A Tank This Good Shouldn’t IN Be Game (JK) (WAR THUNDER WZ305)

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A This Shouldn’t IN Be Game (JK) (WAR THUNDER WZ305)


  1. Day 5:play the fw 190A-5

  2. Always tell myself that if I ever found myself in a match against Phly that I’m just immediately returning to hanger to save the embarrassment

  3. What is with the cursed tank image (it’s awesome though)

  4. I show up for the songs

  5. 4:37 Oh No, 4:45 So Annyways

  6. That spot dont work with you team Phly,it’s only visible to your squad mate

  7. How does this guy shoot planes out of the sky so effortlessly?

  8. [PBG] PointBreakGalaxy

    And somehow my M901 has new bug. Thanks GJ. Instead of fixing the game, you just add new stuffs and make the game worse

  9. 哈哈, 你认为您的小豹子可以打败我和我的双胞胎五十七毫米男孩?
    haha, do you think that your Leopard can defeat me and my twin 57mm boi?

    但我抚摸他们讨厌的球时, 让他们站起来, 也可以买小老虎毛绒(insert Tigor’s chinese name)

    When I caress the ball they hate the most, let them stand up and also buy a plushie Tigor

  10. Phly in bed:

    “Maybe I’ll get in. Maybe I’ll get back out. Maybe I’ll get back in…”

  11. Isn’t the title supposed to be
    “A Tank This Good Shouldn’t Be IN Game (JK [WAR THUNDER WZ305])”?
    or am I fucking stupid

  12. Ok so I really don’t know wtf are google saying ,even I’m a Taiwanese the Google translation isn’t that accurate sometime .

  13. Translation: “Haha, you thought you can defeat me and my twin (as in siblings) 57mm boi with your little cannon? When I touch the balls they hate, let them stand up and still be able to buy the little tiger ???plushie”
    What does this even mean lmao
    Reference: 「哈哈,您以為您的小炮子可以打敗我和我的雙胞胎 57mm 男孩?當我撫摸他們討厭的球時,讓他們站起來,也可以買小老虎??公仔。」 Cheers from Hong Kong 😉

  14. it’s a mice

  15. Is it just me, or does Phly look like an off duty 70’s movie cop

  16. Day #1: Please play the Japanese Soukou-Tei river boats. They’re pretty much the worst vehicles in the ENTIRE game and I want to see you in pain.

  17. Me as a Chinese person listening to the intro: *Dies due to brain malfunctions

  18. Dinca Stefan Adrian

    Day 3: Play the King Tiger cuz it’s cool

  19. Play tiggerrrr

  20. shouldn’t in be game?

  21. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 132 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 centuaro) that would be awesome.

  22. Have y’all seen that China is getting a fishing island (military base) 200km from Australia. No offence to people from china

  23. War thunder needs more game modes, search and destroy, grand operations, combined unit stuff. What if it even had a commander like I’m battlefield 4 who can call arty, direct tanks and stuff. Might be cool 🙂

  24. Hey phly play asu 57 with night wision.

  25. Number one… one of the most powerful tanks in war thunder…

  26. wow, this is the first time I’ve seen that tank being used as an actual AAA…

  27. That title lel

  28. With that stash you look like a village person lol.

    Grow a goatee my dude….

  29. 哈哈,您认为您的小豹子可以打败我和我的双胞胎57毫米男孩,当我抚摸他们讨厌的球时:让他们站起来,也可以买小老虎毛绒公仔
    message from the commander of WZ305

  30. So its not my pc? It s the game that crappy optimised? Go figure look how the trees and bushes pop in existence and let s not even talk about the textures. After the update the game is a eye sore

  31. you know that squad markers can’t be seen by everyone right?

  32. hay phily could you do an episode on a phantom with you friends and do air RB phantom sqaud please

  33. Titanius Anglesmith

    Phly: “Love this thing so much. I wish I could marry it.”
    Laura: “Am I joke to you?”
    Phly: “… For a day.”

  34. lol this Google Translation never give you right informations

  35. I don’t like those kinda thumbnails.

  36. That snapshot on the AH :O

  37. Damn seeing your face you look great 😳

  38. *War Game Red Dragon flashbacks*

  39. The fact that I’m chinese it makes me laugh understanding it, I mean this video

  40. im so glad they removed the hullbreak mechanic now i can shoot my 130mm aphe round at thoes cardboard boxes on wheels and watch as it does nothing

  41. Dat chopper snipe, damn

  42. Been gone for about a year and thinking about coming back to War Thunder. PhlyDaily really sealed the deal..

  43. remove china from war thunder

  44. Hey phly haven’t seen u play the T55 would u please play it in ur next video

  45. Phly how do you aim soo well at spaas ?

  46. Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte

    I remember a tank just like this one in an older game called “Mercenaries”. The tank spawned with enemies in some ravine. Great game.

  47. hey phly i think these yellow marker can only be seen by your squad mates(with green colour) so you should also mark them traditionally on the map

  48. I love how aggravated and how much you curse on twitch. Nice change of pace. Makes me feel better about being drunk and unpleasant half the time ha.

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