A Tank So Mass Produced It’s Still Being Used Today | T-54 MEDIUM

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Video edited by – WEBE show him some love!


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  2. Was messing around in test drive and discovered that the GOD DAMN R3 IS AMPHIBIOUS?! WHAT THE HECK?!

  3. Ok Ok, the hanger tanks talking as they went by was hilarious

  4. Uğur Can GEDİK

    That south park fu 😂😂😂 well done!

  5. 2:21 love how euro beat fades in and out while the tank is going in the background

  6. Phly how do you even find these intros?

  7. These new intros are too dope

  8. Matyáš Černík

    Phly, I don’t really understand how you can play 7.3 with T-54. I played yesterday with 1947 version and 9/10 I was put in 8.3 battles with Conqueors and Leo2…

  9. 2:31 ахахахахах бля🤣

  10. Who else watched the intro more than once?

  11. Try the 37mm Stuka.

  12. Will you teach Phly Jr. how to play War Thunder???

  13. play as panther F or G please

  14. Wars it’s fought
    Vietnam war
    Hungarian revolution of 1956
    South African border war
    Six day war
    Warsaw pact invasion of Czechoslovakia
    Black September
    Indo Pakistani war of 1971
    Yom Kippur war
    Ethiopian civil war
    Western Sahara war
    Angolan civil war
    Ogaden war
    Chadian-libyan conflict
    Toyota war
    Uganda-tanzania war
    Cambodian war
    Soviet-afghan war
    Rhodesian bush war
    Iran-iraq war
    1982 Lebanon war
    Sri Lankan civil war
    Second Sudanese civil war
    Romanian revolution
    Georgian civil war
    South Ossetia war
    War in Abkhazia
    Gulf war
    Somali civil war
    Yugoslav wars
    Ten day war
    Croatian war of independence
    Bosnian war
    Yemeni civil war
    Clashes in Cambodia
    Kosovo war
    Ethiopian war
    Guinea-Bissau civil war
    War in Afghanistan
    War in darfur
    Iraq war
    Invasion of Iraq
    Chadian civil war
    Russo-georgain war
    Libyan civil war
    Syrian civil war
    Sudanese conflict in the south
    M23 rebellion
    Iraqi civil war
    Libyan civil war
    Yemeni civil war
    Nagorno-karabakh conflict

  15. *Russsians*

  16. Day33,challenge: Get an ace with the Breda 501 at top BR

  17. Playing with spreadsheets joke? This is not Eve Online.

  18. tanksalot is a website that sells real tanks, they have a T54 up for sale for 90 000 dollars. it’s cheaper to buy it irl than in game

  19. I just love how you can hear Hitler screaming when he hits a german tank. Is there a mod for the game that adds that feature?


  21. 8:16 and 8:35 <3

  22. do the longest tank on tank kill

  23. use face cam. brings more comedy to the content

  24. Bomber Formations 🤔

  25. T-55M is in use in Finland still.

  26. Interesting I currently am working on the t54 line only for the 1947 version for now

  27. Better in game than irl

  28. Raphael Bougeard

    How does he do to see inside his tank during the battle

  29. Phly: the t54 is pretty much immune to the long 88.
    Shame the t54 never gets to fight tanks below it anymore and gets mercilessly uptiered 99% of the time.

  30. Cadence Thompson

    War Thunders br changes are the dumbest shit ever.

  31. Jumbo 76 vs T-54 man wtf is this game

  32. Phly ….. Iam only at the m22

  33. I love the audio effects of the crew

  34. Phly vids make me so happy

  35. ian dustin limuel

    HAHAHA nice intro dude

  36. Sergi Nebot cuenca

    So russian 7.3 faces the same enemies I face with my 5.7 panthers…balans

  37. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

    alan aztec – this is russia

  38. weird.. I watched this in it’s entirety yesterday and youtube says I only watched part.. scamming jackholes

  39. Lol it’s funny how a 100mm aphe shell went through a T34 or a T29 hull and yesterday I shot a T34 with a 105mm Sabot by a STB-1 but I didn’t go through.
    I love volumetric.

  40. Leopard 1 heatfs costs 210sl

  41. Patchouli Knowledge

    Day 1 : Check out the Obj 120 7.3 now…

  42. ”Bye have a good time” Phly is showing his age 😀

  43. I don t have it yet

  44. I was vining to the music

  45. ive never been more happy to see a leopard 1 get dunked on so hard phly, as a Russian heavy player you made my day.

  46. Phly, can you do another IS4M for us? Thanks

  47. Play as T 54 3/(1951) in another video phly

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