A tank so OP it got pulled from the store.

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Source: SirCircon

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  1. It’s possible he’s using a mod that allows you to activate auto aim without being directly over the tank, but it doesn’t offer an advantage really and it’s not a big deal. It doesn’t lead the target for you or aim at weakspots, it’s just a more lazy version of regular auto aim. I play vanilla just cuz it feels better to me, but this mod, even if he’s using it, it’s totally fine.

  2. It did make it to NA, for all of 6 hours I think. I just randomly stumbled on it myself and snatched it up. Haven’t played it in a long while. My high damage record was around 1,500 damage in a tier 4 battle. Enough tanks exist now that it doesn’t feel too OP anymore, but its overall characteristics do put it above most of its peers.

  3. Raymond Rainwater

    Got this tank on my Xbox Wot account

  4. I have this tank in blitz

  5. Not sure if Circon mentioned this, but the other OP thing about the tank is that it got preferential MM.  And could only see tier 4 tanks maximum.  Yet unlike other preferential MM tanks (T-127, LTP) its gun could reliably pen a Malitida with gold ammo.  Now sure, today’s MM is different.  But back then MM usually put tier 3 preferential  MM tanks at top tier.  This tank was bottom tier during this game,  but can you imagine what it was like against tier 2?  This was also way before new players were sheltered in their first few hundred games.  You could just have started playing WoT, and within an hour face off against one of these things with a 55% crew in a tier 2 tank. What fun, right?  Let alone the SU-76I would probably have a BIA crew, veteran player controlling it, and platooned with 2 others (either in T-127s, LTPs, or god forbid, another SU-76I)

  6. Circ, you should visit tier 6 to 8 more often.. the ranting in those tiers is out of this world.
    They’d rather press keys to rant-type each other then to use the keys to fight the enemy

  7. OOO, I have a friend that bought this before it was pulled from the store, didn’t seem that OP at the time lmao.

  8. Harrison Delmenico

    aesthetically I love it, sexy looking machine. but i see your point circon and i totally agree with you

  9. It is autoaim+. This little fuk stain coming on here lying his arse off about being a legit game is an insult. Hes a fookin little cheating kunt. Simple.

    BECAUSE, Yes, it not an “aimbot” as in it locks weak spots etc. BUT, it IS still an aim assist, ILLEGAL under current rules. IT DOES give an advantage, and anyone who says it doesn’t is as dumb and delusional as the lying little fuck stain cheater who played the game. Not having to put his cursor on targets MULTIPLE times but auto locking targets is BLATANT and clearly an advantage when micro seconds are everything when dueling. Just another litlle muppet playing hours and hours of games in a state of delusion about how good he actually is. Takes a real piece of shit to play that way AND lie about it to people faces. GG 🙂 ……….excuse the passion, but this doesn’t belong on a legit page like this.

  10. Yo Judges!

    He is using a different Field of View settings than Circon, that’s all. You can test it in any replay. Change the value and your aiming point will “move” around in arcade view.

  11. WG has a QA department?
    News to me.

  12. It’s got a tier 5 gun on a tier 3 td? That’s bs. That gun can pen tier 6 tanks from the front and even some tier 7’s and it’s on a tier 3!! It’s armour with that angle is also like tier 6 armour. Jez, I wonder why it is so OP.

  13. Props to that Marder 2 man. He fired HE when he SHOULD HAVE! That was a super WP moment, but it didn’t work out… too bad.

  14. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    My 3rd person also fucks up when your near tall and short building together its a pain in the ass when you trying to use 3rd person.

  15. The SU-76I was actually sold on the NA server for I think about 3 Updates worth of length.. It was even in the Russian Tech Tree.

  16. Yup. I have it 🙂 But i dont play it so often, 290 battles of 27k overall. I play it only on the end of a day, when RNG shits on me so hard that I need to calm my nervs. I think i have an video uploaded on my channel here, and few others uploaded to some replay sites.

  17. In the store for barely an hour is what I heard. I was in bed the entire time it was for sale

  18. Low tiers are probably a bit salty because it seems that you get total and utter rollstomps a lot more often than upper tiers. Still happens, but not *all* the time like it does at lower tiers. Definitely chattier and more friendly, though.

  19. On World of Tanks Blitz it sucks. It fires so slowly, and it can’t hit shit. The armour is basically useless.

  20. In my couple of years of World of Tanks I did see exactly 1 on NA servers

  21. How could it be a cheat when it just auto aims for a sec and cant shoot thru the wall xD

  22. It reached NA, and I hate it.

  23. IT is in the NA server

  24. Sure this is OP but E25 is not, Skorpion G is not….gg WG good thinking

  25. You have to be retarded to say that what he is using right there is not the illegal aiming mod. It is fucking clear like dude are you that dumb? You’re not even looking at them and your autoaim just magically snaps on the tank? Replay bug? Would you shut up with that stupid excuse…you’re using an illegal mod, the replay is too blatant, we’ve seen enough of these replays to know how that shit looks, especially since the mod was not illegal few months ago. I really hope you get fucking banned for using that shit and giving good players a bad name since you said you have 2500 wn8 (on NA wich is irrelevant anyway) . Also Circon said the tank had not reached NA but this guy is from the NA server. FeelsBadMan

  26. For me the more OP low tier tank was the TD T18 with derp gun remember ? XD

    the t82 was awsome too!!

  27. lol their souls havent been chipped away yet

  28. I see these glitches in my own replays sometimes……and all I have is XVM, especially like things in 11:18 when the cursor isn’t on the birch gun.. Oh well…..

  29. Surprised WG don’t reintroduce it.

  30. That tank is really OP, but just imagine WG pulls all the tanks from the store only because some under average players seems they are OP after getting their asses kicked on hype day and get support from usually professional players like in the “Chryslergate scandal”. The Chrysler GF is so OP that almost nobody plays it anymore…And I am sure its not the moral in the stat padder community that make them not using it:)

  31. they have them on console year round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Nice autoaim…

  33. Well, it seems like everybody in this comments section is a professional cheater-catcher, yet nobody seems to have done any kind of research.

    Watch any “normal” part of the replay were he is driving (NOT in sniper mode), like the beginning at 0:25. You will see that he is aiming higher than where his reticle is (the green point and the red point in circon’s configuration are not at the same place). This is a common replay bug (this might be due to a discrepancy between circon’s fov settings or maybe screen resolution and the player’s, I don’t know, but basically the point where he is aiming is different in circon’s configuration).

    The best example is the Bishop at 11:15. You can see that he is not aiming at the Bishop (everybody is pointing that out). But the reticle is clearly where the bishop is, a little below his aiming point. That is where he is aiming, whatever the replay says.

  34. Hes cheating. I used to use AA+ mod back when it was legal and you could auto lock a target that was behind houses and hills. He did that a couple of times here. That mod is now illegal to use. If he ain’t cheating here, I would eat my grandmas dirty panties because that’s how sure I am hes using the old version of AA+. There is a newer, legal version of AA+ that tries to lock on a target for a few seconds after you click right mouse button but you still have to sweep your center reticule over a target and highlight it. It can’t lock on to targets behind houses, hills and other obstacles. He was using the older, illegal version of AA+.

  35. LOL, their souls haven’t been chipped away yet…..best line of the video!!!

  36. They sell this thing on WOT blitz pretty often

  37. Seen a few of these .. not op at all found easy to kill..

  38. Where is Pool’s medal?

  39. I’ve got one.  Its also got preferential matchmaking too.  LOLits fun to bring out when Im tired of feeding my tier 8s to the tier 10s.

  40. U mean the wt e100 that will return?

  41. I think wargaming used this tank as an example on how much pen the Toldi III had on their christmas free garage slot video

  42. I bought one when it first came out. It was pulled because if your opponent used the aim button on your mouse, it targets the gun mantlet, which at this tier is very tough. But at this tier you are either up against newbies or seal clubbers. On the RU server, they became overwhelming when used in platoons.

  43. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    whenever i see or feel a tank is op. a prem one. i always get the picture of the direct tv guys in south park rubbing their nipples while saying well nothing we can do. sorry.

  44. its not a cheat,its auto aim extended.its legal (yet).

  45. That’s Pz. 3 chassis with russian 86mm gun on top like the premium Su-85i at T5. It should have been T4 tank not T3.

  46. Joshua Thomas Tennant-Davies

    Did he just dis wargaming… Copyright strike!!!! ??

  47. I have watched many WOT replay videos by different people, you sir are now one of my favorites!

  48. This thing is not OP,look on E25 or PZ2J.

  49. why aren’t they using HE, seriously on the SEA server, even in tier 10 i see people constantly in 1v1 (not end of the match) and the enemy is on low HP and they continuously use rounds that dont go through them, when they could be using a HE round to take out their last 100HP.

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