A tank so bad it’s good now

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Thumbnail Credit -https://live.warthunder.com//991672/en/


  1. i hate grinding the ammo for this thing but jpz is fun on big maps cuz its fast can flank early and position xd can get a couple of kills b4 those americans with .50 cals or russian planes just shoot my engine until i burned to death or killed all of my crew

  2. bruh, it’s never been bad.. my 2nd favourite tank in the german 6.3 lineup after leKPz M41.. tiger II isn’t fun anymore with all the post war tanks shooting around at this br…
    EDIT: use some bushes. THIS is how this tank rocks.. your silhouette is so low, that nobody can see you.

  3. No wonder why that tanks so bad cause its box

  4. 3:17 wow u got gaijined

  5. this tank is a struggle if stock
    90mm hesh? good luck

  6. dude, in the first game, you failed multiple times.. instead of going for a, you could go and kill the 2 enemy tanks, holding up 4 of you… then you could spread as a team and cap/hold b.. when you went against is-2 you didnt even watch your right side.. you are a rolemodel for many players. and many try to play like you. most of the time you just have luck and a little bit skill (it’s possible to hear it in your voice).
    be thankful for having such a fanbase. because you can’t really play this game.. just average
    btw: with ta-152 c-3 you always have options.. you can outlimb/outrun many other aircraft. and why dafuq didn’t you shoot the enemy tank?? you had a good approach and you were flying towards him and could shoot a few times, before turning against enemy plane.

  7. I liked this tank for ages???

  8. The Kanone in real life was deadlier than its daddy, the Jagdpanther.

  9. I once kill jpz4-5 using sweedish reserve

  10. I actaly rly like this tank

  11. I love how excited you were when you hit that rock

  12. Germany Surfs

  13. HESH works wonders at the br.


  15. Matias de la Fuente

    First fight against the jumbo, Phly: “I just don’t know what went wrong”
    if you know, you know :3

  16. Where are your epic thumbnails ? ?

  17. Play a plane day 2 😉🙃🙃🙃🙃

  18. That Sherman was hilarious

  19. Warthunder has been having these bugs where ghost shells show up, or do no damage. You got Gaijined Phly XD

  20. this thing did poorly because of the close to unuseable stock ammo

  21. Was i the only one who loved that thing before they put it in ww2?

  22. you fucked up 3:11 hahahaha……so amateure…

  23. 3:22 that‘s just how a normal game in this tank plays out 😀

  24. @3:18 **_the tank so bad that it becomes unbearable to play_**

  25. Try the ZT3A2

  26. 3:16
    Apologists be like: “Game is perfect with no flaw whatsoever, learn to aim.”

  27. 3:18 is a certified “German players are so bad and have no aim” moment

  28. A bad tank that kills me in a SUPERHEAVY tank 9/10 times i come across and like half of those are one-shots.

  29. Admit it🤣 This tank is still bad

  30. I remembered the time

    Jpz 4-5 is 7.0 BR and RU251 is 6.7BR
    now they are 6.3 and 7.0

    Maybe Gaijin had no idea how to play the game

  31. I’m having a rough time playing WT lately, often getting disappointed and frustrated by the abuses and annoying mechanics
    So I decided to watch this vid, I’ve never watched Phly before but since I’m currently playing the 4-5 I thought I’d give it a shot right
    And of course!
    The first clip of the video is a gaijin moment

    *[faith lost]*

  32. Muhammad Yazid Anniam Utomo


  33. they really should do something bout those spawn radars

  34. BTW also has 4 to 5 second reload aced crew for fuck sakes its almost autoloaded heat fs if german mains had an iq they would know how to play the game

  35. Is this thing still have apcr stock ?

  36. No words for that first death, gaijin ruining fun since 2012.

  37. Day 153: play the Rbt-5 at top tier

  38. Phly doesn’t kill tanks while they are reloading?

  39. I somehow killed an is3 with the hesh round from the front by shooting the mantlet so the boom went down. I damn near shit myself.

  40. hello guys PLEASE HELP MY SOLVING THIS … my war thunder reboots my pc
    when it opens up into the hangar or joins the battle ! i already tried
    every thing like reinstalling the game or updating the gpu drivers and
    every sort of thing i’ve seen on the net … what can i do ? sorry for
    writing it here .

  41. Hey phly, ever play the m47? Its a pretty neat american medium tank that i think you’ll enjoy

  42. Phly`s got two time machines: back-jumping Jpz called Delorean and forward-jumping FW-190 called Naeroled))

  43. Ah yes, Jpz goes 26 years into the past to fight on an even battlefield xD

  44. First time in ever that phly gets to see how every round goes for me in the first 3 mins of the video

  45. You should make a video with this tank but you can only have the hesh bullet. It is super fun to shoot the top or the kapola

  46. B.U.G.T.H.U.N.D.E.R E.X.E

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