    Gaijin’s logic: M60 has better armour than Leo1, so 0.4 BR higher than Leo1 😀

  9. POV: You are thinking of a good comment so that you get likes

  10. Leopard Prototype A

    Huh Really?

  11. That gun sucks asssssssss

  12. was expecting fortunate son play in the intro but okay then

  13. Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

    Ok, can one of you guys explain to me why there are King Tigers and T 34 85s fighting M60s and Centurion Mk3s? I admit i haven’t played much WT but when i did that was something that bothered me.

  14. from what I saw it wasn’t the tank that was the problem…..

  15. 13:33 is cousin anatoli from life of boris 😀

  16. M60 is my best tank to play , I have it on first place of my statistics

  17. Luiz Vinícius Vieira Alexandre

    I Always have a good time with the m60

  18. Why are so many people not talking about the intro?

  19. Andrew Montgomery

    Yo phly just a little tip, if you want to mark something on the map you can press alt and put your cursor over the minimap and press on it, it will mark just the same but possibly quicker.

  20. Yup.. one of the shit m60 br 7.7… I’m skip it

  21. that awkward stiff marching animation.

  22. *cries in 7.7 super heavy tank*

  23. m48 patton aka tree cong
  24. For a tank that you hate you certainly kick tons of ass with it, just saying bro.

  25. Loving the unloved M4A3 105 Sherman HE only.

  26. *Me with my Leopard I looking back at my American Tech Tree*

  27. Phlying Watermelon

    Hey phly i just watched your call of duty b17 video, if you enjoy old emotional call of dutys i suggest you check out call of duty 2 big red one, it has an amazing b17 mission

  28. JackAttackplaysgames

    for those wondering, the tank phly was hiding is an sd.kfz 234/4, so thats his next video I guess?

  29. Probably A European

    So cursed titles means CINEMATIC EPIC INTROS

  30. Probably A European

    hehe I know what the next video is gonna be , i’ll just say this : 5.9 second reload

  31. 1. Don’t worry I hate it too, and I’m currently going through hell on 7.7 lineup researching US tech tree. (I HAVE to play it to go, you don’t anymore)
    2. M60 never seen combat in vietnam war. M48 did (FACT)

  32. Tomáš Buchtík

    Next vid Sd.Kfz.234/4 as seen in the video

  33. Seriously guys, how do u git gud in this game….

  34. I love the BRRRRRT sound

  35. I think all British stabilizer bois still need a BR change from 7.3-7.7 to 7.7-8.0, and former 7.7 tanks WITHOUT STABILIZER should get a BR change like Leopard, drop it to 7.0-7.3.

    The fact that T32 still sits at 7.3-7.7 is just ridiculous. The armor value is not as good as Maus fgs, you can one shot it with a T-34/85 from sides. T32 should’ve sit at 7.0, and the T32E1 at 7.3. Maus stays at 7.7 for the armor reason because if it gets any lower then 6.3 bois gonna have a hard time. Just imagine the spam..

  36. FL Studio Tutorials

    1:56 sdkfz 234/4 lol i can clearly see it

  37. try to play me163 8.7 🙁

  38. See phly, it’s not the patron series. It’s the m60s blame it on them

  39. you must play the American one next

  40. It’s not that bad

  41. 7:53 is priceless lol

  42. Ishaque Shahriar

    Oh God no. Please not War Thunder Infantry

  43. Shame, the M60 is my childhood favorite 😅

  44. You think that’s bad? Centurion Mk3 is at 7.3 also yet its APDS regularly bounces off of Leopards and whilst, yes, it had a stabiliser, it lacks HEAT-FS, has a less powerful APDS, lacks HESH and is slow as fuck. You cannot tell me that a stabiliser was enough to put it up 1.0BR in the last few months. 7.0 tops.

    • Also why the fuck are British repair costs so much more expensive than everyone else’s? Centurion again is far more expensive than the Leopard. I have no bias here as I play 5 nations pretty evenly.

  45. your comrade banana

    because GeRMAny SuFfeRs, I am spading 6.3 America, and it’s a pain and a half, especially when I’m up tiered(i mostly get uptiers)with m48’s and Leo 1’s vs my super P

  46. Kraznya Oktyaber

    It’s bad in world of tanks blitz too and EXPENSIVE

  47. Plz me 410 50 and pz 4 g

  48. Phlydaily is such a warthunder sellout

  49. Should’ve brought the starship… The only true M60

  50. And don’t you forget people: GeRmaNy SufFers!!

    Meanwhile, we’ve got the AMX50 Surbaissé at 8.0

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