A Tank With Much So Depression It’s BR Keeps Lowering

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A Tank With Much So Depression It’s BR Keep Lowering (Sturer Emil 128 BEAST)


  1. Hey everyone just wanted to update ya’ll and let you know that Banks is 11 pounds! Laura and I are doing well and enjoying every second of it. And the best part, Banks is starting to smile and interact 🙂

    Also not this weekend but next going to get back to the Phlyday Streams!!

  2. *cries in russian*

  3. Everyone’s favorite tank destroyer, the Stewer Emil.

  4. The way to fire at targets with light armour (if you don’t have HE pre-selected) is to hit the gearbox/engine/breech. It then detonates inside very quickly 🙂

  5. No talk, I R pro already

  6. im an averrage Emil enjoyer and airplanes get to kill me about around 70% while tanks only around 30% but im always really close to my spawn and i have an wirbelwind in my line up so its an 1 on 1.

    you can describe it with three words: yeet and delete

  7. my parents didnt teach me shit, they were too busy fighting each other for 18 years, gotta do everything your self not even your family can help you, because they are just people aswell, you take yourself in your own hands and you become better!!!

  8. I feel like this td would do well at 6.7 not 4.3….. not to mention the size of the maps you get at said br to me benefit the emil better.

  9. Phly: Talking about how babies are made

    Likes: 6.9k

    Coincidence? I think not! Love you Phly

  10. Phly, My man, I haven’t even watched the whole video, in fact I’ve only watched about 3 minutes.

    The Sturer Emil? Good fun at 4.3. I have it in my KV I C lineup. If I was really dedicated, I could easily make a compilation of me deleting Shermans and KV-1’s with this thing, with Mr. Blue Sky in the background.

  11. Use SMK please 🙂

  12. You may be strong but are you t34 drivers hatch kinda strong

  13. I think war thunder might not be so fun with perfect brs because then there would be no op, fun tanks to play

  14. 6:50 “T-54 killed him for me”
    Ok guys T-54 is 4.3 confirmed.

  15. Actually I asked them first aged 4 on a road trip too, there was no way for them to escape, well… There was one : my 2 yo bro told me it worked like the seat belt clip

  16. 16:08 “Boss you killed a child”

  17. The only thing i was told was “Your not allowed to date until you are out of the house.” I learned all on my own.

  18. Your voice change at the start of the video hmmmmmmm?

  19. Hi Phly you may remember the TIS MA and would like to see you making a video with it you can play it together wit a T34 or KV1.Can we pls make this the top Comment thx.

  20. Blursed thumbnail again

  21. i saw 2 of these the other day drive across a road right 50m infront of me and i was just sitting there pointing my barrel at them wondering who to kill first

  22. they could make it a 1.0 and it might do okay because of the lower skill players or it might over pen and still not do well either way it can be left to people to pull it up in BR some guns might struggle vs it and it most certainly would out range the tanks at 1.0 for the most part but it could be a good 1.0 maybe if it was 2.3 it would be more fair but its all the same other than the perception to new players

  23. Never got the talk my parents found condoms in my room and said seems good enough for me

  24. These beasts are very powerful, but not as powerful as a big KV2 with a lot of HE shells 🙂

  25. hey phly, play a tank you like

  26. In the end we will use HE rounds because the br will be too low for the APHE fuse to activate.

  27. I caught this man in this lobby, I didnt actually think he was actually recording! (*XY1* Shai__)

  28. Your edited thumbnails consistently amuse.

  29. So where’s the low pp tank?

  30. jürgen potzkoten

    If the map fits, this thing destroying worlds

  31. How can you tell phly is a father now, he begins to call things by it’s really name like I beam *home depot music intensifies*

  32. Phly I need advice, I am not so good at this game but want to be better, can you help?

  33. I swear this thing was 5.7 a few months ago

  34. I got the talk by my mom and waaaay too late – my dad had abandoned me and my mom wasn’t good at this stuff at all. She talked to me at least 3 years too late.
    Result: that is one of the reasons I have a completely messed up relation with women to this day.
    Bad luck.

  35. I was in a restaurant :/


  37. calling the tank just “Emil” instead of “Sturer” would be more accurate (if you’re to lazy to say the full name), as sturer is just an adjective to describe “Emil”

  38. Pino dinamite 2.0

    This thing at that br is so fucking annoying I can’t run safe in my kvs anymore

  39. PhlyDaily: Talks trash about a vehicle.
    Also PhlyDaily: Plays god in that same vehicle.

  40. so much depression the game help him to win

  41. A tank with so much depression that … it thinks penetration is a deflection
    … intercourse is a bad conversation
    … an ATGM is a good friend

  42. 7:46 gnome be like:

  43. Day 1 of asking for you to play the Potez 631, French aviation, 2.3, and tier two. Please play this, I personally do amazing with the thing and I suck at the game.

  44. Pateros Heights Subd. Inc.

    I just love the sound of penetration so well

  45. Konstantinos Jatagandzidis

    Day 93: Play the I-185 (M-82) for CAS. It is WAAAAAY underrated (3x20mm with powerful AP + bombs/rockets)

  46. I never had this talk with my parents. Learned the first bits very early in school 4th grade. I’ve learned the rest with dirty magazines and the majority using the internet, google/yahoo was a hell of a wild place in the first years of 2000.

  47. I don’t think I ever had ‘the talk ‘ from my parents. The school spent a week on sexual reproduction education in year 7

  48. Did he say ” relad” the germanification of reload? LOL, i laughed. I would be “lad nach!”

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