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The QN506 is the top reward for the Repair Factory event in War Thunder. It's a Chinese IFV with TWO different kinds of ATGM's and a 30mm cannon.

This is the first vehicle to be added to the tech tree with fire and forget missiles. The problem is, the missiles forget to do any meaningful damage to targets.

This is definitely the most frustrating tank I've played in War Thunder. So, this makes it the new worst tank in war thunder for sure. At least for me! 🙂


  1. You need to run over the tree as you’re shooting it to make it stay down and not reset each time. I’m pretty sure it’s a “feature” .

  2. Congrats on the win and the car does look nice

  3. Rares Petru Samartean


  4. my freind Gretchen said he would LOVE to see you make a channel about cars an what not

  5. hey guys is it still possible to somehow buy a ebr 1954?

  6. A 2. Channel about Cars would be dope!

  7. Friðmar Sigurðsson

    I play War Thunder. And have an old Opel Manta.
    I suck at both

  8. The UAV is not just for scout. I think you can lock with your UAV in this vehicle.

  9. It now has the ability to fire its QN502s while in motion. However, the top armor is slightly weaker due to a bug that overestimated the armor slightly being fixed.

  10. See I thought this things secondary missiles sucked. Until I realized they ARE NOT HE ROCKETS like the Hydra pod the American SPAA can carry.

    They are actually HEAT rounds with 200mm of pen, spamming them at the front of an MBT does nothing because they are penetrators, not module killers. Use them on the sides and rears of tanks and watch them get nuked

  11. If they add the terminator, and make it useful…. they are absolutely admitting to russian bias. That thing is TRASH.The worst vehicle, made for a terrible purpose, used even worse.

  12. Do the car channel.

  13. snow the arctic fox

    WE NEED THAT SECOND CHANNEL id love to see more content from ya

  14. I would love to see a second channel

  15. pls do a second channel

  16. sandro gamtsemlidze

    I am sure a whole lot of people would love to see you make a channel for that. I’m sure a lot of us here are car guys

  17. i would like to see that

  18. It’s a long range support unit, not a front battle one. The cannon is used as last resort. You don’t need it unless the frontline collapsed or your out of position.

    Stick around the cap circles to resupply, and just aim and fire. Is a brain dead machine that can get you enough SP for a plane or heli without any effort. The anti-heli capabilities are a massive bonus.

  19. the Terminator has the issue if documented barrel wobble so if they add it they gotta add that

  20. i wan second channel

  21. its not tank its ifv

  22. Odd driving a Type R is such a cool ass vibe. Love to see that second channel.

  23. How do they fix this vehicle?

  24. The game has too many vics designed specifically for fighting infantry, which is dumb because there’s no infantry in game

  25. Lock look up and fire

  26. Yea we should just treat it as as some kind of ifv spaa hybrid

  27. -3000000 social credit

  28. Definitely 2nd channel!

  29. Looks randomly into a new channel: homie is a car enthusiast. Subscribed, even if you do drive a Honda jk!

  30. Car content,why not? Also found your comment on the k24 swap.

  31. Definitely have a second channel about your other hobby. The car community is enormous and you would get alot of people enjoying your videos.

  32. 100% make a car channel, your car looks amazing!!!

  33. id love the 2nd channel btw, the 2 things im into, history (tanks, guns etc.) and cars!

  34. is the ZT3A2 ratel better than it?

  35. I finally got this last night and played about 20 matches. The missiles are shit. They don’t operate like they do on the test range. They are only good for killing helicopters.

  36. I would love for you to play a ADATS as a spaa most people play it as a tank destroyer

  37. nice you won the contest there, I wont it here with my Calibra V6 on the Classic tune meet. #1 place

  38. A 2nd channel for car would be nice

  39. YAT-YAS to the EXTREME

    ODD the next time your in America, you have to go visit the Freedom Factory in florida

  40. Second channel!! I wanna see what Scottish car shows look like

  41. I disagree

  42. Bring it down to 4.3

  43. I actually have you car in forza horizon 4

  44. Oh man that car is awesome!
    Would absolutely love if you made a car channel!!!

  45. I would love the car show and driving. I have a 2010 camaro SS that i Dropped a 427 in it. also just bought a 2014 Jetta GLI so you know pretty much a GTI MK7 lol

  46. Hell yeah give us OddCarZ!

  47. You should name the second channel OddCarZ or OddCawZ haha

  48. oddBawz suffers

  49. Grebogoborp The Bold

    As someone with an unhealthy addiction to the LAVAD HSTVL and the Swedish 9040s I have been able to use this thing very effectively as I am very used to shooting at tiny little areas where I can pen and then not spall get shot and die

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