A Tank With No Depression Kills The Entire German Army | Su-122P

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Source: PhlyDaily

A Tank With No Depression Kills The Entire German | Su-122P

Thumbnail Art by the wonderful – Bomberpilot – https://live.warthunder.com/post/923268/en/


  1. HEY! As you can tell today is not Monday. I tried to make it back in time but still wasn’t ready… However had a great night sleep and 10000% I’ll be back on Wednesday. Thank you for all the support

  2. My favorite Soviet spg

  3. we know the coof coof isn’t too bad for most people but all respect for taking care of the family. glad you guys are doing well. regardless of what you think you’ve at least got to take care of those around you. wouldn’t want to transmit the cold. people might hold that against you.

  4. If you got more than 5 kills then the enemy team are just idiots

  5. It has no depression because it goes to therapy … Mental health is important *CONFIRMED* .. because it lets you kill all the things

  6. Of course it has no depression, it just wiped out the Germans!

  7. Can I have SU22M3 x BVM

  8. Much love for you and your fam!

  9. I am not a tank, but I have loads of depression!

  10. in sniper scope mode how do you raise the barrel to make the aim perfect

  11. day 38 – fly the he – 51 C1 with the air dropped flashbangs.

  12. Hey phly are you gonna do 2021 funny moments

  13. Feel better soon, Phly. Glad no one’s seriously ill.

  14. Does anybody else think that poly looks like dr disrespect

  15. Phly, I am glad to hear you and the Fam are better! Hope your ready for the possibility of Snow this weekend. We rarely get any in the Sanford area.

  16. Can you possibly tell me how in all that is HEAVENLY do I get GOOD at this game when it seems as though the A.I. is HELL BENT on CHEATING me almost every single match I try to play with skill and effort?!

  17. I want to have no depression too

  18. Skazz the Terrible

    Watching Phly’s amazing aim makes me better by osmosis *nod self*

  19. Su 100 is better

  20. I bet a lot doomers would love having no depression.

  21. Why would you have depression, if ur so powerful???

  22. 17_094 Guruh Amin hadi

    Su 122 doesn’t have depression, because he transferred his depression to the opponents

  23. Requesting since Sept 2018 please Phly. I-16 type 10. Thank you.

  24. I love youre vids phly

  25. @ 7:53 I love how the nashhorn blew up and phly says BOOM! and part of the guys name was BOOM

  26. Skittles but with chocolate inside

    128 is just horror volumetric doesnt let you have fun

  27. My Brain Strong Right now

  28. I think this tank is so happy

  29. If you want this to be even more fun to play, set camera shake to 100

  30. Can you play the is3 again please

  31. great gameplay

  32. Soooo… we can expect the super-soldier Banks to continue this series in the future?

  33. Ironic. Just last month i was struggling with the grind of the ISU-122 and its sister. Then i got the SU-100. The SU chassis is impressivly better thqn the ISU chassis. Which just seems wrong.

  34. Ayyyyyyy. Missed ya bud. Wondered where you were

  35. I like how the crew dies before the shell can hit

  36. Sergi Nebot cuenca

    Soviet APHE and APHEBC really need a huge nerf in sloped armor penetration. They are just absurd, like the t 34 85 penning jumbo ufp and 122 mm overperforming 128 mm, long 88, usa long 90 mm and so on….

  37. No depression, unlike the majority of WT players

  38. so funny your video i play war thunder because you play

  39. DJ Gab gaming 😎

    Dude you the best youtubers in war thunder and a good person God be with you

  40. Nice to hear that your doing great Phly. Love the content

  41. German bias Vs. Russian Bias

  42. aaah, so this is how I loose while playing germans… just team full of dunnowhatimdoing but im doing it

  43. You should try a game with only realistic vision so like binoculars, driver view and gunner sight.

  44. Maybe I’m just a Noob. But don’t you think he’s a cheater? How does he always know where the enemy is?

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